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Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

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Hello to all seekers,
I have uploaded another 2,000 individuals who emigrated
from here. I know you call them immigrants at your end,
but seen from here, the "Old Country", they were emigrants.

The collection of emigrants linked to SH (80,000 +) is
online at

The links are along the bottom of the display.

Happy hunting !

With greetings from your roots,

Klaus Struve, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein

Re: Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

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Classification: Immigration
Thank you all for your friendly comments.
I have responded individually, off-board,
where specific questions or interests
have arisen.
I feel encouraged to keep up the collection
and listing of the emigrants from SH that
I can find. In other words : more to come.

With greetings from the "Old Country",

Klaus (Struve), Kiel, SH

Re: Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

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Surnames: Struve, Schnoor
Hello Klaus,
I was wondering if you were by any chance related to Friedrich Gotthold Struve who was born in Kiel on 24 Jan 1742 and died in Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany on 19 Sept. 1813. He was married to Christina Charlotte vonShele on 27 Sept, 1776, place unknown. This is as far as I have gotten back in the Struve line so far. Their grandson, Ernest Henry (E.H.) Struve married my 3rd great grand aunt Emile Catharina Schnoor who was born in Kuden, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on 24 June 1836 in Jackson County, Iowa, USA on 21 Feb. 1855. Ernest Henry was born in Helse, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on 27 April 1826. i don't know how common a name Struve is in Germany, but since you're from the same place as my ancestors, I thought I would check. I am sure I have others in my tree that were born in Kiel, but right now i can't think of their Surnames. I will let you know if I find them.


Re: Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

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Hello, Melissa,
no, not related. Friedrich Gotthold Struve was a member of
a family of reputed scholars, and I think he died in
Oldenburg in Holstein, not in Niedersachsen.
My family (backwards) shows farmers and a day laborer.
Mind : I did not say "only". Hard-working people on dry soil.

With greetings from your roots,

Klaus (Struve), in Kiel (but not born here in Kiel)

Re: Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

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Surnames: Struve

Thanks for the reply. Many of my German ancesters on both sides of my family were farmers after they came to America, I am not sure what thier occupations were while in Germany. I am looking on your website to see if I can find some of them. I have found some Struves in The Biographical Dictionary of Schleswig-Holstein and Lubeck, but what you have on your site appears to just be an index. Do you know of anywhere the text of the book would be available on the internet?

Re: Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein

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Classification: Query
Friedrich Gotthold Struve died in Oldenburg in Holstein
on the 19 th of September 1813,
71 years 7 months and 22 days old, says his death record.
His wife was Christina Charlotte von Scheele from Brodau.
The marriage took place in 1776 in Groemitz.
His father was Ernst Gotthold Struve, a Doctor of medicine
who was employed by the Russian Emperor in St. Petersburg.
His mother was Charlotte Magdalena nee Struve.

I think you can google your way through the older
generations, beginning with Ernst Gotthold Struve
(1714 Prenzlau - 1743 Kiel) who had a short life.
The oldest date in this ancestry that I know of is
a birth in 1588 in Cramm, or Kramm, Lower Saxony.
But that is not research that I have done myself.

Hope this helps you on a bit ?

Greetings from your long roots,

Klaus (Struve), in Kiel, SH

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