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Ole O Nergaard

Ole O Nergaard

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I am researching my family tree as well as my partners. On my partners we have found an Ole O Nergaard, sometimes spelled Nergard, Norgard, or Nergord. Ole was born in Norway about 1870 and came to the states when he was 19, presumably in 1889. He was married to Bertha, also born in Norway, 1879 birth possibly. They had a daughter named Agnes who married George McClure. They had a daughter named Beatrice Ann who married Milo Hamann. Hopefully this is enough info to find something. I am looking for more information on Ole and Bertha.

Re: Ole O Nergaard

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He was born after the 1865 Norwegian census and left Norway before the 1900 Norwegian census. (The 1875 census is not completely extracted to any online database...) The most available Norwegian census databases are therefore useless to us in this search.

In the 1920 US census the family appears in Otter Tail Co. MN and Ole lists that he became a naturalized US citizen in what appears to me to read 1906. If that is true then his naturalization papers in the court may well contain detailed information about his origins in Norway. Those could be invaluable for you to obtain.

That 1920 census also lists Bertha's parents in the household.

Another US census appears to show Ole and Bertha with his older brother (another Ole) also living in the family. Trying to gather information about the brother might yield more valuable information to find WHERE in Norway they came from.

You want to find clues as to exactly WHERE in Norway they came from. Once you have that the search in Norwegian records is straightforward and almost simple. (I found my great-grandfather's birth location in Norway listed in his American small town newspaper obituary -- the spelling was somewhat garbled - but it wasn't impossible to work out after that.)

Re: Ole O Nergaard

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In 1910 Ole's family is located in Rock County, Minnesota -- that is probably where you should start your search for naturalization papers.

Someone has posted a "family tree" for "Ole Nergord married to Bertha Larson" and it MIGHT help narrow down what part of Norway he came from.

Gudbrandsdal (region includes parish areas of Dovre, Nord-Fron, Lesja, Lom, Skjåk, Vågå, Sør-Fron, Fåberg, Vestre Gausdal, Lillehammer, Ringebu, Øyer og Østre Gausdal). The valley of Gudbrandsdal is a part of the northern areas of Oppland County, in the east of Norway.

If the posted info is correct then the search has been narrowed down considerably. Wonder where the poster found that info??

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Thank you so much thoraway. If this information is correct, it will help a great deal. Actually, I've already found another link that has some information. Spelling and grammers withstanding, if it's true, then we are closer to get a lot more information. Here's the link.

Thanks again.

Re: Ole O Nergaard

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Agnes Ottillie Norgaard
Born 30 Apr 1907, Rock, Minnesota, USA
Dead 21 Nov 1992, Luverne, Rock, Minnesota, USA
Husband: George Edward McClure (22 Feb 1901 - 28 Feb 1985)
2 children.

Date of Birth: 30 APR 1907
Mother Maiden Name: MARTIN
CERTID# 1907-22462
County of Birth: ROCK

Possibly this one?

Marriage: 14 Sep 1901, HENNEPIN, MN
Minnesota Official Marriage System

Re: Ole O Nergaard

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I found where "Bertha" was from. The best hints came from the US census enumeration where her parents were living in the household.

Berte was born 9 March or 9 May in Løten district of Hedmark, Norway, and baptized 4 Aug 1878. Her parents are listed on the birth/baptismal record as shoemaker Martinius Larsen and Eline Engebretsdatter. (The handwriting is a bit difficult but that's my best guess.)
Bottom entry on these pages -

Berthe Martiniusdatter's entry in the confirmation class of 1892 lists her birth as 9 May 78 so I'll assume they were better able to read the actual birth entry.

Her parents in the 1900 Norwegian census -

If you need advice about how to find the Norwegian records to continue the family history search - just ask.

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Thank you, this helps too. I've got a call into another family member that may be able to verify some of this. I just found out she may have quite a few records.

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Awesome. Thank you. I just found out that there is a family member that may have some documentation about the Norway family. I will post what I find once I get it.

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Death record for Ole Olsen Nergaard:

Re: Ole O Nergaard

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I'm pretty sure that this is Ole's family in the 1865 Norwegian census living on a farm then called Grindstuen in Sel parish of Vågå, Oppland, Norway.

"Jødda" is a feminine given name I've never seen before but it might sound a lot like Gjoa - often a d can be silent or soft in Norwegian.

And this "Jøda" died in Sel in December 1897 --

Ole and Jøda both had fathers also named Ole -- so at least two sons being named Ole (one after each grandfather) would have been well within typical Norwegian naming traditions.

The difference in ages seen for Ole Nergaard might simply be a matter of him having a very poor memory for dates...
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