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Joyce Madeline (View posts)
Posted: 999729666000
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Surnames: Sperandio-Offengut

I am looking for descendants of Jakob and Rudolf Sperandio. At last notice one brother had passed away and the surving brother was residing in southern Germany. How the name Offengut is associated with Sperandio I am not

My grandmother was their sister, Maddalena Maria, born Vorarlberg, Austria, June 15, 1884, died New York State September 15, 1960, emmigrated to the U.S.
and Married Guido Monsorno of Verona (Provencia de Trentino, Italia), born
1882, died Durango, Colorado 1923.

My grandmother had three children: Faustino (Foster)Monsorno, Maximillian (Max) Monsorno and Rosina (Rose) Monsorno Bresadola. I am Rose's oldest daughter, Joyce Madeline, named after my grandmother.

If you can direct my search for relatives bearing the names Sperandio or Offengut, E-Mail me at

Many Thanks,
Joyce Madeline

Re: Sperandio-Offengut

Bob Doff-Sotta (View posts)
Posted: 1001998736000
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Surnames: Doff-Sotta, Scalet, Mott, Faoro, Bettega
Hi Joyce. In the village of Imer, Trento, Italy, (once the Austrian Tirol) there are a number of Sperandios. One, Ester Doff-Sotta Sperandio is my first cousin, once removed. She was born in 1910 and was married to Pietro Domenico Sperandio (deceased). She has four children, one, Francesco lives in Imer with his family. I have visited with them four times in the past and write them fairly often. I don't know if this is of any help. The Sperandios of Voralberg migrated there in the 19th C. from Imer. I have no intimate information on them.

Best regards,


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Marco (View posts)
Posted: 1020801657000
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Hello, Sperandio is the tipical surname of the village of CAORIA in the east of Trentino, where I live. You can find informations about your surname in the Parish books of the church of Canal San Bovo in the office of the Bishop of Trient (microfilmed)

Re: Sperandio-Offengut

Carlos Augusto Sperandio (View posts)
Posted: 1042598944000
Classification: Query
Hi Mr Bob. Here is Carlos Sperandio, leaving at Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil. I Have one of various Sperandio family's way of genealogy, starting in 1520, nine generations before my grandfather Augusto Sperandio. Michele Angelo Sperandio comes to Brazil in 1858. If you want more details, please contact me.
Carlos Augusto Sperandio

Re: Sperandio-Offengut

Bob Doff-Sotta (View posts)
Posted: 1042658520000
Classification: Query
Carlos, thank you for a reply. I too have traced my family to 1540 in Imer. My father and grandparents were all born in the valley. Sperandio is not a direct line, but by marriage. My father's first cousin, Ester Doff-Sotta Sperandio (still living age 92, married Pietro Domenico S.(1909-1977); his father: Francesco S (1874-1945); his father: Pietro Antonio S (1838-1922); his father: Franceso Antonio (1809-1842?); his father: Domenico S. (1783-1838) and finally his father was: Antonio (about 1755-unknown).
If your family connects somewhere along this line, I would be pleased to have the information to add to my family history.

Thank you, Bob Doff-Sotta in Arizona

Re: Sperandio-Offengut

Posted: 1047095199000
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Edited: 1047096278000
Hello from Missouri. My family came from Northern Italy three generations back. Your's sounds very interesting. Is it true that there is a coat of arms?
Richard Sperandio

Re: Sperandio-Offengut

Posted: 1252567598000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sperandio
Hi Mr. Carlos Augusto Sperandio,

some years have passed, so I have no idea, if anybody of the previous posters or you are still following this thread. My grandfather was Rudolf Sperandio from Caoria (he already passed away a long time ago), and I was just trying to figure out, how to manage to get a family tree. It would be wonderful, if you could share your findings. Although there are far more Sperandios than expected, it all seems to be connected to Imer and Caoria. It is quite impressive, that the roots can be tracked by till the 15th century (you don't happen to have stumbled over a family crest?).

Anybody willing to share his Sperandio family tree? Maybe we are connected, and I would be delighted, to find some unknown relatives.

Michael Rudolf Sperandio from Austria/Europe

Re: Sperandio-Offengut

Posted: 1252607804000
Classification: Query
Hi, Michael,
My sister wrote the original message in this string. Our grandmother was born Maddalena Maria SPERANDIO in Tschagguns, Austria on 15 June 1881. Her parents were Domenico SPERANDIO and Anna BOSSO. She had two brothers, Jakob and Rudolf SPERANDIO.

She came to the United States in June of 1907. She married Guido MONSORNO. When I was a child in the 1950s I remember my grandmother and my mother getting packages together to send to her brothers, one who remained in Austria, and the other who had moved to Germany by that time. I think I have some addresses for them during those years. I also have some correspondence from at least one of the brothers which I cannot read because I cannot read or speak German.

Do you know if your grandfather had a sister and brother by those names. If so we could be related.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Linda Frasier

austrian and german Sperandio

Posted: 1252610892000
Classification: Query
austrian phonebook:
take english version, peoplepages, write in the name and you get 11 hits. refine at county. 9 hits in Vorarlberg (postalcode at front with 9), 1 in Vienna and 1 in Lower-Austria.

german phonebook:
48 hits

Re: Sperandio-Offengut

Posted: 1252862826000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sperandio
Dear Linda,

doesn't look like a match, because my grandfather Rudolfo Sperandio was born 1910 in Caoria. His father was Benjaminon (who married Luisa Loss), and his siblings were Ida (born 1907), Giovanni, Angelina, Celeste and Paola. Benjamino and his brother (who's name we don't know) have built a house in Caoria (Ponte Belfe) and both lived there with their families, and later their descendants (I have been there with my family several times, when I was little). Aogosto Sperandio (a cousin of my grandfather), who was mayor of Caoria at the time I was born, was murdered in the 1970's. He should be the most familiar one in Caoria in recent times, because he owned the sawmill, and was also responsible for the Bank of Caoria. His son Adriano Sperandio, who lives in Mezzano now, is the only one left, who we have remote contact to (and he takes care of the house at Ponte Belfe now). The mentioned Paola Sperandio was married to Albino Faustetti and had a famous bar in Feltre (Bar Albino). Unfortunately this is about all we know. Looks like it's worth a trip to Caoria and Trento to find out more. It would be very interesting to take a look at Sperandio family trees others have already researched.

Regards, Michael Rudolf Sperandio from Austria/Europe
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