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Location in Norway

Location in Norway

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Assisting my wife who is of Norwegian ancestry in locating
an area or city in Norway; the history of her fathers family indicates the came from "Tulare" Can anyone assist as to where in Norway

Re: Location in Norway

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I can't find any place name even close. It might help if you give more info (names and dates) on the people who were born in Norway and immigrated to the US.

Re: Location in Norway

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Some one else in my wife's family provided this information;

Holver Gunleikson & Mari Einesdatter of Tulare, Norway immigrated to US in 1843, they settled in Waupun Wisconsin, two children were born in Norway Guillick & Ener(born 1841)

Earlier ancetors
1720 1st. Gunliek Gunnulvson
1758 2nd Halvor Gunnliekson
1790 3rd Gunliek Halvorson
1814 4th Holver Gunleikson
1841 5th Ener Goodlaxson
1879 Alvin Goodlaxson
Trying to contact family who may have more information, we are planning a trip later this year

Just a possibility

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The 1801 census only shows one candidate with the right name and age:

Gunlik Halvorsen was born 1790, his father's age doesn't match your list, though - but his name is Halvor Gunliksen.

They are living on a farm called Næs Søndre in Sauherad, Telemark.

Just a possibility.


"Your" Gunlik Halvorsen had a son, Halvor, born 1814. Since he named the boy after his own father, it was most probably his first son. This means Gunlik Halvorsen probably got married 1813-1814.

Looking at the marriage records for Sauherad, Telemark, I see the following:

Married 2 Jun 1814
Gullik Halvorsen Lovhaug
Ingebor Tolfsdatter (sp?)

last entry, right page

Kildeinformasjon: Telemark fylke, Sauherad, Ministerialbok nr. I 4 (1767-1814), Kronologisk liste 1814, uten sidenr.
Permanent sidelenke:

Gullik could possibly be a misspelling of Gunlik. There is no Gullik Halvorsen listed in Sauherad in 1801.


This couple did have a son, Halvor, born August 1814.

Right page, #46

Kildeinformasjon: Telemark fylke, Sauherad, Ministerialbok nr. I 4 (1767-1814), Kronologisk liste 1814, uten sidenr.
Permanent sidelenke:

The child was born at Næs, which make me think Gullik and Gunlik are the same person.

Halvor Gulliksen was confirmed 19 Oct 1828:


Kildeinformasjon: Telemark fylke, Sauherad, Ministerialbok nr. I 6 (1827-1850), Konfirmerte 1828, side 153.
Permanent sidelenke:

Confirming the above

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This is your "Ener", born 1841:

Born 3 Jul 1841
Baptized 4 Jul 1841
Father: Halvor Gulliksen
Mother: Mari Enersdatter
Residence: Løvhaug (Sauherad, Telemark)

Kildeinformasjon: Telemark fylke, Sauherad, Ministerialbok nr. I 6 (1827-1850), Fødte og døpte 1841, side 88.
Permanent sidelenke:


And here is the family leaving for America in 1843:

Attest dated 18 May 1843

#124 - Halvor Gulliksen Løvhaug, 29 yrs
#125 - Mari Einersdatter, 28 yrs, wife
#126 - Gullik Halvorsen, born 3 Nov 1837, son
#127 - Ener Halvorsen, born 3 Jul 1841, son

Kildeinformasjon: Telemark fylke, Sauherad, Ministerialbok nr. I 6 (1827-1850), Inn- og utflyttede 1843, side 385.
Permanent sidelenke:

This all fits too perfectly, I can't imagine it not being the correct family.

Marriage of Halvor & Mari, birth of Gullik/Gunlik

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Married 9 Nov 1837 in Sauherad, Telemark

Groom: bachelor, Halvor Gulliksen, 22 years old, born at Løvhaug, son of Gullik Halvorsen

Bride: maiden, Mari Enersdatter Skrabæk, 22 years old, born at Skrabæk, daughter of Ener Nielsen

Kildeinformasjon: Telemark fylke, Sauherad, Ministerialbok nr. I 6 (1827-1850), Ekteviede 1837, side 246.
Permanent sidelenke:

"Løvhaug" and "Skrabæk" are both farm in Sauherad, Telemark.


Birth of Gullik:

Born 3 Nov 1837
Father: Halvor Gulliksen Løvhaug
Mother: Mari Einersdatter
Residence: Løvhaug

Kildeinformasjon: Telemark fylke, Sauherad, Ministerialbok nr. I 6 (1827-1850), Fødte og døpte 1837, side 66.
Permanent sidelenke:

As you can see, the names "Gunlik" and "Gullik" are often interchanged.

Farm location

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This link will show you the farm "Skrabæk", where Mari Einersdatter was born:

You can zoom in and out, also click between "Kart" and "Flyfoto".

I believe "Løvhaug" may have been subordinate to the farm "Næs" or "Næs søndre", but I am not sure.

Løvhaug may no longer exist, but "Nes" is just southeast of Skrabekk.

Re: Confirming the above

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Thank you so much for this information; I agree that this is indeed my wife's family; we are planning a trip to Norway this September. My family ancestors are from Ireland & I have spent 7 years successfully researching. thanks again

Re: Confirming the above

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The detail available in the extensive parish church records is a marvelous gift from Norway. The Digitalarkivet web site has been adding scanned images of the original Norwegian parish church records for anyone with Internet access since November 2005. To be able to use the parish records you must first know WHERE in Norway you want to search for this documentation.

The Digitalarkivet web site - (
An English option is available by clicking on that word from either the left hand column or the blue link bar along the bottom of the homepage.
The scanned images are available from the homepage link "Skanna kyrkjebøker" [Norwegian version]/"Digitised parish records" [English version] which is listed along the left hand column and from the blue banner of links along the top section of the homepage.
When you click on that link another page will present a short list of choices - choose "Read the digitized parish registers"[English version]/"Lesa skanna kykrebøker" [Norwegian version].
After you've clicked on that link and a new main page has presented on the screen be sure and read the instructions that are available from the Digitalarkivet for navigating the scanned records. The instructions are available in Bokmål (official Norwegian), Nyorsk (Norwegian), Davvisámegiella (Saami), and English.
Recommended basic reading are the "Startsiden" [Norwegian version]/"Main page" [English version], "Brukerveiledning" [Norwegian version]/"User's guide" [English version] and "Om tjenesten" [Norwegian version]/"About this service" [English version].

Good information about translating the formats of Norwegian parish church records during various time periods, many of the basic terms used and understanding how to use the information should be studied at this web site -

Norway has a tradition of publishing history and genealogy books for many rural districts of the country called 'bygdebøker'. You might be lucky enough to have had ancestors from one of the areas which has one or more good 'bygdebøker' published about it.
Learn about 'bygdebøker' (
Bygdebøker and Ættarbøker can be helpful but are definitely secondary sources of information -- any research done in them should be verified in the primary sources such as the parish church records.

For Sauherad, Telemark there is the multi-volume "Bygedebok for Sauherad, gards og ættesoge" by Birger Kirkeby. The library catalog of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City shows that they have copied all or most of those books to microfiche that can be ordered and used at any of their many LDS Family History Centers around the world.
(Be sure and have a good Norwegian-English dictionary before trying to use a book written in Norwegian.)

Re: Farm location

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The information you provided has been extremely helpful; we are leaving in a week for Norway & are renting a car to visit the area you found as well as another area where relatives came from. When you viewed the records did they indicate the name of the church where the marriage & baptism was held. Any help would be sincerely appreciated

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