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Query: last found in Lier, Buskerud

Query: last found in Lier, Buskerud

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Surnames: Pedersen, Olsdr
I'm looking for Lars Pedersen and his wife Berte Olsdr. They had 3 children christened in Lier, Buskerud, between 1811 and 1817. Searching backward from 1811 to 1800, I am unable to find any more children or a marriage record. Since none of the children is named Peder or Ole, I'm assuming there are at least 2 older sons.
Unfortunately, the bygdebok for Lier is VERY sketchy; the record of this family ended several generations before this.
Any suggestions where else to look?

Re: Query: last found in Lier, Buskerud

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Can you post the names and dates of the three children?
Knowing where they were born (which farm) would be good also.

You say Lars Pedersen and Berte Olsdatter had three children in Lier between 1811-1817. There was a census taken in Lien in 1815. There is no couple with those names living in Lier at the time.

I looked and found ther first birth, Christian, born 28 Dec 1811.

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Kildeinformasjon: Buskerud fylke, Lier, Ministerialbok nr. 7 (1794-1813), Fødte og døpte 1812, side 238.
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Re: Query: last found in Lier, Buskerud

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Pedersen, Olsdr
My notes say that they were from Opsal-eie (not sure of spelling), and Lars died at Torsurd-eie.
First child I have record of is Christian, b. 28 Dec 1811 at Ringstad, chr. 19 Jan 1812; d. 9 Aug & bur. 12 Aug 1812 @ Lier.

2nd child also named Christian, b. 13 Aug, chr. 28 Aug 1814 Sylling entry #37

3rd child Hans, b. 2 Jun 1817, chr. 6 Jul 1817 @ Tranby, Lier... (parents Gaardfolk) entry #11

There would probably be older sons bearing the names of the grandfathers, Peder & Ole. So I went looking.
I found a Peder Larsen, b. 22 Jun, chr 26 Jun 1808 in Lier, but the mother's name is different: Birte Bentsdr. I found a marriage for Birte Bendtdr (Mjork?) & Peder Larsen (Røed?), but not for Peder Larsen & Birte Olsdr.

I tried the 1801 census, guessing that the parents were still single then - and chased down the ones that were relatively close to Lier (ie, in southern Norway) and old enough to have children by 1811, and did not find any marriage or birth records in those locations.

I wish there was a census search option for "age is -
greater than, less than. It would help so much!

Thanks for your help. I'll look for the 1815 census when I get back. Is it on Digital Archives?

If they were not living in Lier at the time of the 1815 census, yet were there in 1814 and again in 1817, what would that suggest?

(I'll be off-line for several days - vacation with daughter who does not have Internet.)

Re: Query: last found in Lier, Buskerud

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The 1815 for Lier at the Digitalarkivet

In searching in the Digitalarkivet databases there isn't a greater than/less than option but you can ask it to list ALL of that field and then just click on all those you want to include.
And you can choose one of the wildcard options to limit a field like age to "between".

Be careful that you are looking for Lars Pedersen and not Peder Larsen...

Re: Query: last found in Lier, Buskerud

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I also noticed the Lars Pedersen and Birte Bentsdatter family. I found the marriage for them and see that they had children both before and after your Lars Pedersen and Birte Olsdatter. I had thought that possibly Birte Olsdatter could have been his second wife - but this is not the case.

It is strange that the family is not listed in the 1815 census. I also don't see Lars Pedersen in the 1801 census. I wonder if they arrived from a neighboring parish?Their 3 children were born at 3 different farms. They did move around a lot! I would suggest looking for info in neighboring parishes, also.
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