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Need Assistance Locating Relative on

Need Assistance Locating Relative on

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Hi! I've found many of my relatives through digging around through Ellis island, but I can't find my great-grandparents on my father's maternal side. The legend was that they changed their name at Ellise island; yes, I know this is false. They must have changed their name later which makes my search difficult. Here is the information I have

Andri (Henry) Matzuka
B. May 13, 1893 in Poland
D. 1971 in Chicago

Josephine Kamhik
B. November 19, 1895 in Poland
D. Unknown

Both from Poland thru Ellis Island but did not marry until after they emigrated. If anyone could help me locate their Ellis Island records it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Need Assistance Locating Relative on

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How do you know they came through Ellis Island? That information may help someone help you.

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You don't indicate what tools you used for your search. Did Henry become a citizen and if so, did you get his applications (Declaration, Petition, Certificate of Arrival) which will show entry information into the U.S.? Email the NARA branch in Chicago and see if they will search their records for him.

Did you use the Gold Form at If I look for any J Kamhik (sounds like) born 1894 to 1896 and Polish at this site, I get 5 hits and line 4 might be a possible.

and for A Matzuka (male):
with line 6 looking interesting

Re: Need Assistance Locating Relative on

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Thank you for your reply!

No I have not, I will get in touch with them as soon as possible. I only have basic things like a marriage certificate and naturalization card (

Line six does look interesting! I also found a record ( that I believe could be him as well, but I will need further evidence to verify the link.

Name: Andrej Matzukawiz
Ethnicity: Russia, Polish
Last Place of Residence: Szewanis, Russia
Date of Arrival: Mar 27, 1912
Age at Arrival: 19y

The age, name, and the fact that he's Polish all match pretty well. The Russia part is news to me but who knows? Also, I can't make out the name of his destination on the manifest, but neither he nor the man in line 6 are going to Chicago, where he ended up.

As for Josephine; It looks like Jozefa Kmiecik is a very possible match. She was headed to Chicago in 1913 and Josephine married Henry in Chicago in 1917. Will still need more evidence.

The thing I dont understand is, if the matches above are Henry, why did he list Poland as his place of origin if he was born in Russia?

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Eastern European countries and borders often changed during this time period. A city could be in Russia one year, in Poland another year, and in Austria another year.

Include the information on the naturalization index you found when you email the NARA Chicago branch. They should be able to easily find the original records, and will email/phone you and ask for your credit card number.... will copy the records, and send them to you. You might even see a picture of Henry attached to the forms. Ask for ALL the records, including the certificate of arrival....... it will answer most of your questions about this ancestor.

One more thing.... ask NARA to check to see if both Henry AND his wife have separate naturalization files. Given the date of the naturalization, it wasn't automatic that the wife would become a citizen if her husband was a citizen. Perhaps his wife was naturalized earlier when her parents (assuming she came with them) became naturalized. If you do find the entry for her, note the markings on the line to see if a certificate of arrival was issued.

Good luck

Re: Need Assistance Locating Relative on

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The other part of the puzzle?
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