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hobbs in texas

hobbs in texas

thomas lee hobbs (View posts)
Posted: 969981970000
any info on the hobbs in east texas region


steve haynes (View posts)
Posted: 969999227000
"Buck" Hobbs family of Batson Texas is good start. He ran a General Store there for years. His father came to Texas in 1880s. Family came from Clay County (Erin Station) Alabama. Several Hobbs brothers served in 31st Alabama Infantry (Civil War). "Uncle George" Hobbs was taken prisoner and became a "Galvanized Yankee" at POW Camp. Unsure of which Hobbs brother/nephew went to Texas. Sure it was not Erasmus Marion Hobbs.


Hobbs from East Texas

Randy Hobbs (View posts)
Posted: 970132733000
Hi there. My family of Hobbs' came to Cass County Texas in the early 1880's. I think they came from Alabama also. Maybe the same bunch? I was born in Mt. Pleasant,Tx. and most of my relatives all are from around East Texas. I'll check with you later. Randy Hobbs

Hobbs in East Texas

Randy Hobbs (View posts)
Posted: 970133082000
Hello there. Well I'm one of those old honory Hobbs from East Texas! My bunch came to Cass County Texas in the early 1800's. My Grandfather Edgar Hobbs was born in 1887. I was born in Mt. Pleasant, TX and most all my immediate family was from around these parts. I'll be checking in with you later. Thanks Randy Hobbs

East Texas Hobbs

Thomas Hobbs (View posts)
Posted: 970153551000
Well Randy - nice to meet you. I was born in Groveton, TX back in 1950. I don't know too much about my family history - most of it is lost. My dad was from Trinity, TX and he was J. T. Hobbs. From one Texas Hobbs to another, good to hear from you.

East Texas Hobbs'

Randy Hobbs (View posts)
Posted: 970212350000
Yes, Thomas, Good to meet you! This is what I love about the internet. This ability to find people and information is really neat! And just think, As we all know , we have Al Gore to thank for all this wonderful technology! He wishes. Oh well, what ever will get a vote I guess. Yea Thomas you and I are about the same age. I was born in 1952. Where have all the years gone? I was raised in Dallas, but we have moved out here to the country in East Texas and love it. I'll talk to you later cous! Randy Hobbs

Hobbs of east Texas

renay (View posts)
Posted: 975835298000
Was Caldwell or Lankford a surname for your Hobbs family?

Hobbs Caldwell Lankford

renay (View posts)
Posted: 975836558000
Yes they are surnames and the families intermarried at times cousins marrying cousins. Also Moore, Massey, Hall


sheron hobbs wooley (View posts)
Posted: 998048425000
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i am related to buck hobbs i believe hewas a cousin to my father wesley hobbs sone of ben hobbs i need info on the hobbs family

Re: Hobbs from East Texas

Posted: 1042374998000
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Hi Randy,
I'm just starting to do a family tree, was going through the message board here and found some Hobb's here in east Tx. My family on my Mother's side is all from east Tx. By any chance is your Daddy's name Wayne?
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