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Porteous/Porter DNA Match...

Porteous/Porter DNA Match...

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Surnames: Porter, Porteous
I recently matched on 35 out of 37 Y-DNA markers with a Porter (both of us had our DNA tested by the same company). The most recent common male ancestor appears to have lived between roughly 12 and 16 generations ago (that is, 300 to 400 years ago). The likelihood of a common ancestor at 12 generations ago is 90%, and goes up very slightly with each previous generation. The likelihood of having a common male ancestor at 24 generations ago (that's about 600 years, assuming 25 years on average per generation) is 99.77%!

In my research, I've seen my own family surname as Portis, Portris, Portas, Porthouse, Portues, Portues and about 20 to 30 other spelling variations (including Porteons, where the 'r' has looked to the transcriber like an 'n').

I can see how easy it would be for Portis to become Porters, and then to see the final 's' dropped through serendipity.

Has anyone else come across any Porteous records in their Porter research?


P.S. I've corresponded with the person who submitted their Porter relative for a DNA test. The late 19th century photos of Porter males that I received bear a very strong resemblance to my brothers.

Re: Porteous/Porter DNA Match...

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Willliams, Porter, Mann Turner, Gray. West,
I have a question are your ancestors from virginia if they are they black white or mixed. My family is from virginia, on my mothers side Iam scottish and on my father's side through my grand mother Iam a porter while on my fathers father's side iam related to Pocahontas on the West side of the family. My family's present surname is Williams, the surname williams is listed in a list of the First Families of Virginia.

A ancestor of mine whose name was John Williams, was born in 1654, he was a "Mulatto" servant of Mr. Martin Gardner who resided in York County, Virginia.

Meanwhile my earliest Porter Ancestor, John Portis (porter), who was born in 1718, purchased 97 acres in Isle of Wight County on the south side of Lightwood Swamp from John and Bridget Demery on 28 October 1745

On my mothers side, the Grays who are my deceased grandfather's family, I have Benjamin Gray, who was born 20 November 1755, son of "Mulatto" servant Hannah Gray. Sources state he was free by the year 1800.

On My Mother's side, the Turners, the family of my mother's mother, Thomas Turner was the white servant of Captain Daniel Parke of York County (he was related to Martha Washington's first husband), he fathered a child by an african-american women

It appears that the Turner Family were free by the year 1715, over 125 years before the civil war and over sixty years before the United States declared independence from Britain in 1776. The present day Turners are extremly fair skinned and my mother is no exception.

My Grandmother Mary P. Wiliams once told me that her aunt, Thelma Mann hated my grandmother's mother and she also told me that that aunt practiced witchcraft and tried to get ruin my great grandmother's life because she was my great great Grand father Clarence Mannn's favorite child. Also my grandmother's aunt and her grand daughter look like twins and they have the same name Thelma.

Also my grandmother told me that Clarence Mann was very light skinned and she said that his hair was really straight and my grand mother also as really soft straight hair, she even told me that she had some Indian blood in her family (Porter).

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