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George Horner in Maryland

George Horner in Maryland

Sandra Anderson (View posts)
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Surnames: Horners, Brothertons ,Owens,Seibers,
I have a George Horner son of John Horner married to Elizabeth Holloway,Kent Island Maryland.They had 9 children.Does anyone have anything more to add.Thanks Sandy

Re: George Horner in Maryland

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Do you have any informaton about this John Horner. I understand he was born c1699.

Re: George Horner in Maryland

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George went to York County, Pennsylvania as a young man,
was married to a lady (name unknown) and his first seven children born there. I can only find names for 5 of them.

William Horner Sr. was born of the first marriage on October 30, 1746 in York County, PA.

The following children are also listed as being born in York County, PA but could have been born once he moved down the valley to Virginia.

Ann George Horner was born about 1747
Susanna George Horner was born about 1749
Robert George Horner was born about 1755
Lydia Horner was born Ocotber 25, 1750

He then moved down the valley into the north of Frederick County, Virginia (now Hampshire County, West Virginia). It is here that he had a warrant for 200 acres of land in 1748.

Earliest record in Frederick County, VA, purchase of land, 1748. 1754 tax list indicates one George Horner paid his taxes in the form of tobacco.

When he was first married to wife, name unknown, she was supposed by some to have been killed by Indians in VA.

There is evidence of his having lived on the North Branch of the Capon River and of his wife's abduction by Indians.
>From Kercheval's history of the Valley of Virginia, a description of an Indian raid in 1756:

"The other party of Indians were encountered pretty low down on the
North Branch of the Capon River, by Capt. Joshua Lewis, at the head of 18 men; one Indian was killed when the others broke and ran off.
Previous to the defeat of this party they had committed considerable
destruction of the property of the white settlers, and took a Mrs.
Horner and a girl about 13 years of age prisoners. Mrs. Horner was the mother of 7 or 8 children; she never got back to her family."

The girl, whose name was Sarah Gibbons, was prisoner about 8 or 9 years before she returned home."
The man who provided this information to Kercheval was Jacob Gibbons who had been born in 1745.

By 1748, George Horner had a warrant for land in Frederick Co VA. He appears on a tax list there in 1754 when he paid his taxes in tobacco. He also appears in Frederick County VA where he was named as a neighbor of George Nixon by George Washington in his account "Journal of My Journey Over the Mountains" for the time period 1748-1750. It should be noted that many of George's neighbors in Hampshire Co were Quakers from PA.

There are conflicting stories as to when exactly he moved to Orange County, NC. Some records say he moved to Orange County, North Carolina, in about 1755 having a plantation on Little River. Still other records show that the move was closer to June of 1759. Either way George Horner Sr. was living in Orange County, NC, where he had large land holdings which were on a modest scale at first, but later became quite extensive. Most of his land lay in the vicinity of Little River.

George married his second wife, Elizabeth Holloway, about 1757. She would have had to raise the younger children from the first marriage. And soon they had seven children of their own.

The following children were born of his second marriage:

Three daughters, Christiana, Pricillia and Elizabeth were born between 1760 and 1769.

Two sons, John and James were born between 1763 and 1769.

And lest we forget, George R. Horner, Jr. and his twin Thomas Horner were born on February 7, 1761 in Orange County, NC.

Both George Jr. and Thomas, twins, served in the American Revolution.
During their first enlistment of August 25, 1780, they guarded
prisoners of war and protected the city of Hillsborough for about
three months against incursions of Tories. There was another call for
volunteers in 1782 and Thomas served as a Sergeant and George was in the Light Horse. His father, George Sr. furnished the horse and bridle for his son.
George Jr. was regarded as a very good horseman, "large and
powerful." George Jr. served about four months under a Captain York and and at the age of seventy-three went out of the service as a Lieutenant in South Carolina.

George left numerous records in Orange County, NC. In 1759, he was appointed an overseer of the "trading path road from the house of Alexander Mebane to the river Enoe."

After he had settled in NC, he disposed of his land back in VA. In Feb 1761, he sold 50 acres on the North River to his married daughter Ann Horner Owens, wife of John Owens. The witnesses were George Nickson (Nixon), Rudy Bamgarner, and John Arnold. In Mar 1761, George and Elizabeth sold 350 acres on the North River to John Woodson with the same witnesses. Within another month, John Owen and Ann Horner Owen sold their land to Benjamin Sutton and probably left the area. There are no further records of them.

In May 1765 in NC, Horner purchased 384 acres from Benjamin Cate. In Jul 1769, Horner bought 30 acres on the north side of Little River from John and Sarah Wells. And two months later, he bought 162 acres on the south side of the North Fork of Little River from Hugh and Catherine Bradley for L68. (There is no surviving record of this deed in the Granville Land Office.)

In June 1778, Horner was given a land grant of 250 acres on Little River and Mountain Creek bounded by his own land, William Rea, and Henry McCulloh. In 1781, he received another grant of 100 acres along Mill Creek adjoining Abercrombie. In Feb 1783, he was again an overseer of the road from Caswell Co to Abercrombie's Mill, and in Aug 1784, he was excused as a juror. In Sep 1784, George and wife Elizabeth sold his 1778-9 grant of 250 acres to his son George Jr. Both George and Elizabeth signed with their X marks. In Jan 1785, George Horner Sr sold 80 acres on Mountain Creek to his son George Horner Jr for L40. One month later, George sold land to his son James Horner.

In May 1792, George Horner was appointed as constable for St. Mary's District. A bond of L250 was required for the position. In Mar 1793, George Sr sold 100 acres on the waters of Little River to George Jr for L100.

Land records:
Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol II, 1742-1775 (Gertrude Grey)
H-122 George Horner of Frederick Co. 400 A. in said Co. Surv. Mr. George Washington. On N. Run of Cacapehon.. 9 Mar 1752.

1761: Frederick/Hampshire VA:

"Hampshire Co., (West) Virginia, Deed Bk. 1"
p. 89:
Lease from George Horner to John Woodfin - for 100 (English
pounds) - 350 acres on North River of Cacapon (long
description, no names). Wits.: John Arnold, George Nicson,
Rude Bumgarner (last by mk.). Made: 27 Mar 1761
Recorded: 9 Sept 1761"

p. 93:

George Horner to his son-in-law John Owens, both of Hampshire
Co. for "natural love and affection - 50 acres on North River
of Cap Capon, bordering George Horner's old line, being pt.
of a grant from Thomas Lord Fairfaix &c dated 9 Mar 1752.
Wits: John Arnold, George Nickson, Ruda Bumgarner (by mk.),
John Thomas (by mk.), George Hoge, William Hoge.
George Horner signed by mark and Ann Owins also signed by
Deed made: 30 Mar 1761 Recorded: none given

1759:Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Orange County, in the Province of North Carolina., compiled by Ruth Herndon Shields
June 1759 "George Horner appointed Overseer of trading path road from the house of Alexander Mebane to the River Eno."

1759: In Orange Co NC--deeds, pension abstracts from twins, George Jr and Thomas, who fought in the Revolution. Geo Jr. mentioned he lived with half brother, William, in Randolph Co NC, 1780.

Found in 1790 Orange County, NC Census
1790 H656 Horner, George, Sr. M-637 096 No CENSUS - Tax

On June 26, 1793 in Orange County, NC, George Sr. married his third wife Elizabeth Fussell with the marriage bonding being dated June 26, 1793. George Horner, Sr. was blessed with yet three more children from this union. Two daughters Lucy and Deliah and another son named George Wyatt.

George Horner, Sr died in St Mary's District of Orange County, NC in 1811.

Now hopefully, I have listed the children in the correct order with the correct mothers. I used every census and every other tidbit that I could find to gather my information. But must also give credit where credit is due. You'll find below numerous references as well.


Garner, Grace K. Earliest Settlers Western Frederick-Eastern Hampshire Counties in VA,
Their Descendants. p5,225,236.
Kercheval, Samuel. A History of the Valley of VA. p72.
Triplett, Ralph. Early Births, Western Frederick Co VA, Eastern Hampshire Co WV. p21,73.
Maxwell, Hu and H.L. Swisher. History of Hampshire Co WV, 1897. p398.
Sage, Clara and Laura Sage Jones. Early Records, Hampshire Co VA. p26,27,44.
Shields, Ruth H. Orange Co NC Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter
Sessions 1752-1766. p53.
Bennett, Ruby. Orange Co (NC) Records, Vol IX State Land Grants 1-500. p28.
Bennett, Ruby. Orange Co (NC) Records, Vol X, State Land Grants 501-1000. p79.
Orange Co NC Abstracts of Minutes of the Inferior Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
1777-1788. p12,31.
Redden, Alma. Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of
Orange Co NC 1787-1795. p54-55.
Bennett, William. Orange Co Records Vol II Deed Books 1 & 2 Abstracts. p60, 121.
Bennett, William. Orange Co Records Vol III Deed Bk 3 Abstracts. p15-16, 68.
Bennett, William. Orange Co Records Vol V Deed Bk 5 Abstracts. p20,40-41, 45-46.
Shields, Ruth. Abstracts of Wills Recorded in Orange Co NC 1800-1850. p61

Re: George Horner in Maryland

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Given name in Germany was:
Johann Georg HOERNER
After arriving in the states, name was shortened to:
John Horner

His father was Georg Martin Hoerner.

Re: George Horner in Maryland

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Thanks for the reply. I am excited to learn about the name of George Horner's father. Can you cite or give me some supporting information regarding this issue. Thanks!

Re: George Horner Sr (b abt 1725) married to Eliizabeth Holloway 1757

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BornBlue-thank you for research on the subj who is my 4th gr-grandfather. Do you have support that connects the subj to the German father that you cited? Based on the children names, burial sites, community locations, dates and migration; an assumption was he was connected to the Horners in Penn/Va/Md that are Scots-Irish that came from Belfast to Phil. These folks tended not to inter-marry and I note that the subj's mother is reportedly a McDonald. Also, the migration from Germany reflects 1750-1761, this would be well after the subject was born and had land established in Va/Md. And, put the Johann at in his mid-50's; also, reports that he was indenture would not fit this age or the subject. Appreciate your research on this age old mystery of where the subj got his original roots. These Horners all fought in the revolution agst the English.
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