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Reeves, Oliver or Duty's in Gilmer, Upshur Co.

Reeves, Oliver or Duty's in Gilmer, Upshur Co.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Jones, Reeves, Duty, Oliver
I am looking for the parents and siblings of my great grandparents, John B. Reeves b. 1848 in Alabama, father noted as W.M. Reeves on John's death certificate, b. NC or Georgia. Frances Elizabeth Duty or Oliver (not sure of her madden name) b. 1848 in Georgia. John and Frances were married in Red River Co., TX in 1868 and were in Gilmer, Upshur Co., TX in the 1870 census and moved shortly after that to Wise Co., TX. Any information of these families will help so much. Thanks, Linda Johnson

Re: Reeves, Oliver , Greer in Gilmer, Upshur Co.

Paula (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Reeves, Oliver, Greer, Covin, Jones

Not related.

No match for a female Frances E Duty born abt 1848 GA. Unable to match a John Reeves to a William from NC or GA...may not be correct info for him. Connection to the Reeves' that were in RR 1870 census some from Alabama ? Frances Oliver Reeves indicated 1880 census father from GA and mother AL when her father was from NC and mother from GA per 1850 and 1860 census. = Georgia marriages to 1850
Source Information: Dodd, Jordan. Provo, UT

James B Oliver
Milley A Greer
24 Dec 1844
Troup Co, GA

1850; Census Place: District 697, Troup, Georgia; Roll: M432_84; Page: 60
James B Oliver 27 NC 1823
Milley A Oliver 20 GA 1830
Georgia A Oliver 4 GA 1846
Frances E Oliver 3 GA 1847
William J Oliver 1 GA 1849
Permelia K Oliver 4 mos GA 1850

James Oliver 1796 NC
Catharine Oliver 1795 NC
Jane Oliver 1826 GA
John H Oliver 1828 GA
Permelia C Oliver 1828 GA
Frances M Oliver male 1833 GA
Jacob C Oliver 1833 GA
Ann Oliver 1835 GA

1850, Dist 697, Troup GA
Young Greer 1812 GA married Eliza Darnal, 1 Mar 1837 Troup Co GA
Eliza Darnal Greer 1818 GA
James Greer 1838 GA
Alonzo Greer 1840 GA
Emiline Greer 1842 GA
Preston Greer 1843 GA
Taylor Greer 1844 GA
Joseph Greer 1848 GA

1850, Dist 701, Troup GA
B G Greer male 1805 GA
Nancy D Greer 1814 GA
Caroline V Greer 1844 GA
James A Greer 1846 GA
Greer female 1850 GA

1850, Militia Dist 698, Troup GA
James Greer 1779 GA
Tamsey Greer 1778 NC female
Martha A Greer 1822 GA
Amanda Greer 1825 GA

1860; Census Place: Western District, Upshur, Texas; Roll: M653_1306; Page: 446; Image: 420.
Post Office: Coffeeville
J B Oliver 37 NC...James B
Ann Oliver 30 GA...Milley Ann Greer, died 1861, buried Mattox Cemetery, Upshur Co.
Georgian Oliver 14 GA
Francis Oliver 13 GA female
William Oliver 11 GA
Amelia Oliver 10 GA...Permelia
Clinton Oliver 8 GA
James Oliver 6 AL
Willis Oliver 4 LA
Haywood Oliver 12 TX ?...should be abt 1 or 2 months
F M Oliver 30 GA male [Francis M, household of James & Catherine Oliver, 1850 Troup Co GA]

1870 - Red River
Francis Reeves abt 1840 Tennessee White Female
James Reeves abt 1856 Alabama White Male
Johan Reeves abt 1813 South Carolina White Male
Lucy Reeves abt 1869 Texas White Female
Lunnie Reeves abt 1857 Texas White Female
Richard Reeves abt 1860 Texas White Male
Salina Reeves abt 1836 Alabama White Female
Sallie Reeves abt 1852 Alabama White Female
William Reeves abt 1862 Alabama White Male

1870; Census Place: Precinct 5, Upshur, Texas; Roll: M593_1607; Page: 116; Image: 232
Post Office: Pine Tree
James Oliver 1825 NC, $600 real estate, $600 personal estate
Nancy Oliver 1846 TN...2nd wife
Frances Oliver 1847 GA female...wife of John Reeves, should not have been counted in father's household.
Francis Oliver 1851 GA male...same as Clinton Oliver ?
James Oliver 1853 AL mother Milley
Willis Oliver 1858 TX mother Milley
Haywood Oliver 1860 TX mother Milley
Josey Oliver 1864 TX, mother Nancy
Bryant Oliver 1866 TX, mother Nancy
Thomas Oliver 1868 TX, mother Nancy
Clarrence Oliver 1869 TX, mother Nancy

Name: Georgan Jones ...daughter of James B and Milley A Greer Oliver ?
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1846
Age in 1870: 24
BirthPlace: Georgia
Home in 1870: Precinct 5, Upshur, Texas
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Pine Tree page 120

Name: Rormelia/Permelia Covin ...daughter of James B and Milley A Greer Oliver ?
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1849
Age in 1870: 21
BirthPlace: Georgia
Home in 1870: Precinct 5, Upshur, Texas
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Pine Tree page 116, household next to James Oliver, husband James Covin, age 23 of GA.

1880; Census Place: Precinct 8, Upshur, Texas; Roll: T9_1330; Family History Film: 1255330; Page: 512.1000; Enumeration District: 118
James B. Oliver 57 NC, parents NC
Nancy Oliver 39 wife, TN, parents listed Ohio
Willis E. Oliver 23 LA, mother GA
Joana R. Oliver 15 TX, mother TN..."Josey"
John B. Oliver 14 TX, mother TN
Thomas B. Oliver 13 TX son
Clarence Oliver 11 TX son
Robert L. Oliver 9 TX son
Orestes Oliver 8 TX son
Richard L. Oliver 7 TX son
Ira Oliver 5 TX son
Virginia D. Oliver 3 TX dtr
Obediah Oliver 5M TX son

I count 17 known children born to James B Oliver by 1880.

1880 Pct 8, Upshur, page 508.4
George W. Jones 37 TN OH OH...related to Nancy, 2nd wife of James B Oliver ?
George A. Jones 34 wife GA GA GA
Rufus R. Jones 12 TX
Millie A. Jones 10 TX...named after grandmother
William O. Jones 7 TX
Forest M. Jones 2 TX

1880 Precinct 8, Upshur, page 511.3
James L. Covin 32 GA SC SC
Parnelia C. Covin 28 GA GA GA...middle name Catherine/Katherine ?
Lazarus L. Covin 11
Levy D. Covin 8
James L. Covin 6
Eulah L. Covin 4
male Covin 1M born May 1880
male Covin 1M born May 1880
Nathaniel A. Wright 25 cousin, born AL, parents GA

1880 Pct 8, Upshur, TX
William J. Oliver 31 GA SC NC
Martha S.[Covin] Oliver 30 GA SC SC
James W. Oliver 11 TX
William J. Oliver 9 TX
Letroy O. Oliver 5 TX
Julia B. Oliver 3 TX
Tolly Oliver 1 TX

Upshur County -

Cynthia Warren researching family of William J Oliver, buried Mattox Cemetery, Upsher Co.
Cynthia's email address was when she posted this information.

Comments: Our link to this family is through Lena (Oliver) Bradley.
Sources: Census,Upsher Co. 1860, 1870, 1880, 1910, 1920.
Mattox Cemetery and Walnut Creek Cemetery Upshur Co Texas

Mattox Cemetery -

Several families from Alabama and Georgia settled in this area in the 1850s. According to oral history, slaves were interred around this site. The first recorded burial was that of Mila Ann Greer Oliver, who died in 1861. The graveyard became known as the "Old Family Cemetery." William and Martha Greer deeded land including this site for a church and cemetery in 1887. A Cemetery Association was formed in 1970. Members of the Covin, Jones, Loyd, Mattox, Oliver, Williams and Willeford families are interred here. Of the more than four hundred burials, several are those of veterans of U.S. and International conflicts from the Civil War to the Vietnam War. The Mattox Cemetery remains a chronicle of the pioneers of Upshur County.

Oliver, Pvt James B. H/o Millie Ann Oliver
b. Jan. 1, 1823 d. Dec. 26, 1903
...must have a Civil War headstone

Picture of Millie Ann Oliver's headstone on this website
b. 11 Nov 1829 d. 25 Mar 1861

Oliver, Clarence S/o JB & Nancy Oliver
b. Mar. 29, 1869 d. Jul. 16, 1888

Nancy Oliver, wife of James B Oliver Sr
18 Oct 1840 - Mar 3 1915

Greer, Edmond
b. Jul. 29, 1806 d. Oct. 9, 1881

1880; Census Place: Precinct 8, Upshur, Texas; Roll: T9_1330; Family History Film: 1255330; Page: 512.2000; Enumeration District: 118;
Wade H. Greer 37 GA...listed at W N Greer 1860 Upshur county census.
Gurtrude Greer 37 AL
Charles Greer 12 TX
May Greer 8 TX
Jesse Greer 4 TX
Maggie Greer 3 TX
Bessie Greer 1M TX
Edmund Greer 74 father GA TN GA - 1840 District 697 Troup GA
Susan Baxter 43 widowed sister GA

Name: Edmond Greer
Spouse: Permelia Mosely
Marriage Date: 20 Sep 1827
Marriage Location: Morgan, Georgia

The 1840 and the 1880 record is only time I found Edmund Greer.

Wise County -


BILBRY, J.H. & REEVES, Jannie Feb 6, 1891
OLIVER, J.J. & REEVES, Miss P.C. Jun 20, 1891
REEVES, W.H. & MILLER, Miss Theo Oct 2, 1891
REEVES, W.L. & BENTON, Miss Minnie Feb 17, 1892

...other records.

Re: Reeves, Oliver , Greer in Gilmer, Upshur Co.

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Jones, Reeves, Oliver, Bruce, Vandiver, Gregory
Paula, Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. I had thought that my great grandmothers madden name was Duty ( and have been looking for that) until a few weeks ago when I requested her death certificate and saw where John had given her madden name as Oliver. I decided to try looking for Oliver information. I knew John and Frances were living in Upshur Co. when they were newly weds and that their first two children were born there, so that is why I started looking for their family's there. I see many of their children's names repeated in the names of Frances siblings. I am new to genealogy and have no idea where to look. How did you find so much great information knowing so little??? Thank you and God Bless You, Linda

Re: Reeves, Oliver , Greer in Gilmer, Upshur Co.

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1162778788000
Surnames: Jones, Reeves, Oliver, Bruce, Vandiver, Gregory
Paula, I reread your answer to me and John B. Reeves' father's name was given as W. B. on his death certificate and John and Frances were married in Red River County, so his family may have lived there. I have noticed difference in where both of their parents were born, just seems to change on each census. I checked on John's d.c. and it doesn't give his fathers birthplace even though it ask for one. John's son was the informant and may not have known. Thanks again for all your help, Linda

Re: Reeves from Alabama

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Classification: Query


I have been doing genealogy for more than 10 yrs. I simply took the good information you provided and started with the 1860 census in Upshur county and found Frances E Oliver with her family.

In some cases I do not put in a first name which will give more information than needed but a good way to eliminate. Sometimes we can not see the forest for the trees so to speak. I also discount middle initials when the transcriptions come up as they sometimes are misread by the staff at Ancestry who transcribed the census.

I also leave out place of birth at times as not all of the census transcribed shows a place of birth.

Example: John Reeves located in Columbia Co GA in 1850 lists no place of birth at all.

Sometimes people simply were not counted for whatever reason.

1870 Clarksville, Red River
Johan/John Reeves abt 1813 SC
Francis Reeves abt 1840 Tennessee - 2nd wife
Lunnie ? Reeves abt 1857 Texas
Richard Reeves abt 1860 Texas
Lucy Reeves abt 1869 Texas
..."Lunnie and Richard" possibly not Reeves...may be children of Frances from previous marriage. They are not listed w/John Reeves in 1860 census.

1870, Robbinsville, RR, TX
Salina Reeves abt 1836/38 Alabama $400 personal wealth...Mr. Reeves left a will ?
Sallie Reeves abt 1852 Alabama
James Reeves abt 1856 Alabama
William Reeves abt 1862 Alabama
Samuel Geter abt 1850 to Salina E

Salina Reeves second wife ? to unknown Reeves or age is incorrect as she would have been abt 16 when Sallie was born...not uncommon though.

1860, Clarksville, RR
John Reeves 1813 SC
Margaret Reeves 1810 GA
Anderson Reeves 1838 GA
Martha J Reeves 1845 GA

Simply no John Reeves listed in census records with a W. Reeves as father.

The above William Reeves and Selena E Reives show up as Wm B Reives in Gonzales Co TX in 1880 with Ben S "Jiter". Selena and Ben S Jiter/Jeter are sister and brother. It is noted that father of Wm B Reives was from GA.

B S [Benjamin Samuel] Jeter born 1848/1849 is in Coosa Co AL in 1860 census with his family including female S E Jeter born abt 1850. So how does Sallie Reeves born abt 1852 and James Reeves born abt 1856 relate to Salena E Jeter Reeves ? I find one Reaves family in the 1860 Coosa AL census; George W Reeves b. abt 1835 GA, Rachel 1837 and Lilly H 1859.

Somewhere in Alabama in 1860 there is a Sallie/Sarah and James Reeves and possibly John B Reeves and their father who married Salena Jeter around 1861-1862 and they had William B Reeves moved to Texas before 1870 and Mr. Reeves died before 1870 ?

My Ancestry subscription includes Alabama marriages which includes Coosa Co AL. No record for Salena Jeter to a Reeves is found which leads me to think that not all marriages are included.

Sorry that I can not come up with something concrete other than being able to check for a possible will or probate in RR county for unknown Reeves before 1870 as Salena had money from somewhere in 1870.

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