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Biography and descendents of William Willoughby

Biography and descendents of William Willoughby

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Surnames: Willoughby, Blackwelder, Chapman, Dean, Fields, Foshee, Fuller, Hodges, Holton, Jones, Morgan, Nelson, Pittman, Russell, Scannell, Simpson, Thomas, Smith, Tillery, Tucker, Whittaker
The known progenitor of my line of Willoughbys, William Willoughby, was born in 1759 in either Maryland or Virginia. As a young lad of 17, he enlisted as a Soldier of the American Revolution in Spotsylvania, Virginia. He, along with Edlene Willoughby, who may have been his brother, both were members of the Georgia Continental Line. At the conclusion of the war, William remained in Georgia. The earliest records show him in Richmond County, Georgia, and later, Green County, Georgia. Augusta (Richmond County) was the second city in Georgia to follow Savannah in population growth largely because it was a port city and was also in a location that afforded profitable trade with the Indians.

William Willoughby was a private in Captain John Moseley's Co, Company 3, of the 2nd Georgia Regiment,Georgia Continental Line. He served three years in this capacity before and he was taken prisoner in Savannah Georgia. He was exchanged 13 August 1779 at Augusta, Georgia. His discharge date was 30 Aug 1779. He was REV soldier number S36396; he enlisted in Amherst Co, VA 22 Aug 1776. Another, perhaps more accurate source states that he enlisted in Amelia County Virginia in 1776. He applied for pension 24 Sept 1818 in Clark County, Georgia. In 1779, he was 20 years of age. His revolutionary Soldier number is documented in both the Abstracts of Revolutionary WarPension Files by Virgil White and Oconee County Lineage, by Sue Lutz.

William Willoughby married Jeresulem Jones In Richmond County Georgia (Augusta, Georgia) in 1790.The moved to Green, then to Clark County, Georgia. They first appear on the 1810 Tax Rolls of Clark County. They are listed in Captain Martindale's District (Rose Creek and Oconee River Area) Many of the other heads of families on the 1810 tax list became relatives and/or close friends of the Willoughby family. Among these are the MEADOWS, HARDIGREES, ELDERS, PRIDGENS, MOXLEYS, HAYES, FAMBROUGHS, ANDERSONS and others. Many of the ancestors of these families still live in Oconee County Georgia today. . The move from Green county to present day Oconee, then Clark County, was approximately 25 miles. Green County and Oconee County are adjacent, so the move was only a short one.

William and Jerusalem were blessed with a large family. Except in instances where children suffered from diseases, large families were the norm. The only contraceptive was abstinence and a large number of children could help produce items needed by the family. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, there were no preventatives for any disease. Poor diets and poor health care often resulted in very small families. Although some of the following children died young, they did survive infancy, and some lived to ripe old ages.

William and Jerusalem Willoughby had the following Children



iii. Sarah (Sally) WILLOUGHBY


v. Mary Ann "Polly" WILLOUGHBY



viii. Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY

ix. Randall WILLOUGHBY


xi. William B. WILLOUGHBY

xii. George Willoughby

Jerusalem was the daughter of Thomas JONES and Mary HOWELL. Her grandparents were Thomas JONES and Martha BONNER, who were born in Virginia. Thomas Jones was also a REV soldier. JerusalemÂ’s father, Thomas, wrote his will in Columbia County, Georgia in 1804. In the will are the names of his children; sons, William, Thomas, Robert, Ellis, Randal, and James. Daughters Jerusalem, Mary, Sarah, and Ann. Jerusalem is referred to as "the wife of William Willibe."

By comparison, it can be seen that Jerusalem and William named their children after the sibling names of Jerusalem. This was not as common a practice as to passing down "family names" to the next generation. The practice of passing down family names was to was to continue in all future generations of the Willoughby Family.

The parents of Jerusalem were married in Jerusalem Lutheran Church in Ebenezer, Georgia. This church is the oldest standing public structure in Georgia. Construction was began in 1767 and completed the next year. Jerusalem Church was the most prominent structure in Ebenezer and is illustrative of the importance of religion to the new colonists. Although the town no longer exists, the church and cemetery still exist and in fact, the church is still used for services.

By virtue of his service as a REV Soldier, William Willoughby drew land in several counties. This is shown by both Deeds and in his Will. At the time of his death in 1829, William owned land in Green, Wilkinson, Dooley, Troup and Clark Counties. He and Jerusalem settled in Clark County, Georgia, near present day Watkinsville, Georgia. He was a farmer and is listed in the 1810 tax list of Clark County as being in

The Will of William Willoughby indicates that he was more than a small farmer. He owned hundreds of acres of land in several Counties. He bequeathed land to various of their male children. Although women could legally own land, it was the practice to leave land to male family members. This was done in order that the "family name be perpetuated." He is also seen to be a slave owner. He bequeathed several slaves to other family members. (including son in laws Pridgen and Giles.) He possessed various types of livestock, (horses, cows, pigs, mules); numerous types of plantation farming equipment, as well as many household items. Among the more pretentious possessions was a cotton gin. As was the practice at the time, the family likely had two money crops, cotton and corn. Other crops were raised for the subsistence of the stock, slaves and family members.

John H. Lowe and son David were named executors of his will. The Estate of William Willoughby was appraised by Thomas Robertson,Samuel Blakely, and Jonathan Hardigree. "We do hereby certify that we have appraised the Estate of William Williby deceased as was shown to us by the Exors. to the best of our Judgement-Nov 11th, 1829. “The appraisers were sworn before Ethelred Sorrell, Justice of the Peace.

The Estate Returns in 1834 included these Buyers.

A.S. Simms-1 motley face cow $6.25
William Giles-1 jar $ .56
John Williams-3 chairs $2.06
David Williby-1 old cotton gin $5.00
Ellis Williby- 1 heifer $9.62
William Giles-1 grinding stone $ .31
Charles Burger-1 pot $ .37
James Willoughby-1 new cotton gin $100.00
Joseph Maxey-1 bay filly $33.25
Hail Maxey- 1 pair cartwheels $ 9.00
William Martin-1 gray horse $37.12
David Christopher- 6 hogs $15.50
David Elder-1 black cow and calf $11.25
Samuel Blakeley-1 measure and sifter $ .37
Joseph M Elder-2 beds and steads $20.00
John Hardigree-1 pewter pot $ .62
Edwin F Cox-1 sandy sow $10.18

"Sale of Negro man Hampton and Negro woman Hanna on the 1st Tuesday in December, 1834 for $1076.00."

Approved and ordered to be recorded at the May Term 1835.
Recorded in Book G. Folio 194, Clark County Georgia Estate

First Generation

1. William WILLOUGHBY. Born 1759 Virginia. Died 14 Jan 1829 in Clark Co.GA.

Second Generation
2. Thomas F WILLOUGHBY. Born 1790. Died After 1860. married Agnes Hayes

3. David WILLOUGHBY mar Born 1794. Died About 1870. married Mary Polly Meadows

4. Sarah (Sally) WILLOUGHBY. (not proven)

5. Robert WILLOUGHBY. Born 1799 in Ga.. Died 13 Aug 1834 in Clark Co. Ga. married Elizabeth Meadows

6. Mary Ann "Polly" WILLOUGHBY. Died in Clark C0. GA. married Elisha Hardigree

7. James M. WILLOUGHBY. Born 28 Aug 1801. Died 23 Mar 1876 in Oconee Co. GA., Willoughby Cemetery. married Martha Hester

8. Ellis WILLOUGHBY. Born 1805. Died 1844 intestate/ annual return 6 May 1844, Clark Co. GA. married Elizabeth Durham

9. Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY. Born 18 Dec 1808 in Green Co. GA. Died Apr 1859 in Taylor Co. GA. married Nathaniel Pridgeon

10. Randall WILLOUGHBY. Born 1810 in Clark Co. GA. Died About 1870.

11. Agnes WILLOUGHBY. (not proven)

12. William B. WILLOUGHBY. Died 5 Nov 1827 in Clark Co. GA. His will was probated in Clark Co.Ga. in 1827, two years before his father. married Elizabeth Anderson

13. George Willoughby. Born 1812 in Clark Co Georgia. Died About 1868 in LOWNDES CO. ALABAMA. married Elizabeth Moorer


1. Robert WILLOUGHBY. Born 1799 in Ga. Died 13 Aug 1834 in Clark Co. Ga.

He married Elizabeth MEADOWS, daughter of William MEADOWS & Elizabeth BAILEY, 14 Dec 1820 in Clark Co, Georgia. Born Circa 1800. They had the following children:


3 ii. Sarah WILLOUGHBY

4 iii. Seaborn WILLOUGHBY

5 iv. James WILLOUGHBY

6 v. Elizabeth (lizzy) WILLOUGHBY



Research: According to rumor, Nancy supposedly married a FOSTER in Chambers Co Ala.


4. Seaborn WILLOUGHBY.

5. James WILLOUGHBY. Born 14 Feb 1825 in50. Died 17 Oct 1896. Buried in Macedonia Baptist Ch., Chambers Co., ALA.6.

Coweta Ga. Cencus 1860
James Willoughby 31
Sarah 33
William 9
John G 7
James F 4
Lowella 11/12

Research: 1860 Census of Ga; Coweta Co-833

He first married Sara Ann CHAPMAN, daughter of William CHAPMAN & Hulda(H) MERCER CHAPMAN, 1850 in Coweta Co Ga. Born 1827 in Coweta County, Newnan, GA. Died 1859 in Bellville, Austin Co, TX.

He second married Elizabeth TUCKER, daughter of John TUCKER & Mary Clay TUCKER, 26 Dec 1876 in Chambers Co. Ala. Born 30 Jan 1828 in71 GA. Died 16 May 1910 in Macedonia Church, Chambers Co. Ala.

6. Elizabeth (lizzy) WILLOUGHBY.


7. William Thomas WILLOUGHBY. Born 26 Mar 1851 in Newnan, Coweta Co., GA. Died 10 Sep 1923 in Dadeville, Tallapossa Co., AL.

He first married Caroline (Carrie) A. SMITH, daughter of William "West" Goodrich SMITH & Jane SHANK, 1872 in Chambers Co., Ala. Born 9 Feb 1854. Died 16 Sep 1873 in Smith Co Cemetery, Chambers Co., AL. They had the following children:

13 i. unknown WILLOUGHBY

He second married Josephine (Parrie) Lee SMITH8, daughter of William "West" Goodrich SMITH & Jane SHANK, 23 Dec 1875 in Ch. Co. Al MB 7 P. 239. Born 11 Dec 1858. Died 8 Mar 1885 in Chambers Co. Ala. Buried in Smith Cemetary.

Parrie was the 2nd wife of William. They were married on 23 Dec. 1875, in Chambers Co by F.H. Moss, Minister.

They had the following children:

14 i. Rhodes Goodrich WILLOUGHBY

15 ii. Seaborn Gideon WILLOUGHBY

16 iii. Caroline A WILLOUGHBY (Stillborn)

17 iv. James E. WILLOUGHBY (Stillborn)

He third married Ella Estella MORGAN, daughter of Elias Dillius MORGAN & Martha Ann BURNS, 16 Apr 1896 in Milltown,ALA. Born 6 Jan 1862 in Chambers Co. Died 5 Feb 1952 in Dadeville, AL.. Buried in Dadeville Cemetary. They had the following children:

18 i. Dewie WILLOUGHBY

19 ii. Winnie Heflin THOMAS

20 iii. John Gaines WILLOUGHBY

8. Macknight WILLOUGHBY. Born Circa 1852 in AL. Died Circa 1900 in TX.

9. John C WILLOUGHBY. Born 1853. Died in Texas.

10. James Francis WILLOUGHBY. Born 1856. Buried in Texas.

11. Louella WILLOUGHBY. Born 1859. Died Circa 1875 in Bellville, Austin Co, TX.

12. Ermina WILLOUGHBY.


13. unknown WILLOUGHBY. Born 16 Aug 1873. Died 16 Aug 1873 in Chambers Co Al. Buried in Snith Family Cemetery.

14. Rhodes Goodrich WILLOUGHBY. Born 17 Dec 1877. Died 10 Nov 1956 in Milledgeville, GA. Buried in Dadeville, Al.Dadeville Cem. Occupation Farmer.

He married Emma Lenora DAVIS, daughter of Robert William DAVIS & JANE (Janie) W WILLIAMS, 1897 in Tallapoosa Co Al. Born 21 Feb 1881 in Blakely Co., Ga.. Died 27 Mar 1945 in Dadeville, Ala. Buried in Dadeville Cemetery.

They had the following children:


22 ii. William Thomas WILLOUGHBY

23 iii. John Watson WILLOUGHBY

24 iv. Parie Gertrude WILLOUGHBY

25 v. Allie Pate WILLOUGHBY

26 vi. Robert Arnold WILLOUGHBY

27 vii. Lee Rhodes WILLOUGHBY POP

28 viii. Frank Wilson WILLOUGHBY

29 ix. George Beauford WILLOUGHBY

15. Seaborn Gideon WILLOUGHBY. Born 17 Dec 1877. Died 13 Apr 1954 in Chambers Co. Ala.

16. Caroline A WILLOUGHBY. Born 12 Aug 1880 in Chambers Co. Died 29 Sep 1980 in Chambers Co.

17. James E. WILLOUGHBY. Born 12 Jul 1881 in Chambers Co. Died 20 Jan 1856 in Chambers Co.

18. Dewie WILLOUGHBY. Born 4 Mar 1899 in Milltown, Chambers Co., AL. Died 21 Oct 1986 in Milltown.

She married Paul Burkhead FULLER, 25 Aug 1924 in Chambers Co. They had the following children:

30 i. James Willoughby FULLER

19. Winnie Heflin THOMAS. Born 1 Dec 1901.

She married Joe THOMAS, 5 Feb 1927 in Chambers Co. Died 1977 in Dadeville, Ala. Buried in Dadeville Cem.

20. John Gaines WILLOUGHBY. Born 1 Oct 1905 in Dadeville, Ala. Died 31 May 1962 in Dadeville, Ala.

He married Emma Lou TILLERY, 8 Nov 1928. They had the following children:

31 i. James WILLOUGHBY

32 ii. John WILLOUGHBY


21. Vera WILLOUGHBY. Born 22 Jun 1899. Died 1 May 1973 in Sand Mountain, Geraldine, Dekalb Co Ala.

She married Eldridge Milton BLACKWELDER, 20 Dec 1919. Born 20 Feb 1886. Died 4 Nov 1967.

Uncle "Mitt" made me slingshots and bird whistles out of carved wood when we visited Sand Mountain, Al. I don't remember Aunt Vera at all.

They had the following children:

33 i. Virginia Blackwelder NELSON

34 ii. Eloise Blackwelder SCANNELL

22. William Thomas WILLOUGHBY. Born 18 May 1901. Died 10 Mar 1986 in Dadeville, ALA. Buried in Hill Crest Abby Cemetery, Savannah, GA. Occupation Carpenter.

He first married Annie Mary COUCH, 5 Feb 1927. Born 20 Feb 1898 in SC. Died 21 Jan 1970 in Hillcrest Cemetery, Savannah, GA. They had the following children:

35 i. Nora Harriett WILLOUGHBY

36 ii. William Thomas WILLOUGHBY Jr.


He second married Mary Lester BURNETT, 4 Jul 1976. Born 1905 in Dadeville, A.a. Died 1992 in Dadeville, Ala. Buried in Dadeville, Ala. Occupation School Teacher.

23. John Watson WILLOUGHBY. Born 1 Feb 1903. Died Oct 1979 in Miami, Fla.

He married Mary WILLOUGHBY.

24. Parie Gertrude WILLOUGHBY. Born 25 Dec 1904 in Dadewille, Ala. Died 13 Aug 1987 in Montgomery, Ala. Buried in Memory Hill Ceme, Milledgeville, Ga. Occupation Registered Nurse.

She married Elias Lamuel HODGES, son of Elias Lemuel Sr. HODGES & Unknown HODGES, 21 May 1930. Born 31 May 1908. Died 10 Oct 1978 in Milledgeville, GA. Buried in Memory Hill Cemetary. Occupation Aluminum Plant In Eatonton, GA. They had the following children:

38 i. Mark Lemuel "Bobby" HODGES

39 ii. William Royce HODGES (Stillborn)

25. Allie Pate WILLOUGHBY. Born 30 Apr 1906 in Dadeville, Ala. Died 12 Feb 1992 in Milledgeville, Ga. Occupation Fireman, Farmer. Religion Methodist.

He married Shellie May PITTMAN, daughter of Tommie PITTMAN & Laura VEAL, 30 Apr 1933 in Milledgeville, Ga. Born 8 Apr 1905. Died 16 Dec 1998 in Sandersville GA. They had the following children:

40 i. Larry WILLOUGHBY

41 ii. Machael WILLOUGHBY (Stillborn)

26. Robert Arnold WILLOUGHBY. Born 9 Sep 1907. Died 16 Nov 1983 in Milledgelle, Ga. Buried in Memory Hill Cem. Occupation Carpenter.

Men like Uncle Bob were few. He had a quiet manner, but his kindness and deeds were powerful in their inspiration. During the many years of my life I knew him, I never heard a him speak a curse word nor lose his temper.

In the later years of their lives, I took him, Aunt Gerty, and daddy to Dadeville for what I suppose was their last visit. Aunt Gerty locked her keys in the house and left them in a MacDonalds on the interstate-we stopped at the macon mall for something and I took Uncle Bob to the bath room. When we leaving the bathroom he said,"Thank you for your patience."

He hand made me a speaker system when I was in college. I bought the speakers at a store in Atlanta and he built the cabinets and installed the speakers for me.I used this sound system through college and graduate school and after; till the newer eight tract stereo systems came out.

His and Aunt Dot's wedding present to me and Kay was a coffee table and lamp which he had handmade. It was one of our proudest posessions.

He married Dorothy WEBB, Jun 1949. Born 21 Jul 1910 in Canada. Died 11 Jul 1981 in Baldwin Co., GA. They had the following children:

42 i. Faith WILLOUGHBY

27. Lee Rhodes WILLOUGHBY POP. Born 21 Feb 1910 in Dadeville, Ala. Died 11 Jun 1986 in Milledgeville, Ga. Buried in Westview Cemetery, Milledgeville, Ga. Occupation Iron Worker.

He married Susie Mae McDANIEL, daughter of William (Bill) McDANIEL & Minnie McDANIEL, 3 Feb 1940 in Milledgeville, Georgia. Born 22 Aug 1915. Died 12 Aug 1990 in Milledgeville, GA. Buried in Westview Cemetery, Milledgeville, Ga. Occupation Practical Nurse; Ward Supervisor Central State Hospital. They had the following children:

43 i. James Lee WILLOUGHBY Prof. Emeritus

44 ii. Margaret Jean WILLOUGHBY

45 iii. Charles Rhodes WILLOUGHBY

46 iv. Donna Marie WILLOUGHBY

28. Frank Wilson WILLOUGHBY. Born 16 May 1917 in Dadeville, Ala. Died 17 Nov 1999 in Alexander City Ala. Buried in Montgomery Ala.

He married Evelyn DEAN, daughter of W.O. DEAN & Mrs. W.O. DEAN, 3 Jul 1944. Born 9 Sep 1926. Died 27 Aug 1977 in Alexander City, Ala. They had the following children:

47 i. Dolores Ann WILLOUGHBY

48 ii. Donna Lynn WILLOUGHBY

29. George Beauford WILLOUGHBY. Born 18 Dec 1920. Died 27 Oct 1998 in Long Beach, California. Buried in cremeated, ashed buried in Pacific Ocean.

He first married Betty BLODGETTE, 18 Feb 1945. Born 3 Mar 1923. They were divorced. They had the following children:

49 i. Byron Jackson "Butch" WILLOUGHBY

He second married Norma Jean WARDALL, daughter of Hewitt Malcolm WARDALL & Erma SMALLWOOD, 28 Jan 1967 in Long Beach, California. Born 21 Apr 1927.

30. James Willoughby FULLER.




33. Virginia Blackwelder NELSON. Born 29 Jul 1921. Died 1998 in Geraldine, Al.

She married Marshall NELSON, 25 May 1940. Born 16 Mar 1914. Died 8 Oct 1988 in Gadston ,Ala. They had the following children:

50 i. Milton Lee NELSON

51 ii. Jack Marshall NELSON

34. Eloise Blackwelder SCANNELL. Born 29 Jul 1923.

She married Vincent Joseph SCANNELL, 10 Mar 1946. Born 10 Feb 1915. Died Mar 1995. They had the following children:

52 i. Vincent Joseph SCANNELL

53 ii. Timothy Richard SCANNELL

35. Nora Harriett WILLOUGHBY. Born 19 Sep 1931.

She married Benny JONES, 1 Dec 1948. Born 16 Jun 1923. They had the following children:

54 i. William Walker JONES SR.

55 ii. Milissa Kay JONES

36. William Thomas WILLOUGHBY Jr. Born 28 Feb 1928.

He first married Jessie Lee KNIGHT, 21 Oct 1950 in Savannah, Ga. Born 16 Sep 1928. Died 11 Feb 1970. They had the following children:

56 i. Ann Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY

57 ii. William Thomas WILLOUGHBY (4)

58 iii. Robert Wayne WILLOUGHBY

59 iv. Amy Louise WILLOUGHBY

He second married Rosie TURNER, 26 Dec 1970. Born 20 May 1928.

37. Mary WILLOUGHBY FIELDS. Born 14 May 1936.

She first married Doug BILLINGS.

She second married Bob FIELDS, 4 Jul 1953. Born Apr 1931. They had the following children:

60 i. Carolyn Marie FIELDS

61 ii. Robert Thomas FIELDS

62 iii. Mary Elizabeth FIELDS

63 iv. Jeffrey Wayne FIELDS

38. Mark Lemuel "Bobby" HODGES. Born 15 Feb 1932.

He married Mary Frances Napier HODGES, 11 Nov 1951. Born 31 May 1931. They had the following children:

64 i. Beverly Kay HODGES

65 ii. Michael Robert HODGES

66 iii. Mark L. HODGES

40. Larry WILLOUGHBY. Born 21 Jan 1935.

He married Mary Ann WORSHAM, 18 Dec 1955. Born 11 Apr 1935. They had the following children:

67 i. Kathryn Ann WILLOUGHBY

68 ii. David Pate WILLOUGHBY

41. Machael WILLOUGHBY. Born 7 Mar 1939. Died 7 Mar 1939.

42. Faith WILLOUGHBY. Born 3 Feb 1951.

She married Jerry Allen WHITTAKER, son of Ross Augustus Jr. WHITTAKER & Geneva CARR, 20 Apr 1979. Born 1 Dec 1950 in Macon Ga. They had the following children:

69 i. Jared Ross WHITTAKER

70 ii. Robert Allen "Robbie" WHITTAKER

43. James Lee WILLOUGHBY Prof. Emeritus. Born 29 Apr 1941 in Columbus, Ga. Occupation Professor, Chairman, Dept. Of Music/Theatre, Georgia College. Education University Of Ga.; University Of Ill.

He married Kay Frances KING, daughter of John Authur KING & Lena Bernice HENRY, 2 Jun 1962. Born 3 Oct 1941 in Milledgeville, Ga. Occupation Assistant Professor Of Education, Georgia College. Education Bachelor /Masters In Education. Religion Baptist. They had the following children:

71 i. Jonathon Rhodes WILLOUGHBY

72 ii. Jason King WILLOUGHBY (Stillborn)

73 iii. John Rhodes WILLOUGHBY (Stillborn)

74 iv. Janna Lynn WILLOUGHBY (Stillborn)

44. Margaret Jean WILLOUGHBY. Born Jun 1944.

She married Archie Brooks HOLTON, son of Archie Dewitt Jr. HOLTON & Doris Elizabeth CHESNUT, 30 Sep 1961 in Al. Born 1942. They had the following children:

75 i. Brooksyann HOLTON

76 ii. Archie Lee HOLTON

45. Charles Rhodes WILLOUGHBY. Born 27 May 1948. Died 28 May 1948 in Milledgeville, GA. Buried in Westview Cemetary, Milledgeville, GA.

46. Donna Marie WILLOUGHBY. Born 6 Jan 1959 in Milledgeville, GA.

She married Quincy SIMPSON, 19 Aug 1978 in Snowhill Baptist Church, Wilkinson Co. Georgia. Born 5 May 1948. They had the following children:

77 i. Daniel Rhodes SIMPSON

47. Dolores Ann WILLOUGHBY. Born 30 Jul 1947.

She married Joseph Vernon FOSHEE, 14 Jun 1965. Born 2 Dec 1945. They had the following children:

78 i. Joseph Lee FOSHEE

79 ii. Julie Leonne FOSHEE

80 iii. Jon Brandon FOSHEE

48. Donna Lynn WILLOUGHBY. Born 4 Jun 1954.

She married John Harold RUSSELL. Born 17 Sep 1953.

49. Byron Jackson "Butch" WILLOUGHBY. Born 4 Mar 1947.

He first married Sharron CLEVELAND, 6 Apr 1976. Born 22 Nov 1946. They had the following children:

81 i. Shawnee WILLOUGHBY

82 ii. Sashian WILLOUGHBY

83 iii. Byron Jackson (2) WILLOUGHBY

He second married Jan MONTGOMERY, 11 Nov 1990. Born 8 Dec 1944.

BILLINGS, Doug, spouse of 37
BLACKWELDER, Eldridge Milton, spouse of 21
BLODGETTE, Betty, spouse of 29
BURNETT, Mary Lester, spouse of 22
CHAPMAN, Sara Ann, spouse of 5
CLEVELAND, Sharron, spouse of 49
COUCH, Annie Mary, spouse of 22
DAVIS, Emma Lenora, spouse of 14
DEAN, Evelyn, spouse of 28
FIELDS, Bob, spouse of 37
FIELDS, Carolyn Marie 60
FIELDS, Jeffrey Wayne 63
FIELDS, Mary Elizabeth 62
FIELDS, Robert Thomas 61
FOSHEE, Jon Brandon 80
FOSHEE, Joseph Lee 78
FOSHEE, Joseph Vernon, spouse of 47
FOSHEE, Julie Leonne 79
FULLER, James Willoughby 30
FULLER, Paul Burkhead, spouse of 18
HODGES, Beverly Kay 64
HODGES, Elias Lamuel, spouse of 24
HODGES, Mark L. 66
HODGES, Mark Lemuel "Bobby" 38
HODGES, Mary Frances Napier, spouse of 38
HODGES, Michael Robert 65
HODGES, William Royce 39
HOLTON, Archie Brooks, spouse of 44
HOLTON, Archie Lee 76
HOLTON, Brooksyann 75
JONES SR., William Walker 54
JONES, Benny, spouse of 35
JONES, Milissa Kay 55
KING, Kay Frances, spouse of 43
KNIGHT, Jessie Lee, spouse of 36
McDANIEL, Susie Mae, spouse of 27
MEADOWS, Elizabeth, spouse of 1
MONTGOMERY, Jan, spouse of 49
MORGAN, Ella Estella, spouse of 7
NELSON, Jack Marshall 51
NELSON, Marshall, spouse of 33
NELSON, Milton Lee 50
NELSON, Virginia Blackwelder 33
PITTMAN, Shellie May, spouse of 25
RUSSELL, John Harold, spouse of 48
SCANNELL, Eloise Blackwelder 34
SCANNELL, Timothy Richard 53
SCANNELL, Vincent Joseph 52
SCANNELL, Vincent Joseph, spouse of 34
SIMPSON, Daniel Rhodes 77
SIMPSON, Quincy, spouse of 46
SMITH, Josephine (Parrie) Lee, spouse of 7
SMITH, Caroline (Carrie) A., spouse of 7
THOMAS, Joe, spouse of 19
THOMAS, Winnie Heflin 19
TILLERY, Emma Lou, spouse of 20
TUCKER, Elizabeth, spouse of 5
TURNER, Rosie, spouse of 36
WARDALL, Norma Jean, spouse of 29
WEBB, Dorothy, spouse of 26
WHITTAKER, Jared Ross 69
WHITTAKER, Jerry Allen, spouse of 42
WHITTAKER, Robert Allen "Robbie" 70
WILLOUGHBY (4), William Thomas 57
WILLOUGHBY, Allie Pate 25
WILLOUGHBY, Amy Louise 59
WILLOUGHBY, Ann Elizabeth 56
WILLOUGHBY, Byron Jackson "Butch" 49
WILLOUGHBY, Byron Jackson (2) 83
WILLOUGHBY, Caroline A 16
WILLOUGHBY, Charles Rhodes 45
WILLOUGHBY, David Pate 68
WILLOUGHBY, Dolores Ann 47
WILLOUGHBY, Donna Lynn 48
WILLOUGHBY, Donna Marie 46
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth (lizzy) 6
WILLOUGHBY, Frank Wilson 28
WILLOUGHBY, George Beauford 29
WILLOUGHBY, James Francis 10
WILLOUGHBY, James Lee Prof. Emeritus 43
WILLOUGHBY, Janna Lynn 74
WILLOUGHBY, Jason King 72
WILLOUGHBY, John Gaines 20
WILLOUGHBY, John Rhodes 73
WILLOUGHBY, John Watson 23
WILLOUGHBY, Jonathon Rhodes 71
WILLOUGHBY, Kathryn Ann 67
WILLOUGHBY, Louella 11
WILLOUGHBY, Machael 41
WILLOUGHBY, Macknight 8
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret Jean 44
WILLOUGHBY, Mary, spouse of 23
WILLOUGHBY, Nora Harriett 35
WILLOUGHBY, Parie Gertrude 24
WILLOUGHBY, Rhodes Goodrich 14
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Arnold 26
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Wayne 58
WILLOUGHBY, Sashian 82
WILLOUGHBY, Seaborn Gideon 15
WILLOUGHBY, Shawnee 81
WILLOUGHBY, unknown 13
WILLOUGHBY, William Thomas 22
WILLOUGHBY, William Thomas 7
WILLOUGHBY, William Thomas Jr. 36
WORSHAM, Mary Ann, spouse of 40

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