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Rogers/Sam Houston Link

Rogers/Sam Houston Link

Kerry (View posts)
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My Grandmother, Tharon (Rogers) Kirby has told me of a connection between Gen. Sam Houston and our Rogers Family line. If anyone knows of a link between these two families, any information wouldbe greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Rogers,Sam Houston, Vann family,Dawson's

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There are several sites that give info on the Sam Houston
and Rogers connections,,, one good one is (( another is
the book by Jessie Dawson Blackwell, (the Families of Samuel Dawson and Polly ann Rogers, which the LDS probly has a copy of...
and you could just try to type in Sam houston,,,, there are several books on him ,,,also ithink the ((Get to Petty site of Barbar McGee, will have info... good luck

Gen Sam Houston

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My GGGGrandmother Susannah Rogers' sister Tiana married Sam Houston. James Rogers of Roane County, NC b around 1790 married Nancy Coody 26 May 1811. Both James and Nancy were of mixed English and Cherokee lood. James was a son of John whom married Jennie Dew, and John was a brother to Charles Rogers whose second wife was Rachel Hughes, by whom he had a daughter Tiana Rogers who married 1st David Gentry. After David's death Tiana became the Indian wife of General Sam Houston when he was living among the indians. James Rogers had a brother "Bushyhead" who married Nannie Foreman. The story is that Charles or James had a store in Kingston, TN, where Sam Houston, as a boy used to work and that he knew Tiana Rogers, and when he went west hunted up Chief John Rogers, was taken into the tribe, and married Tiana. Hope this helps, if this of any value to you, I have more information.

Re: Gen Sam Houston

Shirley Dailey (View posts)
Posted: 997484899000
Surnames: Houston
I have been looking for my Great-great-grandfather's parents for years with no luck. He is listed at various sites as having been born in Tenn, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Arkansas. I found him at 20 in Navarro Co. Texas in the 1850 census, living with a family headed by John Peevehouse. There is a family, mothr named Margaret Houston, in the same area from Alabama, and I have assumed that was his mother, but I can find no further info. on him before that year. His name was Isreal Houston.Your post intrigues me. My Grandmother said we are descended from Sam Houston by way of an Indian woman, and Grandma certainly looked Indian. Isreal had two children who lived, John Wilson Houston, my Great- grandfather, and Nancy Jane Houston Calcote. A census taken in CA in 1870 lists Isreal, and his parents birthplaces are Tenn. and N.C. Your post talks about John Rogers and his daughter-in-law-Nancy, from N.C., and make me wonder if there is a link there somewhere. As you can tell I am grabbing at straws. Any help, even the absolute fact of no connection, would be a big help. Thank you very much. Shirley Dailey

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Jeanne Moore (View posts)
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Surnames: Rogers
I am helping someon research her great grandfather who's supposed have Tiana Rogers in the family and is also supposed to be a cousin of Will Rogers. He seems to have changed his name after killing someone in Oklahoma and being wanted by the law.

Are the names Janson Sanford Rogers, Jeff Rogers or George Sanford Rogers familiar to you? His parents were Frank Rogers and Daisy Smith; he had two brothers, James and Buck (probably a nickname), and a sister, Charlotte.

Thanks, Jeanne

Re: Gen Sam Houston

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My grandmother Carrie said that Sam and Diana had two Children one martha and the other Mindy. I would love to meet anyone who knows more about this.

Re: Rogers/Sam Houston Link

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General/Governor Sam Houston was originally from Blount County, TN. At that time Cherokee village chief, John Jolly, was at Tellico village near where Tellico Plains, Monroe Co., TN now is. Jolly later moved to Jolly's Island, now known as Hiwassee Island. Houston was taken into the Cherokee people by Jolly.

John Rogers, Sr. had taken as spouse (marriage wasn't a Cherokee tradition, ELizabeth Emory. (My aunt). They ran a trading post in OLD Hiwassee Village which was, at the time, in the Valley towns near Murphy, NC.

John Rogers, Jr. had taken as spouse the daughter of Elizabeth Emory whose name was Jennie Due/Dewitt. John Jr and Jennie were the parents of Talahina/Diana Rogers.

Sam Houston first met Diana Rogers thru Chief John Jolly, who was close to the Emory family.

In 1817 many of those withing Jolly's family removed to Arkansas. Tah lon tee skee was the original leader of the Old Settlers. When he died, Jolly was asked to come west to be their leader, which he did. Houston spent some time with them in Arkansas before going on to Texas

Their only recorded child was a son, who died at a young age. The relationship between Houston and Diana was an on-again-off-again affair. Houston had a failed marriage while governor of TN.

Re: Rogers/Sam Houston Link

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If you'll purchase a book titled-WALK IN MY SOUL Author is Lucia St. Clair Robson-the story of Tiana ROGERS and young Sam Houston. It is 594 pages long! will enjy and be enlightened.
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