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Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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Surnames: Clausen Svendsen Klausen Nilsdatter Throndsen Andersdatter
Seeking information on any of the following. Niels Clausen (Svendsen), son of Svend Clausen and Andrine Nildatter born 19 Dec 1861, Baptism NORDERHOV, BUSKERUD, NORWAY. His wife was Sophie, Child Johanne and Svend. My great Grandfather, Charles Clausen (Carl Svendsen) b. 23 Dec 1859 in NORDERHOV,BUSKERUD,NORWAY , was a sibling to Neils and he married Petrea Andersdatter. Other siblings were Harald Olaf Klausen b.-05 Aug 1880 Oslo, Akershus, Norway, Elise Marie Klausen-b.18 Nov 1877 in Oslo, Oslo, Norway, Anna Sophia-b.09 Apr 1874 in Oslo, Oslo, Norway, Sophie married Christ Sand and settled in White Pine, Montana, Karoline b.08 Feb 1866 in NORDERHOV,BUSKERUD,NORWAY Karoline married Emil Ludwig Throndsen, Children were Anna, Martha and Thorbjorn. Another sister was Margrete Bertea Claussen b. 22 Mar 1870 in Oslo, Oslo, Norway. Harald Olaf Klausen had a daughter named Ida who was a ballerina and traveled with a Swedish Ballet company. If this sounds familiar please contact me.

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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birth record for Neils #10
Source information: Buskerud county, Norderhov, Parish register (official) nr. 12 (1856-1865), Birth and baptism records 1862, page 123.
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Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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Census year: 1865
Municipality: Norderhov
Municipality number: 0613
Name of domicile: Tandbergmoen
Number of persons in this domicile: 5


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
Sven Clausen Husf g Husmand med Jord og Skomager 1829 Norderhovs Prgj.
Andrine Nilsdatter hans Kone g 1838 Aker Prgj.
Carl Svensen deres Søn ug 1859 Norderhovs Prgj.
Nils Svensen deres Søn ug 1861 Norderhovs Prgj.
Marie Christiansdatter deres Pleiedatter ug 1854 Christiania

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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? reply or thank you.
I stopped looking

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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I appreciate it very much and thank you for checking!!!

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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I am going to note also so how helpful these links have been. I must apologize for my oversight and not for saying thank you.

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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Peder did a nice job of finding additional resources, etc. for you. Are you looking for something specific? Trying to find relatives in Norway?
That could help direct which way the search goes.

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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I would love to find relatives in Norway and several did stay in Norway.

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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On the 1885 census for Oslo, it shows the family:

33137 13 1 Etage Svend Claus. 1829 m Norderhov Arbeidsvognmand
33138 14 Andrine Claus. 1837 k Hole Kone, Hustru
33139 15 Nils Claus. 1861?? m Norderhov Søn
33140 16 Anne Sophie Claus. 1874 k V. Aker Chr. datter
33141 17 Elise Marie Claus. 1877 k V. Aker Chr. datter
33142 18 Harald Olaf Claus. 1880 m T Søn

It shows that Anne Sophie was born in Vestre Aker parish, as was Elise Marie. Harald was born in Oslo.

Harald Olaf Clausen has a wife named Ida, and she is from Sweden. Maybe she had been the ballerina? Harald Olaf Clausen is born Aug. 5, 1880, and in Oslo, he's a typographer. His wife is Ida Eklund, born May 1, 1881, in Söderbärke, Sweden

Harald Olaf Claus. hf g typograf 05.08.1880 t
Ida Eklund Claus. hm g 01.05.1881 Søderbärke Sverige

These people are living with them, a postal employee, and a washer woman, widowed.
Søren Magnus Anbæk el ug postbud 18.07.1883 Vestby Prgj.
Anne Malene Lars. el e vask og rengjøring 03.05.1866 Egersund

You should post Ida Eklund (Ecklund) born May 1, 1881, in Söderbärke Dalarna Sweden and see if she is in any Swedish online records.

Here is the sister Karoline, Caroline, born in Norderhov, living in Oslo, in 1910.

Census year: 1910
Municipality: Kristiania
Municipality number: 0301
Street name: Colbjørnsens gate 12
Street number:
City district:
House owner:
Number of flats: 8

Ludvig Emil Throndsen hf g Jernstøper 24.02.1865 t
Caroline Throndsen hm g 08.02.1866 Norderhov
Thorbjørn Throndsen s ug Lærling mek.nik. 26.02.1893 t
Anna Throndsen d ug Skolepike 29.01.1895 t
Martha Throndsen d ug Skolepike 09.12.1896 t

back 10 years, on the 1900 census, grandpa Svend Clausen is living with the daughter Caroline Throndsen.

Ludvig Emil Throndsen hf g Jernstøber (Akers Værksted) 1865 Kristiania
Caroline Throndsen hm g Hustru 1866 Norderhov
Thorbjørn Throndsen s ug Søn 1893 Kristiania
Anna Throndsen d ug Datter 1895 Kristiania
Martha Throndsen d ug Datter 1896 Kristiania
Svend Clausen fl e Fhv. Arbeidsvognmand (erhvervsudygtig) 1829 Norderhov

Re: Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter Family

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This person was looking for the Clausen and Throndsen families in 2000

Seaching for descendants of Nils Clausen, born 20/12/1861 in Norderhov. In
1905 census in living in Vibes Gate 13 in Kristiania. 2nd wife was Bertine (?)
Elise. Children were: Johannes, Svend, Albert, Elise Ingrid and Carl.
Parents of Nils were Svend Clausen and Andrine Nilsdatter. I understand there
are descendants of Nils in Norway today who are doing genealogy on the family..
I am descended from Nils' brother Carl Clausen and and researching the family.
Please contact me at: Jan Clausen,

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