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Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

Tami Brummund (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sheldon, Birdsall, Spethmann
Looking for help in finding the birthplace (1870) or family line of my great-great grandfather, Joseph C. Sheldon, who died in Claire City, Roberts County, South Dakota in 1930. He was married to Gertrude Birdsall, daughter of Seth and Jennie Birdsall who was born in Ontario. I've been told that his mother had him out of wedlock or he was adopted, and raised by his grandmother. His mother married a Schielgen. He has Irish roots and came to South Dakota with his friend Al Feeney from Minnesota. He had four boys and one girl including my grandfather, Floyd Allen Sheldon, who married Marie A. Spethmann. Part or most of his family moved to Oregon during the depression after Joseph died of a brain tumor. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sheldon
My father was Floyd's son, Lester F. Sheldon. Which of his siblings is your parent? Can't help with any information on Joseph C. Sheldon's parents. It is a mystery.

Larry F. Sheldon

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Classification: Query 1910 US Census record:
Minnesota-Township in Roberts County, SD
Sheldon, Joseph C
age 39 b:1871
*Birthplace Minnesota*
*Parents from: Father-United States* / Mother:Germany*

Gertrude I
Wife age 25 b:1885
*Birthplace: Minnesota
Parents from: Father-Canada English Mother-Wisconsin

Children all born in Minnesota:
Floyd J Son 7 b:1903
Leo P Son age 6 b:1904
Margaret Daughter age 3/12 b:abt 1910 (3 months old)

Seth and Jennie Birdsall and Albert and Edyth Feeney are neighbors.

Youngest daughter at the time was born in Minnesota in 1910, the Sheldon's would have been in MN prior to this. Check for a MN State Census 1905, maybe.
Joseph's parents were from the US(maybe Irish) and Germany.

Albert Feeney was born in Iowa, lived in MN, and had Irish parents, according to the 1880 US Census.
Maybe the Feeney family is connected to Joseph in some way.

I live in South Dakota, grew up in Roberts County, so I checked the info I have for the names you listed, but came up short. Hope you can find more information.

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Surnames: sheldon
Hello, My husbands grandfather is also Joseph C Sheldon. Please email me, we could trade info on his family.Are you Curtis Sheldons daughter? If so you are a cousin to (Bryon) my husband, whos father was F. Allen Sheldon, Curtis's Brother. Please email. Wren

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Hello Larry, My husband is Bryon Sheldon. F. Allen Sheldon's youngest son. I have met Dannette in one time. We all say hello.

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sheldon, Spethman, Spethmann, Holbert
I am Danette L. Sheldon mother: Florence B. Holbert [maiden name] my father was Lester F. Sheldon, whose father was Floyd A. Sheldon, son of Joseph C. Sheldon and Gertrude Ida Birdsall.

Curtis Sheldon and Allen F. Sheldon are my uncles.

I have traced the Birdsall's back many years to Ontario and from there to the east coast US [they left for Canada at the time of the Revolutionary war] and before then back to England. The Birdsall's stem from Quakers who fled England and some of our ancestor/s came over with Winthrop. If what I have is correct we have ancestors who invaded England with William the Conqueror from Normandy and were granted lands taken by force from the Anglo Saxons after the successful invasion.

The info I have gleened on Joseph C. is that his mother may have had him out of wedlock or he may have been adopted and raised by his grandmother. Allegedly his mother eventually married someone named Schielgen. He has Irish roots and came to South Dakota with a friend named Al Feeney from Minnesota. I think I saw this info posted from Tami Brummund here on ancestry.

What I have wondered about is how close "Schielgen" pronounced something like "Shell-gen" in Germman sounds to "Sheldon". I have wondered if Joseph C. may have been adopted by his mother's new husband or just took his name, which at some point or another became recorded as the simpler sounding "Sheldon" rather than the former German name in his travels.

Either way I have researched both versions and Joseph C. has thus far remained an enigma.

Floyd A. Sheldon born 1903 married Marie A. Spethman or Spethmann. Our Great-great uncle Henry F. Spethman is one of the founders of Saint Ignatius, Montana. He fought in the Spanish American War as a 1st Sergeant in the US Army. I have a period photo of him and also a medal from that war that belonged to him. He was buried in the Custer National Battle field. Spethman, Henry F., d. Nov 2, 1945, 1st Sergeant, Army, Company M, 1st S.D. Infantry, bur. Nov 7, 1945, Sec. B #494

He remained a bathchelor his entire life and was purported to have made his money to homestead in Montana via a strike while on the Alaska Gold Rush.

P.S. - Hi Larry! : ))

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Surnames: Sheldon, Birdsall, Spethman, Spethmann
Hi to all - Yes, I am Curtis Sheldon's daughter. I had a few life changes and left my research for awhile. You can find me on facebook - Tamara Sheldon in Illinois. Please add me if you are still there. We can trade notes. Sounds like you all are stuck where I am in the Joe Sheldon mystery. I think I've looked under every stone. I think our grandfather might have had a sense of humor. On one of the Census, he listed his father as Lithuanian. On grandpa Floyd's marriage certification, he wrote "Scotch" for his father's nationality. Somehow, I wonder about that! Very cool note about our relatives on the Spethmann side!

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Classification: Query

I can't seem to locate you on FB. You'll find me at

It seems to me I recall actually seeing the online image of that census, and it was a bit hard to read but said German. It was only the accompanying text reference to the image that said anything different.

The family tree info I have was uploaded under jbmail167 on ancestory. Unfortunately something I did made some duplicates of people so it's not perfect. Also I have added some since my last upload.

As of last weekend I have gone back to the 15th century on the Birdsall line. They were from Yorkshire England and we descend from the male line all the way.

Hope to see you on FB!

Danette [Dani] Sheldon

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Dannette I am Bryon Sheldons's wife, Wren. You meet me several years ago at Janet and Allens place. Thank you for the information. Happy Hunting.

Re: Joseph C. Sheldon's birthplace

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Hello There:

We are related. My mother is Doris Katherine Spethmann and her sister is Marie Adeline Spethmann Sheldon. I do have some genealogy info on the Spethmann side, but am also trying to "grow" the family tree. Maybe we can collaborate.

Debra Courval-Rashak
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