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The Beseau lineage

The Beseau lineage

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Surnames: Beseau, Bezeau, Biseau, Bizzo, Blais, Noel
Michel Beseau 1752-1832 m Amable Blais, 1792, family settled at Miscou Island, their fourth son François Beseau, *May 5, 1809, m. dlle Noel. Seek original documentation.

Re: The Beseau lineage

Jean-Pierre Joncas (View posts)
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Saluts Aldo, voici ce que j'ai sur ces Bezeau:

Bezeau, Michel (Pierre et Thérèse Malboeuf) n. ca. 1750, d. Grande-Rivière 30 sep 1832, e. GR 4 oct 1832 âgé de 82 ans. Présents: Eustache Vicaire et B. Blais.

m. Pabos 17 sep 1792 Blais, Marie-Amable (Antoine et Marie-Amable Charbonneau). Présents au mariage: Joseph Métot père et Pierre Bertrand, Antoine Blais, Joseph Métot.

n. Berthier-en-Haut 10 juil 1775, b. BH 10 juil 1775, d. GR 8 fév 1846, e. GR 10 fév 1846 âgée d'env 60 ans. Présents: Étienne Joncas, Pierre Bertrand.

Bezeau, François (Michel et Marie-Amable Blais), b. GR 5 mai 1809, Parrain: Charles Métot, marraine: Isabelle Cole.

m. Caraquet, N.-B. ca 1837 Angèle Chiasson (Paul et Élizabeth Roussy), n. ca 9 oct 1814.

Sources: Pour Michel et Marie-Amable Blais: PRDH 436992, Registres de Percé 1822-1875, Registres de Bonaventure 1791-1900, Registres de Carleton 1773-1900, Pabos-Grande-Rivière-Percé 1791-1795 de Mario Mimeault, Registres de Cascapédia-Carleton, 1759-1811, Registres de Percé 1801-1877, 1822-1875, Gallant.

Pour François et Angèle Chiasson:
Naissance de François: Registres de Bonaventure 1791-1839, Gallant.
Mariage: aucun
Pour Angèle Chiasson: aucun

Tu as une épouse différente pour François, peux-tu donner détails?

Jean-Pierre Joncas

Re: The Beseau lineage

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Surnames: Beseau
Merci, j'ai tromper au nom de l'epouse avec la mariage de 1837.

Re: The Beseau lineage

Bonnie Biseau (View posts)
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Hi.. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers about beginning a family tree.. I have finally started my family tree since my father passed away in 2003. I never did get much information about his side of the family.. All I know is that our last name is Biseau from Miscou Island and I still have a few relatives there.. some Wards, Viberts , Hach (or something like it). My father spells his last name like mine but his sister spells it Beseau and another one spells it Bezeau and another Bizeau.. Great Grandfather spelled it Beseau (Albert) married to Lazarine Hach.. I would greatly appreciate any advice or information anyone can give me..
Thank you kindly
Bonnie Biseau

Re: The Beseau lineage

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Surnames: Bizeau
My Grandfather was Henry Ambrose Bizeau, born may 10th 1891 somewhere in Canada.Moved to nahma,mi as a teen. Had several brothers and sisters. I don't know his parents names only that he probably was born somewhere in Quebec.Can you help me? One of his Brothers was Lewis Bizeau who I think stayed in Mi and died in Gladstone, Mi
Thanks please email if you have any info on my relatives as I don't know anymore than that.
Paulla Bizeau Tindal

Re: The Beseau lineage

patty (View posts)
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Surnames: beseau, morrisset
Would you have a Samuel Joseph or William Joseph Beseau in your lineage. I am in search of this father and son but have very little information on them other than a connection to birth in Canada prior to migrating to Minnisota. Thank you for any response.

Re: The Beseau lineage

Jean-Pierre Joncas (View posts)
Posted: 1150807061000
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Surnames: Bezeau

here is a start.

Page d'accueil | English

documents gouvernementauxSD141 Statistiques de l'état civil

Introduction | Aide | Page de Recherche

« Retour aux résultats de recherche

Index des mariages du N.-B.

date 1909 | 08 | 09 (A-M-J)
paroisse ----
numéro 1158
référence B4/1909
microfilm F15933

JP Joncas

Re: The Beseau lineage

Posted: 1317588385000
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Hello Bonnie,

Is your father Ivan Biseau?

Re: The Beseau lineage

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sorry I haven't answered you sooner as I was about to give up on my family tree as my dad had all the answers and I never took any notes. Although to answer your question.
My father's name is Ivan Biseau

Re: The Beseau lineage

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Hi Bonnie,

Your dad was my 1st cousin. His mom (your grandmother) was my Aunt. I don't know if you and I ever met. My mom was Ella Harper. We used to visit Miscou during the summer, usually the end of June. Have you had success doing your family tree? I can give you info on your grandmother's side if you do not already have. Let me know.
Take care,
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