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Thomas Woodward of Fairfield Co., SC

Thomas Woodward of Fairfield Co., SC

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My email address is

I am a descendant of Reverend William Woodward, whose Indian half brother was the famous General Thomas Simpkins Woodward. Bother were sons of Thomas "The Regulator" WOODWARD, who is historically famous for his role as a soldier and civic leader. Some of their kinfolks were:

1 THOMAS WOODWARD born near Annapolis, Maryland of English ancestry, 2nd wife named Simpson
+first wife had children
+Elizabeth Simpson of Fairfax county, VA of Scotish ancestry. She married Robinson 2nd.
.. 2 THOMAS "the regulator" (Captain) WOODWARD. killed in a 5/12/1779 battle in SC. He married Stokes 2nd.
.. + Jemima Collins was first wife and had 4 daughters. Her 2 sons moved to SC from VA
...... 3 John Woodward was their oldest son and had many descendants (see Ederignton's Chapter on the Woodward family)
...... 3 WILLIAM "Preacher Billy" (Reverend) WOODWARD fought in battles of Eutaw, etc. and represented Fairfield County in Congress
...... + Nancy Barrett

William B Woodward, Jr emailed me that we descend from Abraham Woodward, who migrated from London to Maryland in the early 1700s. From Maryland Thomas "The Regulator" Woodward went to Fairfax, VA, and then to Fairfield County, SC.

John Woodward of SC

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I have been doing some research on my family and have found that my grandfathers, father was John Woodward and have traced that back to South Carolina but it ends there. My grandfathers name was Burbage Frank Woodward and he was born (as far as I can find out) in Calhoun, Louisiana. Could this be a connection with your John Woodward

Re: John Woodward of SC

amber woodward (View posts)
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My Fathers name is warren woodward
he has a step brother named john woodward
last known place was south carolina. he was not sure what his , grandfathers name was .
but his fathers name as far as he knows was gregiory woodward his grandmothers last name on moms side , was Gelliow. he is sure that his half brother was ,John Woodward.I dont have all the info infront of me. where were you born? and what is your mothers name ? My Father Knowes, his father died of diabeties in Florida.Please respond if you want to see , you might be my uncle?

Re: John Woodward of SC

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My name is John L. Woodward Jr. of course my fathers name was the same. His Father was Frank Woodward (born in Calhoun, Louisiana) his father was John Woodward (born in SC in 1847, his wife was Annie (maiden name unknown) born in GA (1849). My Father had three brothers and two sisters. I knew two of the brothers (Johnny Joe Emery) the third brother was killed when he was in his 20's (before I was born). There is one sister still living (Jeri) the other sister I can not recall her name, died of cancer when I was about 14 years old. Johnny Joe died of cancer in Tarpon Springs, Florida a few years back. Johnny Joe had several children (haven't seen or heard from them since I was in my teens}. Last I heard they were in Northern Florida and Georgia.

Re: John Woodward of SC

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Amber I forgot to include the following. John Annie Woodward had 6 Children (Elfert, William, Annie, Mattie, Johnny Frank (my grandfather). I have traced John Annie Woodward back to Winston County, Mississippi. They were found in the 1870 census for Winston County but past that is unknown to me.

Elizabeth Woodward of MS

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I was wondering if you might have a Elizabeth (Lizzie) Woodward b. abt 1863 from Mississippi? She was my gg grandmother.

Re: Elizabeth Woodward of MS

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Sorry Paula but I (at this time) have no information on an Elizabeth Woodward. The only Daughter of my GGfather was an Annie all the other children were boys. Of Course he could have had a Sister but so far I have no information that far back.

Re: John Woodward of SC

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I am quite sure that your Burbage and his father, John,were descended from my line of Woodwards. Two brothers, Richard, Jr and John, sons of Richard Woodward of Bedford Co., Virginia, moved to Fairfield Co., South Carolina, before 1800. John named one of his sons- Burbage Woodward, which I suspect was probably a maternal surname used as a namesake. Richard Woodward, Sr., of Bedford Co., Virginia, was a son of Lancelot and Elizabeth (Cocke) Woodward, of Blisland Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia. Lancelot Woodward was a vestryman and church warden of Blisland Parish, as was also a Julius King Burbidge (Burbage ?), whom I suspect may have been the father-in-law of John Woodward, who went to Fairfield Co., South Carolina. The given name of Burbidge Woodward was often misspelled in the records as "Burbage" or "Burbige." Julius Burbidge also had another daughter-Mary Burbidge, who married Bartholomew Dandridge, also a vestryman and church warden of Blisland Parish and a brother to Martha (Dandridge) Custis/Washington, wife of our first President- George Washington.
If you want more information on this Woodward family, please contact me.

J. Gary Woodward

Re: John Woodward of SC

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If you would like to contact me directly, my e-mail address is
J. Gary Woodward

Re: John Woodward of SC

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Your ancestor John Woodward may have been named after my great great great great grandfather's brother John Woodward, whose family is described at in the chapter about the Woodward family.

John's father Captain Thomas Woodward was killed in battle during South Carolina's first revolution for its freedom and self government.

John's part Indian half brother General Thomas Simpkins Woodward was a famous military men {back when Indian fighters were heros}.

John was the brother of my ancestor Reverend William Woodward, known as "the boldest fighter" during South Carolina's first war against imperialism.

John Woodward was the owner of Anvil Rock, an 8000 acre plantation which was just outside Winnsboro {now in Fairfield County, SC}.

Some members of this Woodward family contributed greatly to the insecurity and downfall of our civilization in America: they owned many slaves, the descendants of whom have crime rates about ten times that of average Americans, according to Federal government statistics and current prison population demographics (cheap labor and imperialism have almost always been the only reasons that our great civilizations in Europe and their predecessors in the Middle East have collapsed).
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