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Origin of the Darnell Name

Origin of the Darnell Name

Susan Darnell (View posts)
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Surnames: Darnell
This information is from the Darnell Coat of Arms. On the Darnell seal is written in Latin,
Deus nobiscum, "God is With Us".

They found the first record of the name Darnell in Lincolnshire where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Throughout the centuries the name Darnell occurred in many records, manuscripts and documents but not always with the exact spelling. From time to time the surname was spelled Darnell, Darnall, Darnoll, Darnel, Darnal, Darnol, Darnhill, Dartnall, Dartnell, Durnall, Dernall, Dirnall, and these variations in spelling frequently occurred, even between father and son. Scribes and church officials, frequently spelled the names phonetically. As a result the same person would be recorded differently on birth, baptismal, marriage and death certificates.

The notable English name, Darnell, emerged as an influential name in the county of Lincolnshire where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated at Heylings with manor and estates in that shire. They flourished in this county for several centuries and by the 14th century had branched north to Thornley in the county of Durham and also into Yorkshire. They also established a city mansion in London. The family also branched into Cheshire where the name became corrupted to Dartnall. For those interested in further research of the early history of the surname recommended are the ancient Harleian Manuscripts which are in the archives of the British Museum. These manusripts are a Catalogue of the Herald's Visitations between 1510 and 1600 et.seq. Some histories go back to the Magna Carta Barons and earlier to Hastings. This distinguished surname Darnell of Lincolnshire is recorded in MS 1484 (fo 12) (in various folios) and others. Notable amongst the family at this time was Sir Thomas Darnell of Heylings.

Amongst the first settlers in North America, which could be considered a kinsman of the surname Darnell, or a variable spelling of that family name was Mr. & Mrs. H. Darnell who arrived in San Francisco, California with two children in 1856; Rachel Darnell arrived in New York State in 1820; William Darnell settled in Annapolis, Maryland in 1758; Edward Dartnell arrived in New York State in 1804.

From the port of entry many settlers made their way west, joining the wagon trains to the prairies or to the west coast. During the American War of Independence, many loyalists made their way north to Canada about 1790, and became known as the United Empire Loyalists.

Contemporary notables of the surname Darnell include many distinguished contributors such as Linda Darnell, Screen Star.

Re: Origin of the Darnell Name

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Susan, Very interesting background of the origin of the
Darnell name in England. But when you state that the first
Darnell migrated to America in 1856 in San Framcisco, then
one in New York in 1820, then in 1758 in Maryland, then
in New York in 1804. I believe you better check out
Maryland in the 1600's. I have found 4 Darnell/Darnalls:
Henry & John Darnall who worked for Lord Baltimore after
1632; Dr. David Darnell, a Richard Darnell; and Edward
Darnell, my ancestor who was born in England in 1671, &
migrated to Maryland in 1671. Clifford Darnell

Re: Origin of the Darnell Name

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Susan, I gave the wrong year my ancestor migrated to
Maryland. Edward Darnell/Darnall was born in England in
1671, and then migrated to Maryland in 1688. Married Sarah
Robey in 1703. then raised 8 children in Maryland.
Maryland colony was started by a large land Grant from the
English King Charles l to the Calverts, who were then used
the name Lord Baltimore. This was in 1632. There were
4 different Darnell/Darnalls in Maryland about 75-100 years
before your list of Darnells in America. Clifford darnell

Re: Origin of the Darnell Name

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Surnames: Darnell
Thank you, Clifford. As I have indicated in the first sentence of the posting "Origin of the Darnell Name", this information is from the Darnell Coat of Arms. This is as they have it listed on the Darnell scroll which I purchased. I was just sharing the information with the group. Yes, there were Darnells in America in the 1600's. I guess this is another case of the consumers out-researching the researchers!


Re: Origin of the Darnell Name

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Susan, I did not mean to blame you, I apologize. I received the same literature that you did, I wrote them back, but of
course they ignored my letter. I am surprised of their
researchers, knowing the Darnell/Darnalls came from
England, you would think that the East Coast, not the West
coast would have been the first place to search for emigrates
from England or Europe. If we as amateurs can find our
Darnell ancestors, one would believe the professionals
would find it as a cake-walk. Genealogy is very interesting,
and fun too. Clifford

Re: Origin of the Darnell Name

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Surnames: linda darnell
Do you know any background to Linda Darnell's family? I know she was born in Texas in 1923 Mynette Eloyse, but it has always been a family legend that she was my grandfather's cousin - my grandfather John Henry Darnell was born in London, and it was supposedly one of his uncles that went over to the US and then became her father.

Do you know anything that could prove or disprove this?!

Thanks - Jo

Actress Linda Darnell

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Surnames: Darnell
Sorry, I don't have any info on actress Linda Darnell. There are several inquiries on though. Message Boards
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Linda Darnell with Actress

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Submitter: Charlene Atkinson
Subject: Re: Darnell or Darnall surname
Message: Wonder if you have a Hallie Blanch Darnell in your list? She was born 8/16/1908 in Illinois and married Alvin P. Atkinson. They were hubbys grandparents and we are looking for their parents information. Somehow she was related to actress Linda Darnell. Thank you!

Submitter: frances mullins
Subject: what actress was she
Message: Hi my name is Frances Karen Mullins (darnell) maiden what was her first name
i remember hearing that we were kin to an actress named linda darnell and she was very propular in the 40's try and reach me at
any and all information will be appricated
thank you

Submitter: Charlene Atkinson
Subject: Re: Darnell Family
Message: Hi, my husbands family is linked to Linda Darnell the actress as well. Hi grandmom was Hallie Blanche Darnell from Illinois and she married Alvin Pearl Atkinson from Illinois. My father in law was Alvin Edward Atkinson, born 1933 and he married Katherine Marie Mott, both from Normal Illinois. We don't know how Hallie Darnell was connected to Linda, Aunt maybe? Any help appreciated.

Submitter: Bonnie Hedrick
Subject: actress
Message: The actress you are thinking of is Linda Darnell. One of her famous movies was "Forever Amber". I believe it's available on video tape. Bonnie Hedrick

Submitter: Terrie W. Routh
Subject: WW2-Angio Beach head Italy-36th Combat Engineers
Message: Anyone know where I can get more info? Need weather conditions when actress Linda Darnell was visiting at 45th General Hospital. Father was injured on Angio Beach head, 36th Combat Engineers. Also "blind tent" info.

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Jo Morley-Info on Actress Linda Darnell

Susan (View posts)
Posted: 1101900706000
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Surnames: Darnell
Hi Jo, I came across quite a bit of info on Linda Darnell that I thought you might find of interest. This info is on Click on "groups", then on the search feature type in Darnell. The 4th group listed there as "lindadarnell2" seems to have a LOT of info on Linda Darnell. Hope this is of help to you.

Re: Origin of the Darnell Name

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From the Darnell book by H.C.Smith witten in the 50's
Monetta (Linda) Darnell's Ancestors: Edward Darnell 1671-
1754, he was born in England & died in Maryland; Thomas Darnell 1713-1790; John Darnell 1736-1798: Cornelius B. Darnell 1762-1835; Calvin R.Darnell 1822-1870;
James C. Darnell 1850-1925; Calvin Roy Darnell
1888-??; and his daughter: named Monetta Darnell 1923-1965
or Linda Darnell, the actress.
Hope this helps, Clifford
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