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Hatfield connection

Hatfield connection

Dwight Ash (View posts)
Posted: 960706471000
I am 65 years old and was born in Fairmont, W.Va. My father told me before he died that his family had some connection with the Hatfields of Ky. and W.Va. He mentioned "Devil Anse" Hatfield as the person my G. Grandfather lived with.? My great grandfather was Hizikiah King Ash. He died about 1951 at age 96. My father said that H.K. was related to or lived with the Hatfields when he was young. My G.G.G. Grandmother was a lady named Deresa Chafin. She was the grand mother of H.K.'wife. I notice that "Devil Anse" was married to a Levisa "Vicie" Chafin. This could be the connection my father talked about? Do any of you Hatfields have any info. to help me out? The only Hatfield I discussed this with was a Hatfield I was in Boot Camp with in 1954 at Parris Island, S.C. and he did not know. At the time we all had more important things on our minds! Thank you.

Maudie Hatfield

Barbara Hoopes (View posts)
Posted: 960744689000
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Surnames: Hatfield, Scott
I do not know your family but do know that my grandmother was a Hatfield from KY and married a Scott. This was probably in the early 1920's or before. Her name was Maudie Hatfield.

Jane Hatfield m Daniel Brown

MaDonna (View posts)
Posted: 961612580000
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Surnames: Hatfield, Brown
My 3rd Great Grandmother was Jane Hatfield. She was born in 1829 Tn. I found out alot about her and the family on You might want to try their site out. I think you will be pleased.
I have heard of the Hatfields you speak of. In the end we will probably be related.
My maiden name is Brown. Actually Jane Hafield married Daniel Brown and that name is hard to search also.
Good Luck in your findings,

Martha Hatfield

Shane Stevens Miller (View posts)
Posted: 961880665000
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Surnames: Hatfield
My GG grandmother was named Martha Hatfield and she was from Pineville, KY. Her parents were "Pap" Hatfield Rody was her Mother.

Re: Maudie Hatfield

Posted: 963068583000
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who was maudie hatfield dad or mom.? also do you know where born? don

Re: Maudie Hatfield

Posted: 963610245000
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Surnames: Hatfield, Scott
barb. canyou tell me which part of ky.? I havesome info. on hatield.s of eastern ky. and so. west virginia. don

Martha Ann Hatfield m. Preston Head

Norma Kley (View posts)
Posted: 963992673000
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Surnames: Hatfield, Head
I am looking for a Martha Ann Hatfield who married a Preston Head and probably from Ky. Appreciate any info. Thanks

Martha Hatfield m Charlie A. Miller

Shane Stevens Miller (View posts)
Posted: 964028244000
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Surnames: Hatfield, Miller

The woman you are seeking does not sound like my great grandmother. Martha Hatfield of Pineville, KY married Charlie A. Miller also of Pineville KY but born in Oklahoma. I know Martha's Father was called "Pap" Hatfield. Martha died at the age of 62 sometime in the 1980's. I hope this was of some help to you. By the way Martha and Charlie lived in a old home in a place called "Four Mile Hollar" deep in the woods of Pineville which is located in the southeast corner of KY near the Cumberland Gap Mountains.

William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield

Violet Vourkais (View posts)
Posted: 964426954000
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Surnames: Hatfield
William Anderson Devil Anse Hatfield was born Sept 9,1839 in Logan Co. WV He died Jan 6,1921. I hope this onfo helps.

Hatfields In GA

Posted: 966538568000
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Surnames: Hatfield
Does anyone know anything about the Hatfields from Georgia?
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