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Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Schleswig Schleswig-Holstein Germany to Sydney NSW

Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Schleswig Schleswig-Holstein Germany to Sydney NSW

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Surnames: Nissen, Beitsch, Robertson, Barwick, Douglas, Chenateak, Booth, Lane, Wilson, Gunton
Generation 1
Claus NISSEN cottager from Grünholz
Parents unknown
Born circa 1820 Died before 1803
Married Anna Sophia Hedwig HANSEN
Daughter of Hans Christian HANSEN and Anna Catherina
Born circa 28 Sep 1731 Boel Died 17 Jan 1806 Sörupholz
- Nicolay NISSEN
Born 25 April 1754 Mohrkirch Died 24 April 1811 Sorupholz
- Jiss Hans NISSEN
Born 3 June 1756 Moosgard [Esgrus Parish No 9/ 1756]
Died 2 March 1757 Moosgard [Esgrus Parish No 6/ 1757]
- Peter NISSEN
Born ca 1760 Died after 1803
- Margaretha Dorothea CARSTENSEN (nee NISSEN)
Born ca 1761 Died 3 January 1822 Thumby
Married 18 October 1782 Norder- Brarup Parish
Spouse: Peter CARSTENSEN Born 14 September 1752 Wagersroth,
Died 20 October 1819 Thumbye

Transcription of Death entry of Anna Sophia Hedwig NISSEN (nee HANSEN)-
Sorup Parish
No. 4/ 1806
Died 17 January / Buried 24 January 1806
[Wednesday] / [Wednesday] [symbols for days of the week]

Sophia Hedwig widowed Nissen from Boel, died while temporarily in Sorupholz, legitimate daughter of the deceased Hans Christian Hansen of Brunsholm in the parish of Esgrus and the deceased Anna Catherina nee. N [unknown surname]; married to the deceased Claus Nissen from Rügge, finally on a small portion of land belonging to Mohrkirch,
aged 74 Years, 3 Months and 20 Days.
She leaves behind 3 Children: Nicolay, Peter and Margaretha Dorothea.
The son Nicolai, farmer in Sörupholz, is married
to Magdalena Dorothea born of Asmus Ewald in Sörupmühle.
From him there are two sons living: Peter and Asmus.
The daughter Margaretha Dorothea is married to Peter Carstensen in Thumby. From her there are 4 children living.

Generation 2
Nicolay NISSEN Farmer (Hüfner)
Son of Claus NISSEN and Anna Sophia Hedwig HANSEN
Born 25 April 1754 Mohrkirch, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark
Died 24 April 1811 Sörupholz, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark
Married Magdalena Dorothea EWALD
Daughter of Asmus EWALD farmer of Sörupmühle and
Anna Catherina CHRISTOPHERSEN of Ahneby
Born 21 June 1764 Sörupmuhlen, Schleswig Denmark
Died 15 February 1828 Sörupholz, Schleswig Denmark
- Peter NISSEN
Born ca 1791
Married Maria MAU
- Asmus NISSEN
Born 26 March 1796 Died 24 July 1842
- Claus NISSEN
Born 14 May 1799 Sorupholz
Died 26 August 1800 Sorupholz [Sorup Parish register No 36/1800]
Born 4 March 1804 Sorupholz
Died 31 December 1805 Sorupholz [Sorup Parish register No 2/ 1806]

Transcription of Death entryof Nicolay NISSEN-
Sorup Parish
No 10/ 1811
Died 24th April 1811/ Buried 30th April 1811
Nicolai Nissen, farmer with a half size farm in Sörupholz, legitimate son of cottager Claus Nissen in Grünholz, parish of Sterup, and Anna Sophia Hedwig née Hansen from Tönning [?], aged 55 years and about one month. He was married to
Magdalene Dorothea née Ewald from Sörupmühle and leaves behind 2 Sons- Peter and Asmus, both not yet married. [Evangelist pastor]

Transcription of Death entry of Magdelena Dorothea NISSEN (nee EWALD)-
Sorup Parish
No 9/ 1828
Died 15th February 1828/ Buried 25th February 1828 Magdalena Dorothea Nissen [surname omitted and added later]
widow in Sorupholz.
Her Parents were: Asmus Ewald near Sörupmüle and
Anna Catherina, née Chistophersen from Ahneby.
She was married to Nicolay Nissen farmer of a half sized farm in Sorupholz, to whom she bore six children,
from whom nonetheless 2 are alive: Peter and
Asmus Nissen.
Age 65 years, 7 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

Generation 3
Asmus NISSEN Hawker/ Brewer & distiller/ Innkeeper/ Carter
Son of Nicolay NISSEN and Magdalena Dorothea EWALD
Born 26 March 1796 Sörupholz, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark
Died 24 July 1842 Lollfuss, parish of St Michaelis, Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark

Married [1] ca 1824
Spouse [1] Christina Maria FRANK B 1798 Died 21 Sep 1825
- Louisa Catherina Wilhelmina NISSEN
Born 17 September 1825 Domziegelhof Schleswig
Surrendered for adoption

Married [2] circa 1826
Spouse [2] Anna Margaretha JESSEN [recorded as Jeß or JESS]
Daughter of Claus JESSEN [recorded as Jeß or JESS] farmer of Brekendorf and Anna BÖHRNSEN of Mohr S-H
Born 4 August 1794 Brekendorf, Parish of Hutten, Denmark
Died 9 Nov 1832 Lollfuss, Schleswig Denmark
- Georg Heinrich Nicolay NISSEN
Born 24 January 1827 Lollfuss
- Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN
Born 13 Aug 1830 Died 11 April 1887 NSW

Married [3] 29 November 1833 St Michaelis Schleswig
Spouse [3] Anna FRAHM (nee DETLEVSEN)
Daughter of Peter DETLEVSEN and Margaretha CARSTENSEN
Residence: 1845 Schleswig Census 109 Lollfuss Schleswig

Transcription of Birth Entry for Asmus NISSEN
Parish of Sörup
Register No 13/ 1796
Born 26th March/ Baptized 28th March [Saturday] / [Monday]

Asmus, family name Nissen, legitimate son of the farmer Nicolay Nissen in Sörupholz and Magdalena Dorothea née Ewald (father Asmus) from Sörupmühle.
Sponsors: 1. Asmus Ewald , cottager and tailor in Sörupmühle
2. Erich, son of the farmer Jacob Wollertsen in Ahneby of the parish of Sörup
3. Anna Maria, daughter of cottager Jes Marquardsen in Sörupholz [E]

Transcription of Death entry of Asmus NISSEN-
St Michaelis Parish Schleswig
63/ 1842 Died 24 July 1842/ Buried 28 July 1842
The husband Assmus Nissen citizen, brewer and distiller
innkeeper at The Joiner’s Inn [or Carpenter’s Hostel] and finally a dung (or rubbish) carter in Lollfuss.
Legitimate son of the late Nicolay Nissen, farmer with a half size farm in Sörupholz, Parish of Sörup and the late Magdalena Dorothea nee Ewald of Sörupmühlen (from Marriage register v 29th November 1833)
He has married three times, namely for the first time: Catherina Maria nee Frank from Cappeln from which marriage no children are alive;
He was married for the second time to Anna Margaretha Nissen nee Jessen in Lollfuss in the Joiner’s Inn: Legitimate daughter of the late Claus Jessen, farmer in Breckendorff, Parish of Hütten, and the late Anna née…………….. (from Death Register d 9th November 1832)
From this marriage were born two children namely
1. Georg Heinrich Nicolay Nissen, and
2. Jürgen Dietrich Assmus Nissen (both still underage) and his daughter, by name Catherina Margaretha Juliana Boÿsen, conceived out of wedlock with the deceased Boÿsen,
and whom Asmus Nissen accepted as his adopted daughter.
He was married for the third time to the widow Anna Frahm
formerly staying in Michaelis Street in the Cathedral Parish, now in the Lollfuss: Legitimate daughter of the late renter Peter Detlevsen in Lürschau and the late Margaretha née Carstensen (see Marriage Register , the 29th November 1833)
From this marriage there are no children living (by Assmus Nissen..?..?).
He has died of a chest condition. (Dr. Hansen was his doctor).
His age was 46 years 4 months less 2 days. He leaves behind his third wife, still living as a widow.

Transcription of Birth entry of Anna Margaretha JESS/ JEß or JESSEN-
Birth Register Hutten No 37 1794 Born 4 August Baptized 10 August

Anna Margaretha Jess, legitimate daughter of cottager , Claus Jess and Anna nee Böhrnsen,
in Brekendorf Godparents 1. Margaretha Hansen in Brekendf
2. Engel Sicken in Mohr 3. Jürgen Böhrnsen in the same place [Mohr]

Transcription of Death entry of Anna Margaretha NISSEN (nee JESSEN)-
St Micaelis Parish Schleswig
112/ 1832
Died 9 November 1832/ Buried 14 November 1832
Anna Margaretha Nissen in the Joiner’s Inn [or Carpenter’s Hostel] in Lollfuss
Legitimate daughter of the late Claus Jessen, farmer in Brekendorf,
Parish of Hütten, and the late Anna née……………...
she was married to the former widower Assmus Nissen, citizen from this very place,
Brewer and distiller, in Lollfuss.
Legitimate son of the late Nicolay Nissen, Farmer with half size farm in Sörupholz, Parish of Sörup and the late Magdalena Dorothea nee Ewald of Sörupmühlen.
She left behind, still living: 1) Her husband, the aforementioned, Asmus Nissen
and 2) three children namely
1. Catharina Margaretha Juliana (conceived out of wedlock, to Boÿsen) and adopted as his daughter
by her husband Assmus Nissen
2. George Heinrich Nicolay Nissen
3. Jürgen Diedrich Assmus Nissen (legitimate children with her husband).
She died from consumption and dropsy, aged 36 years.

Transcription of Marriage Entry- Asmus NISSEN and third wife Anna FRAHM (nee DETLEFSEN)
St Michaelis Parish Schleswig
26/ 1833
29 November 1833
Bridegroom: the Widower, Citizen and Distiller, Asmus Nissen in Lollfuss
Legitimate son of the late Nicolay Nissen, Farmer with half size farm in Sörupholz, Parish of
Sörup and the late Magdalena Dorothea nee Ewald of Sörupmühlen.

Bride: Widow Anna Frahm from Lollfuss
Legitimate daughter of the late Peter Detlevsen of Lürschau and the late Margaretha nee Carstensen.
Authentic certificates of smallpox vaccination of both parties were furnished at their first marriage in the Cathedral
Witnesses to marriage ceremony: 1. Johann Georg Boÿsen
2. Thomas Boÿsen , basket maker, both in Lollfuss
In the house, according to Concession in …. Office room
Dated 28th Nov. 1833
The bride was staying of late in Michaelis Street in the Cathedral Parish.
…….. (she is the widow of Peter Friedrich Frahm groats miller).

Generation 4
Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Candle maker (Tallow chandler)
Son of Asmus NISSEN and Anna Margaretha JESSEN
Born 13 August 1830 Lollfuss Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark
Died 11 April 1887 144 George St [now Parramatta Rd], Camperdown NSW AUS
Residence: 1845 Schleswig Census- 109 Lollfuss Schleswig
Sailed per Undine arrived Sydney 13 February 1855
Married 24 June 1863 St Paul’s C of E, Redfern NSW AUS
Catherina BEITSCH
Daughter of Johann Georg BITSCH and Anna Maria SOMMER
Born 31 January 1846 Schriesheim Baden Germany
Died 11 February 1919 Coniston 2 Napier St, Petersham NSW
Sailed per Boomerang to Melbourne 11 May 1855
Sailed per Yarra Yarra to Sydney 19 May 1855

Transcription of Birth Entry Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN
St Michaelis Parish Schleswig
105/ 1830
Born 13 August 1830/ Baptized 22 August 1830
Jurgen Asmus Diedrich Nissen in Lollfuss:
Legitimate son of Asmus Nissen brewer and distiller, citizen of this place,
and Anna Margaretha nee Jessen
Godparents: 1. Jürgen Boysen from Sörup, farmer
2. Jürgen Hansen , cooper in Lollfuss
3. Anna Dorethea Gaerker of Alstadt

Generation 5
Ten children of Jurgen Asmus D NISSEN and Catherine BEITSCH-

1. George John Henry NISSEN, Coach builder
b 12 April 1864 Dixon St, Sydney NSW AUS
d 3 June 1950 at 2 Charles St, Greenwich NSW AUS
m 12 September 1888 Pyrmont and Ultimo Presbyterian Church NSW AUS
Spouse: Mary Ellen ROBERTSON b 1862 d 18 February 1933

2. Charles Raymond NISSEN, schoolteacher
b 17 April 1866 Ultimo St, Glebe NSW AUS
d 3 July 1942 Kia Ora Private Hospital, Haberfield NSW AUS
m 1894 Cooma NSW AUS
Spouse: Eliza Selina BARWICK b 1871 d 10 September 1940

3. Alfred Caleb NISSEN Candle maker/ carrier
Born 2 January 1868 Dixon St, Sydney NSW AUS
Died 23 June 1923 Liverpool Streets, SydneyNSW AUS
Married 15 March 1894 56 Johnston Street, Annandale NSW AUS
Spouse: Amy Mary DOUGLAS
Daughter of James Hardie DOUGLAS and Bedelia CONNOR
Born 9 June 1870 at 109 Botany Street, Sydney NSW AUS
Died 15 February 1950 16A Lucy St, Ashfield NSW AUS

4. Sydney Albert NISSEN, painter
b 19 October 1869 Dixon St, Sydney NSW AUS
d 27 April 1912 17 Robert St, Petersham NSW AUS
m 1902 Sydney NSW AUS
Spouse: Minnie May Rose CHENATEAK b 1876 d 8 April 1918

5. Anna Marie Catherine NISSEN/ BOOTH schoolteacher
b 3 August 1871 Tavener’s Hill Petersham NSW AUS
d 26 October 1911 East Milton NSW AUS
m 1890 Sydney
Spouse: Edwin BOOTH b 27 October 1862 d 24 July 1942

6. Christina Margaretha NISSEN/ LANE
b 26 December 1873 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW AUS
d 22 Nov 1932 45 Greenbank St, Marrickville NSW AUS
m 4 December 1895 St Stephen’s, Newtown NSW AUS
Spouse: John LANE, builder b 1862 d 25 April 1944

7. Ernest William (Will) NISSEN
b 31 December 1875 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW AUS
d 8 August 1898 at Public School Cobargo NSW AUS

8. Clara Frances NISSEN
b 7 February 1878 144 George St, Camperdown NSW AUS
d 2 December 1898 134 Annandale St, Annandale NSW AUS

9. Arthur Edward Asmus NISSEN, Government reader
b 18 November 1880 Parramatta Rd, Glebe NSW AUS
d 20 December 1963 Auburn NSW AUS
m 19 February 1916 St James Sydney NSW AUS
Spouse: Edith Helen WILSON b 30 Sep 1890 d 6 Oct 1975

10. Frederick Alexander NISSEN, Commercial traveller
b 21 November 1882 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW AUS
d 16 September 1944 Pacific Highway Gordon NSW AUS
m 1910 Mosman NSW AUS
Spouse: Gadys Irene GUNTON b 1888 d 12.5.1972

Re: Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Schleswig S-H Germany to Sydney NSW

Posted: 1351808598000
Classification: Query
Hi Lionietlow,

I have a family connection via Chenateak and am interested in finding out more information about Sydney Nissen and his family with Minnie May Chenateak. Can you assist me with this?
Thank you, fred ..

Re: Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Schleswig S-H Germany to Sydney NSW

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Classification: Query
Family of Minnie May Rose NISSEN (nee CHENATEAK)
Married [1] 1860 Spouse [1] Eliza BELLETT (d 29 Dec 1911)

Children of William CHENATEAK and Eliza BELLETT-
1. Elizabeth SCOTT (nee CHENATEAK)
b 20 Dec 1861 d 8 Oct 1931
Married 1884 William Montague SCOTT (d 1 Dec 1925)
Children- Ida Isabel Hammond, Myra Elizabeth Miller, Gladys I Burgess, William Scott

b 1864 d 29 Nov 1864 aged 8 months

3. Lavinia Dagma CHENATEAK
b 1866 d 1867

4. Emily Clara RIDLEY (nee CHENATEAK)
b 1868 d 20 Aug 1924
Married 1883 George W RIDLEY (d 16 Oct 1939)
(photo of Emily at Stanton Library Nth Sydney)
Children- William, Florence M, Catherine B, Ellen M, Emily C Millward, George T, Frederick J S, John Ridley

5. William CHENATEAK
b 1869 d 1932
Married 1919 Emily REEVE /SHELLY (d 25.11.1947)
Children- George, Cecil, Frank William Shelly (1920-2008) and Gladys

6. Walter Herbert CHENATEAK
b 1872

7. Eveline Mary GREENTREE (nee CHENATEAK)
b 1874 d 3 Sep 1929
Married 1897 Edwin Reuben A Greentree b 1877 d 13 March 1939
Children- Reuben, Claude, Cecil, Doris Watts, Vera Duke, Grace Greentree

8. Minnie May Rose NISSEN (nee CHENATEAK)
b 1876 d 8 April 1918
m 1902 Sydney Albert NISSEN
-Rose D CHENATEAK/ NISSEN b 1902 d 20 Feb 1903
-Irene Elizabeth LAY (nee NISSEN) b 1905 d 15 Dec 1963
m 1930 Alfred Jessie Lovatt LAY
One child- Keith LAY
-Agnes Ellen NISSEN b 1908 d 25 July 1909
-Albert Walter NISSEN b 1910 d 9 May 1912

William CHENATEAK married [2]
Spouse [2] Ruby Georgina Loo Lisson (404/ 1894) divorced 1908 Married [2] Sam Lowe
Two children of William Chenateak and Ruby Loo Lisson-
9. Dorothy M CHENATEAK b 1896 (9883/ 1896 Sydney)
10. Walter E CHENATEAK b 1898 (30290/ 1898)

Re: Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Schleswig S-H Germany to Sydney NSW

Posted: 1352079218000
Classification: Query
Thank you very much,
Can you advise me how to locate the photo of Emily in the Stanton Library please.
fred ..

Re: Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Schleswig S-H Germany to Sydney NSW

Posted: 1352080458000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bellert
Hi, I am doing research on the Bellerts, are your Bellerts connected to the Bellets of Queensland.
Kind regards

Re: Jurgen Asmus Diedrich NISSEN Schleswig S-H Germany to Sydney NSW

Posted: 1353408404000
Classification: Query
Hi Lionie,
I went to the Stanton library last Saturday to view the George Ridley archive box. The photo marked George and Emily is actually George and Rebecca Todd, his second wife. The librarian there has been made aware of the name. There is no photo of Emily in the archive box, sadly. regards fred ..
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