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Robert Fleming Elizabeth Stumbo

Robert Fleming Elizabeth Stumbo

Anne (View posts)
Posted: 963938402000
Just started researching a few months ago, and have been surprised at how much information that I have gathered. However, one of my dead ends is Robert Fleming, born about 1773 in Ireland, and died in 1852 Pike County, KY. He married Elizabeth Stumbo (Stambaugh) who was born in Pennsylvania. Does anyone know more about either..... especially Robert.
Family tradition has always held that we have some Scottish ancestry, and Robert seems to be the most likely source. Does anyone know more about his parents, and lineage?


Robert Fleming Elizabeth Stumbo/Stembaugh

Jennifer (View posts)
Posted: 964253533000

The Irish immigrant Robert Fleming (1772/3-1852) was the son of cobbler (shoemaker) William Fleming and wife Jennie Buchanan. Robert came to America at age 17, landing in New York. The family story goes that Robert was deported for stealing either two cucumbers or two sweet potatoes. Either way, he was hungry. The last thing his mother gave him was a drink of buttermilk out of a tin cup before he sailed.
An invaluable tool in researching this and related families, such as the Mullins family, is the book, "Descendants of Robert Fleming and Elizabeth Stembaugh/Betty Stumbo" by Estelle Staley. You can order the book from Estelle by writing to her at:
11039 Del Rio Dr.
Fairfax, VA 22030
This book has been of great help to me and many others in our associated families.

Robert Fleming

Anne (View posts)
Posted: 964296661000
Thanks for the information on Robert Fleming! It's the first information that I have gotten other than his approximate date of birth, and that he was from Ireland.

Do you have any idea how much money to send for the book you recommended, or do I need to write first.

Again Thanks


Robert Fleming

jennifer (View posts)
Posted: 964297736000
I'm sorry, I don't know how much the book costs. I've had my copy for a while now, and I don't remember what I paid for it. I guess you should write or call for the price.

You'll love Estelle's book. There's so much information in it, except for the later generations in some branches -- my branch seems to get cut off before it gets down to me, but some are right up-to-date. And it's indexed. I have a Vanover book that's not indexed and it's a lot of trouble trying to find anything in it, though it's packed with information.

The Pioneer Recollections book is a wonderful collection of stories about the people who settled southwest Virginia and eastern Kentucky, with lot of names and a pretty good index.

Happy researching.

William Fleming(1826-?)

Posted: 964338459000
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He was also a shoemaker as was hi brother John Atwood Fleming.William is missing from the 1860 census,but appears in the 1850.In 1860 my GGrandfather appears as a shoemaker.Don't know what happened to William.The only thing is our family tradition holds that we are Welsh.But there is a fine line between Wels,Irish and scots back then.They were all lumped together,and depending where they boarded the ship,and how somebody decided to spell their name has a lot of confusion.There was a lot of illiteracy back then and most signed with their mark,and a lot of them did not speak the King's English as they said.So it is really hard to find out what nationality you were.But I can see some kind of tie in with the cobbler angle as I think that trades were passed down through from father to sons.

Same Robert William?

Jennifer (View posts)
Posted: 964418592000

I'm not sure we have the same Robert Fleming (b. 1772-3, Ireland; d. 1852, Floyd Co., KY), although family stories indicate that his sons all made their own families' shoes, so it would seem they had all been trained in their grandfather William's trade.

Robert's parents, William and Jennie, stayed in Ireland. Robert did have sons named William "Whiskey Bill" Fleming (b. 1823 in KY; d. 1906-7) and John Jackson "Jack" Fleming (b. 1814 in Lee Co., VA; d. 1881, Dickenson Co., VA). I can't find a John Atwood Fleming in my material. Could you give me some more information on him?

Where did you find John Atwood Fleming, brother of Irish immigrant Robert Fleming, who settled in KY? We have not been able to find any of Robert's siblings anywhere, although there was a man in the book, Pioneer Recollections, who said he came over on the same ship with Robert. There was no mention of other family members, though.

There are Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Austrian, Belgian, etc., Flemings. The Welsh Flemings could be a different set from the Irish ones. What do you think?

William Fleming

Carolyn Ellertson (View posts)
Posted: 965393679000
I don't know if we are connected in any way, but you're the first William I've seen! My grandfather was Claude Moore Fleming. His father named William Henry Fleming. My grandfather Claude's biological mother died when he was only about three. I think his second wife was a Poole. Family tradition mentions the Cozart name and my late mother made genealogical notes for me about cousins Vincent, and if I remember correctly, a Jack. My mother Claudia was a child of Claude's second wife Frances Kyle, but there was a Claudia by his first wife also, who would have been my mother's half sister. Claude died in Myrtle Creek, Douglas County, Oregon in about 1941. I must have cousins out there somewhere!E-mail me at if you like, but I will be gone out of town for a week or so can't answer until I return.Would love to connect with family!

Robert Fleming from ireland

Linda (View posts)
Posted: 966192926000
Robert is a descendant of Jennie Buchanan and William Fleming.

The Buchanans were a Scots clan that settled in Northern Ireland in Britain's attempt to oust the Irish. They were Protestant. they settled mostly in Ulster.

My daughter, who has researched a lot of Irish history, has come to believe that Robert was somehow involved in the Rebellions there and was forced to immigrate. His movements in Ireland seem to precede major upsets there. And Protestants were highly involved in the early freedom movements.

There is no proof of any of this, but she does know her Irish history: if anyone is interested.

She and I are listed in the Descendants book of Robert Fleming, but most of the information there is wrong.

I am trying to find more info myself on william and Jennie. Any help there?


Robert Fleming from Ireland

Jennifer (View posts)
Posted: 966443253000
I agree that a compilation of contributed information, such as Estelle Staley's "Descendants" book, is only as accurate as the persons who contribute. I wouldn't expect anyone to take it as gospel, but it does point to where and when to look for the records that you need when you are doing genealogical research. I like to combine that book along with several others that I have to come up with the most likely place to hunt.

In answer to you question about William and Jennie Buchanan Fleming, no one that I have been in contact with has been able to pinpoint which set of Flemings they were -- there were, and are, so many with the same names. How has your daughter tracked Robert's movements in Ireland? We haven't even been able to track the ship he sailed here on. What records has she found that she can share?

The only hint to his family connections after he appeared in the US is that there is a glimmer of a possibility that he went to PA because of the large number of Buchanans there (were they family?). The Rebellions in Ireland forced many immigrations, so if he was deported for that reason, it may have been documented in a court record or a prison record book somewhere. Until those records go online or someone can find them and share copies, I will just have to sit and wonder.

Irish record keeping was so patchy at the time Robert lived there that I don't hold much hope that there will ever be any concrete record of his life in.

Anyway, I would certainly believe any proof that showed he was an Irish rebel -- his sons and grandsons were certainly a contentious lot. He did serve in the War of 1812, but the dates on the company payroll records that I have seen show him at Fort Malden in Canada during the time that the soldiers were being used to rebuild the fort and there were no battles there at that time. But, being Irish, I'm sure he missed them greatly.

William Fleming

Jennifer (View posts)
Posted: 966443936000
This William Fleming lived in Ireland, but there are a lot of his descendants who are named after him. I don't find a Cozart or a Poole, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there somewhere. They just may not have been added in with the others yet. William's son Robert came to the US and he and his offspring settled mostly around the southeastern KY and southwestern VA area. Does that sound familiar?
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