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DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

David Chada (View posts)
Posted: 1148440781000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
Do you have any records on Adam Smith, his will was signed and proved on 16 May 1820, in West Buffalo, Union County, Pennsylvania? Thank you.

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

Margaret (View posts)
Posted: 1148505156000
Classification: Query
Dear David,
Thank you for your query.
Do you have any more information on your ancestor Adam Smith? I have found three Adam Smiths in the Patriot Index but the death dates do not match yours.
Please send any further information you may have so I can look further.
Thank you.
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Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

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Classification: Query
David, I have a copy of an application for DAR membership under Adam Smith b. abt 1745 and died 1821 in Union Co PA. This Adam Smith was from Union County PA. How do you connect with him? I think he may be the answer to locating Michael Smith, father of Noah and John Smith bn in Union Co PA > Stephenson Co IL > Osborne Co KS > Stephenson Co IL.
Marie Smith Peer

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

David Chada (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith, Dersham
All I have about Adam Smith is a copy of his will dated May 5 1820, and copies of statements stating the will was approved on May 16, 1820, usually done the day of death. Adam had three sons and three daughters, Adam Smith, George Smith, and Peter Smith, and Barbara married to Jacob Dersham, Susannah married to George Smith, and Elizabeth Smith.
Adam Smith is my gggggg-grandfather.
I do not know of any children of the above mentioned six children, except for the Dersham line.

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1155403447000
The Adam Smith bn ca 1745 probably in Scotland d. in Buffalo Twp Union Co PA in 1821; bur Dreisbach grave yard. Resided in Buffalo Twp (then Northumberland Co) PA during the Revolution. His children were Michael bn 1769 m. 1. Barbara Bower, 2. Susanna Bartges, 3. Sophia Bickel; Georoge bn 1772 married Anna Margarat; Anna Barbara bn 1776 m. Michael Maize, John bn 1779; dau m. Steffy Touchman, and Adam bn 16 Dec 1786 m. to Sally. There is a reference to a will which I assume to be Adam's will. The will is in Will Book B p. 79 Union Co. The information is so close by not exact. There is no Peter listed in this application nor a daughter married to Jacob Dersham.
Thank you for your reply.
Marie Smith Peer

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

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Classification: Query
I too, am descended from Adam Smith and this is what I have on the family:
Adam Smith, the father, see the following information on him. Don't have any information about his wife.

( 1) Genealogical excerpts from the 1886 book "History of the Susquehanna & Juniata Valleys" (East Buffalo twp section) - pages 1317 - 1318

"Adam Smith was a teamster in the Revolution and settled upon the place now owned by Jacob Kunkle, above Henry Mertz's. He died there and was buried at the Dreisbach grave-yard. His sons were Adam, George, Michael and John and a daughter, married to Michael Maize, another to Steffy Touchman. Adam Jr. moved to Beaver twp, Snyder County. His descendants are about Beaver town yet. George died in Union County, John at Beaver town, and Michael in Union County in 1841. Michael's children were Michael, who moved to Michigan; Daniel, who moved to Ohio; Benjamin, to Illinois; David, now (1869) living near the old place. His daughters married, one to Jonas Nyhart, one to John Wolfe, one to David Oldt, near New Berlin. Michael had 3 wives: first was a Bower, of Dry Valley; second, Susanna Bartges, of Mifflinburg; third, Sophia Bickle, whose father, Henry Bickle, was killed by the Indians. Michael had also a son Jonathan, father of A.W. Smith, Esq., late jury commissioner, who died in Hartley township in 1870"

Note: the above account is a small insert in the book, obviously from another book or narrative written in 1869.

Children of the above Adam Smith (don't know their birth order):
(1)Margaret Smith b. ca. 1755 Buffalo Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania m. Henry Gilman ca. 1773, he b. ca. 1754 Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
7 children, by 1796 they had moved to Pymatuning Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
(2)John George Smith d. Bet. 12 May - 05 Aug 1794 Buffalo Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania m. Anna Margaret 1 child ( see their will abstracts below)
(3)Adam Smith d.Bet. 05 - 16 May 1820 West Buffalo Township, Union County, Pennsylvania
6 children ( Don't know his wife's name)
(4)Michael Smith b. 1769 Buffalo Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania m. Maria Barbara Bower she b. 25 Feb 1766 Weissenburg Township,Northampton County, Pennsylvania
9 children m 2nd Susanna Bartges b.Mifflinburg, Union County, Pennsylvania m 3rd Sophia Bickle, he d. 02 Jul 1841 Buffalo Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania ( see his testament below from "Union County History,
Annals of the Buffalo Valley" and the information below about his family from the "Descendants of Caspar Bauer, Union County, Pennsylvania")
(5)John Smith ( don't know anything about him)
(6) Daughter Smith m.Michael Maize ( Don't know her name)
(7)Daughter Smith m.Steffy Touchman ( don't know her name)

(2) Abstracts of Wills and Administrations of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania:
" George Smith of Township of Buffaloe, County of Northumberland. will dated 12 day of May 1794; proved August 5, 1794. Wife Anna Margaret. Son John. Susanna and John children of my sister, Margaret Gillman. George, son of my brother Adam Smith. George Michael, son of my brother Michael.Executors: Wife Anna Margaret Smith and John Aurand. Witnesses Jos. George Fremmer, Jr., John Aurand. Translation"

(3)Abstracts of Wills and Administrations of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania:
" Anna Margaret Smith of Northumberland County. Will dated August 12, 1795; proved Nov 1, 1795. To be buried in Burying Ground where my lawfull husbin Jo George Smith is buried. Son John. My sisters to have my Cloaths. Susanna Gilman, daughter of Henry Gilman, not sixteen. John Aurand, Jr. eldest son of sister Elizabeth. 30 pounds for a School House in the Nabor Hood of Fortle Creek. Executor Friend John Aurand. Witnesses: Peter Houseland and John Aurand"

(4)Union County History
Annals of the Buffalo Valley by John Blair Lynn, Pages 167 thru 209

The Story of the Emerick Family.
".....The evidence on the trial is all lost, but from some
manuscript notes taken by the late James F. Linn, it appears that
the defense, who had no real defense, subpoenaed all the old
settlers in the country to prove that David Emerick was killed
in 1778 or 1779.Among others called to prove that Emerick was killed
prior to the date of the deed, was Michael Smith, grandfather of
A. W. Smith, Esquire. He said "I was living in the place where
I am now living (1830*) during the revolutionary war.
There was a massacre by the Indians in Dry valley. Henry
Bickle was killed; the only one, as far as we know. David
Emerick and his family were taken prisoners on the same day. His
woman came in afterward, and said Emerick was killed on the road.
David Emerick never appeared again. It was three years afterward when
his wife returned. She was afterward married to Thompson, in York
State. I was eight or nine years of age at the time of the massacre.
Bickle's wife had a son, about four months after his murder. He is
now in court, and his name is Henry Bickle. I was born in 1769. I
saw Henry Bickle after he was murdered. My father lived about two
miles from Bickle at that time. My wife's mother and Emerick's wife's
mother were sisters. I saw Thompson after he was married to Mrs.
Emerick. They were married about the last of the war, or in it.

*Smith lived on Kunkle's place, west of Henry Mertz.

"Lee's massacre was about a year after Emerick's. It was in Dry
Valley, and about the time of the general runaway. I saw Lee's family
all lying scalped. Emerick has some children. I never saw any of
them. There was one of the girls down below at the time, and was at
my house about a year ago. Emerick lived near the hill, not far from
Hummel's tavern, in Dry Valley. Emerick's children were all taken,
except the one below. I saw Lees' killed in the house where they were
killed. They had their heads all scalped, and were laid on a bundle
of straw."

( 5)" Descendants of Caspar Bauer, Union County, Pennsylvania"
MARIA BARBARA BOWER was born February 25, 1766 in Weissenburg Twp.,
Lehigh/Northampton, PA most likely. She married MICHAEL SMITH, son of ADAM
SMITH. He died July 02, 1841 in Buffalo Twp., Union County, PA. Children of
JONATHAN SMITH, b. 1792, Northumberland County, PA; d. 1832.
MARY SMITH, b. 1795.

I would love to hear from anyone who has any additional information on this family.
Does Michael Smith's will list his wife's name??
Nancy Downey

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

Posted: 1172941581000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
Thank you, Nancy Downey. What a superb blending and write up of Adam Smith information. Thank you!! And thank you for telling us where you found the information.

Your excellent write up makes me think that it might be helpful if each of us who descend, or believe we descend, from Adam Smith provide what we have that isn't in Nancy's write up. I, for example, can't connect for sure. I have names but no proof that the Smith's I believe I descend from are the right Smith's so I am looking for documentation and think I might stumble onto proof that will tell me which exact Michael Smith from Union County PA is the one to whom I belong.

I believe I descend from Adam Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Smith, Noah Smith, George Smith bn 1873 d 1957. I have not been able to make the connection but search and search. Following is what I have and from what sources.

Michael (Mical) Smith m. Elizabeth ?.
Every census entry for their two known sons gives PA as the son's birthplace and the parent's birthplaces are listed as Pennsylvania as well.
Michael (Mical) and Elizabeth and had children, I only know of two:

1. John M Smith bn abt 1822 m. Mary Magdalena Rearick about 1842 in Sandusky County Ohio. Lived in Sandusky Twp and Fremont Twp. (Fed Census records)
John M Smith m. 2nd Bertha Messerly 3 May 1885 in Green
County Wisconsin. The marriage certificate recorded in Vol 5 pg 205, lists Mical Smith and Elizabeth Smith as John M Smith's parents.
John M Smith moved to Stephenson Co Ill in late 1860's
and to Green Co Wisconsin in late 1870's and to Downs, Osborne Co, KS in 1886, where he died 30 Aug 1895. Death date comes from the Downs Times newspaper.
John consistently gives Pennsylvania as his birth place and as his parent's birth places.

2. Noah Smith born 14 June 1824/25 Prestlow, Union County, PA. (I've not found a Prestlow ANYPLACE in the US) There are two obituaries for Noah: Prestlow, Pa came from the 30 Sep 1909 obituary in the Lena Star newspaper (Lena, Illinois) and The 16 Oct 1909 Gospel Messenger obituary for Noah Smith said he was born in Union County Pennsylvania. It further said he moved to Stephenson County Illinois when he was 15 or in 1839/40.
Noah Smith's son, George, stated that his grandfather was Michael Smith. The History of the Waddams Grove Church of the Brethren in Stephenson and JoDavies Counties Illinois and southern Wisconsin, 1910; Brethren Publishing House, Elgin Ill. on page 76 lists "Michael Smith, facts unknown. Wife of Michael Smith, facts unknown. Noah Smith, son of Michael and wife. Baptized about 1868, died 23 Sep 1909."
Noah married Mary/Molly Yarger in Green County WI on 23 Jun 1852. Green County borders Stephenson County Ill.
Noah Smith was born in Union Co PA in 1824
Moved to Stepehenson Co Ill in 1839/40
Moved to Downs, Osborne, KS in 1884 (Downs Times)
Returned to Stephenson Co Ill in Aug 1890 (Downs Times)
Died in Stephenson Co Ill in 1909.

In the Waddams Grove Church of the Brethren History Book, Noah's son George and wife's copy of that book, had 'cousin' written in the margin by the entry:
Smith, George C., son of William and Laura. Baptized Oct 17, 1908.
Smith, Maggie (nee Lieby), wife of Geo. C. Baptized June 21, 1903.

Noah and Molly had children:
Electa b 1853 m ML Swartz d 1931
Anna M b 1855 m Geo E Kurtz
Sarah Ellen/Ella b 1856 m John H Ginrich
William Yarger b 1859 m Mary M Sensenbach d 1935
Laura Amanda b 1862 m. Daniel R.K. Hull d 1930
Nettie Alma b 1863 m Dr. Carmi O Skinner d 1938
John Frankline b 1865 'John' m Candance A Cameron
Lois C 'Katie' b 1867 m William w Starr d 1956
Charles b 1871 d 3 Nov 1884 at Downs, Osborne, KS
George Andrew b 1873 m Minnie M Kreps d 1957
Henry Luther b 1877 m Anna Marie Berndt d 1941
Angeline Eby b 1878 m James VanSickle d 1971
2nd Frank Sidel

John and Mary had children:
Lucy A b 1844 m Curtis Robinson d by 1895
John M b 1848/9 m.
Eliza J b 1846 m William M. Minor
Charles Milton b 1857 m Bertha Messerly Smith d 1899
Lewis S b 1859 m Dora Josephine Stilwell d 1952
Mary Elizabeth b 1863 m Franklin A Minor d 1943

John and Bertha had children:
John E
Samuel M
Albert 'Bert'
Emma R

I found two original land entry records in Stephenson County Illinois for Michael Smith, one in 1847 and one in 1849. One was forfeited by letter, letter is now lost. The other, I can not tell who that Michael might be as it was sold not too many years later.

I've collected Michael Smith's from census in Michigan, can't find them in Ill or WI or in Sandusky Co Ohio that fit.

I will look for Daniel in Sandusky Ohio since that is who is to have moved there of Michael's children.

Does anyone have an idea of where in Michigan the Michael Smith from Union County might have moved?

Thank you again, Nancy Downey. Might others who are descended from or might be descended from Adam Smith send their information? Maybe we might help each other that way. I, for instance, know now to look for a Daniel Smith in Sandusky Ohio. That might help.

Marie Peer

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

Posted: 1172945779000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Darsham, Dersham, Dershem
I am a descendant of Adam Jr. (3) on Nancys' list of children of Adam Smith. I have a copy of Adam Jr.s' will. He lists children as Elizabeth, Susannah, Adam, George, Barbara, and Peter. Susannah married a George Smith, and Barbara married Jacob Dersham. If anyone wants a list of Adam Jr.s' descendants, I can provide what I have.

David Chada

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
Hello Nancy;
I looked in the NSDAR Patriot Index and located an Adam Smith

Birth: (CIRCA) 1745 SCOTLAND


Spouse: Catherine

If you would like a copy of this patriot's application you may request a copy from DAR Headquarters. Please specify which child you descend from.

Make a check payable to:

Treasurer General NSDAR,in the amount of $10. mail the check along with the infomation listed below to: Records's Copy Dept., Registrar General, NSDAR, Administration Building, 1776 D Street, NW Washington DC 200006-5303.

If you are any member of your family is interested in DAR membership please let us know.

Sara, VIS Volunteer
"This is a free look up service provided by DAR volunteers at the DAR message board."

Re: DAR Lookup - Adam Smith

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Classification: Query
I am interested in learning about your Smith family. I have Sophia Smith Wittenmeyer (1823-1901), daughter of George Smith (1797-1863) and Mary Buffington Smith (1800-1861) of Beaver Twp, Union (now Snyder) County in my background. I learned that George was the son of Barbara Smith from a cousin in Illinois. A Smith cousin in California believes Adam is an ancestor of George, but a couple of "the dots" are missing. He also has Barbara as a Bower prior to marriage. George and Mary eventually moved to Mifflin County and Sophia moved to Illinois after they died.

Jim McAteer
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