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Mathias Family

Mathias Family

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Surnames: Mathias, Shrieves, Williams, Saner,Pfalzgraf
I am trying to piece together my Mathias side of the family, does anyone have any info on a John A. Mathias born about 1816 married to Olive ? They had a son Benjamin F. Mathias born abt 1840 married to a Virginia F. they had a son Henry J. Mathias born 1873 married to a Nettie Marie Melson Caroon Mathias, they had my grandfather Roland Lee Mathias married to Edith H.

Re: Mathias Family

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Surnames: Matthias

The only thing I could find in my notes is that John age 35, Olive age 33 and Benjamin age 10 lived in Tulls Creek district of Currituck Co, NC. in 1850. I have some books on NC but I am in the process of moving and they are packed away. If you keep in touch once I get settled I will see if I can find anything else for you. Also, they spelled their name Matthias and Mathias.
There were a lot of Matthias in the Norfolk and Princess Anne County area of Virginia. You might try there too. I have a John Mathias but he married Olive Flora. Too old to be your John.


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Dawn Bishop (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Mathias, Matthias

Hi . Thanks for looking. I would love any info that you can supply once you get settled and have some extra time. I have lots of info from Princess Anne and Lower Norfolk Counties etc..with the various spellings, but I have not yet connected all the info, so I am trying to work back from what I do know, and i haven't had much luck. What is really irritating for me is that i lived in Dare County for over 15 years and my mom never told me my grandfather was from the next county, Currituck. But I'll keep at it and eventually figure it out.
Thanks again,

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Dawn, I will be getting to the Wills at about the time frame of the JOHN MATHIAS you are looking for in the next few weeks and maybe we will find JOHN in this set of wills. Do you know if JOHN and OLIVE died in Currituck Co.? I have a cemetery book of Currituck and can look it up for you (when I find it in all my clutter) if you think they might of died in Currituck. Also have you looked for them in the Census? I was wondering also if you are kin to Cleveland Mathias who had a sister Faytie Cox who lived on South Mills Rd. in Moyock, NC, my ex-father-in-law used to hunt with Cleveland and thought so much of him that he wanted us to name our Son after him which we did (as much as I hated the name I am glad now we did as it is not a popular name). Just wondering as I don't find any one looking for Mathias much and we have a letter written to my ex-father-in-law from Cleveland. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. They are not in my lines but I will help if I can. Judy Merrell Brickhouse

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Dawn, Ignore the name and email on this message as it has changed and the first email is the correct one. I just looked on the Census Records of 1850, 1860 and the 1880 of the Latter Day Saints (but I might have this one myself) any way you are right JOHN A. MATHIAS age 35 OLIVE wife age 33 and Benjamin age 10 asy 1850 Census Tulls Creek page 340 household 132. 1860 Census JOHN A. MATHIAS age 44 crw, OLIVE age 42 and B.F. age 20. Page 549 household 147, it also had his real estate valued at 1100 and his personal valued at 4000. B.F.MATHIAS is listed in 1880 as widowed. So you were right about JOHN and OLIVE and it looks like Benjamin might have a middle name (maybe Franklin?) I am always make assumptions. Anyway this gives you something to go on and I am betting they are buried in Currituck took, and as soon as I find the cemetery book I will look for you and keep your fingers crossed that we find a will in the next few weeks. Hope this is good news and starts filling in the Blanks for you. Judy Merrell Brickhouse

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Dawn, I checked my cemetery book and none of the names you are searching are listed.

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Surnames: Owens, Cowell, Creef, Griggs, Gallop, Melson, Sawyer

I have a Nettie Melson who married Joseph Caroon in 1888. Is this Nettie your great grandmother? I did not have any other marriages listed for her. If this is your g. grandmother, I can help you with the Melson line.


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Yes she was :)
According to my notes NETTIE MARIE MELSON CAROON MATHIAS daughter of LEVINIA SIMMONS? LEWARK ? MELSON and JOSEPH MELSON. Notes state that Levinia was a LEWARK that her mother was a LEWARK and married a SIMMONS after the death of her first husband.
NETTIE married HENRY JAMES MATHIAS in 1898 they had 8 children :
LUCIAN FORREST Jan 18, 1899 , LILIIAN VIRGINIA Feb 27 1900 , ELSIE JAMES Feb 17 1902 , WALLACE DENOER Aug 18 1904, ZETA ELIZABETH Feb 14 1907, GRADYE MARSELLA Dec 29 1909 , ROLAND LEE Sept 13 1911 (my grandfather) , MELVIN ROE May 3 1913 .
I would love any info that you care to share :)

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Thanks for looking. I will check into Princess Anne and Norfolk Counties (Va.) I know that my grandfather lived in Princess Anne County Va, on the 1930 census. He was living in Cape May, New Jersey when he died.
Hopefully I will find something.


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Surnames: Owens, Cowell, Griggs, Gallop, Pledger, Melson, Alexander
Always happy to share, Dawn.

To give credit where credit is due:
Some records of this family were obtained from Mrs. Hattie Melson Moss, who at the age of 71 who was still living on Church Island, in Currituck Co. as of 1959.
Melson Records compiled in 1956 by John Melson, Columbia, NC. He was the son of Alonzo Melson and his wife, Mary Justice Pledger Melson.
“The Melson Family in America” by Lewis B. Melson of Baltimore, MD and personal correspondence between Lewis and my self.
And Ackley Melson in Williamsburg, VA

I have Nettie’s middle initial as “L” but you certainly may be correct with Marie.

I have Lavinia’s last name as Lewark but I do not have anything further on her.

Although Melson is a direct line of mine, it is not through this Joseph N. Melson.

All that said,

I show Joseph N. Melson b. 1833 married first Elizabeth Twiddy on 5 Apr 1859 in Tyrrell Co., NC. They had one daughter Annie. Joseph N. & Elizabeth Twiddy Melson moved to Tyrrell after his father died. A place located across from the Old Columbia Road from his brother, William R. Melson.

Joseph married second Lavinia Lewark. I have seven known children listed for them:

Mary Rebecca Melson
Allica Lavinia Melson
Nettie L. Melson
Milton N. Melson
Leela Melson
Hattie E. Melson
Richard Melson
Joseph was the son of Sampson (b. 1805) & Levina Davenport (d. bet. 1858 – 59) Melson who married 6 March 1830 in Tyrrell Co., NC. They had four known children:

Joseph N. Melson b. 1833
William R. Melson b. bet 1840 – 44
Mary E. Melson b. 1844
Nancy Jane Melson b. 1850

Sampson moved to Tyrrell Co when he married Lavinia. They lived at her place located on the east side of the Scuppernong River, near the mouth known as River Neck. He was a farmer. He married second Jane Chaplin (b. 1828) on 3 Feb 1859.
Sampson was the son of James Joseph Melson (b. 16 Jul 1779 - d. 4 Jul 1843) and Mary Etheridge (b. ca. 1783 – d. bef. 1813) who married between 1802-03. They had three known children:

William Melson b. 1803
Sampson Melson b. 1805
Elijah Melson b. 29 Jan 1808

After death of his first wife he married the widow (Sarah Pledger) of his younger William Melson II. James Joseph Melson and Sarah Pledger (b. 9 Feb 1783 – 20 Jan 1833) married on 11 Jan 1813. They three children:

Nancy Melson
James Melson
John Aydlett Melson b. 10 Oct 1822
James Joseph Melson was the son of William Melson, I (b. ca 1749 – d. 1799) and Jean Aydelett (b. ca. 1752 – d. 1809) who married 2 Feb 1770 at Lewes & Coalspring Presbyterian Church, Lewes, Delaware. William and Jean had five known children:

John Aydlett Melson b. ca. 1773
Polly Melson b. ca 1779
Elizabeth Melson b. ca. 1780
James Joseph Melson b. 16 July 1779
William Melson, II b. 1783 (I descend from this William and his wife Sarah Pledger who became the second wife of her brother-in-law James Joseph Melson.)

In 1772, Book 2, page 454 Currituck Co., William Melson bought land on Powells Point from Daniel Lindsey and his wife, Sarah. Thus William was of age and born prior to 1751. Book 12, page 656, 657 and 664 Tyrrell and deeds recorded in Currituck. The division of his land by his heirs in 1804 gives a life span of approximately 60 years.

In 1788 Book 10, pg 327 Tyrrell: William Melson came to Tyrrell Co and bought land from William and Ann Aydlett, a plantation on Peartree Point in Little Alligator section of Tyrrell Co. Formerly owned by Richard Sanderson. He took son William Jr. and dau Elizabeth to Tyrrell and left sons John Aydlett and James and dau Polly Melson in Currituck Co.

Currituck County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Minutes 1799
N.C. State Archives Microfilm Reel #C.030.30001 (beginning of reel)
Tuesday, the 27th of August 1799

Present: Willis Etheridge, Nathan Hall, Ezekiel Hooper, Esquires

Ordered that Nathan Hall, Spence Hall, Saml. Salyear Esq. and Jonathan Lindsey...settle the accounts of Jean Melson Admix of the Estate of Wm. Melson Decd.and make return to next Court.

Ordered that Nathan Hall, Spence Hall, Saml. Salyear Esq. and Jonathan Lindsey...appraise and divide the Negroes belonging to the Estate of William Melson Decd. among the legal representatives and make return to next court.

Ordered that Jean Melson be and is appointed Guardian to Polley Melson orphan of Wm. Melson Decd. and offers Nathan Hall and Thos. Jarvis securities in the sum of two hundred pounds.
William (b. ca 1749) was the son of Joseph Melson (b. ca. 1727 Worcester Co., MD – d. 5 Dec 1809 Sussex Co., DE) and Elizabeth Creighton (b. ca. 1726 Sussex Co., DE – d. bef 1807) who married ca. 1746. They had seven known children.
Joseph was the son of Benjamin Melson (b. ca. 1704 in Somerset Co., MD – d. May 1771 in Worcester Co., DE) and Hannah Hammer (b. ca. 1705 – d. aft 1771). They had nine known children.
Benjamin was the son of Samuel Melson, Sr. (b. between 1673 – 1677 in Accomack Co., VA and d. Feb 1738 – 39) and Margaret Taylor (b. ca. 1673 – d. 1719). They had five known children.
Samuel was the son of John Melson (b. ca. 1645 in England – d. ca 1694 probably in Accomack Co., VA) and Elizabeth Painter (b. ca. 1646 in England – d. ca. 1700 probably in Accomack Co., VA). They had three known children.
If I can add or elaborate further on any of the above, just let me know. If you see any errors or discrepancies, please let me know. Hope this isn’t more than you ever wanted to know about the Melson’s.


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