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Surnames: Harris
Looking for any information re Herbert F. Harris (b1904 England) lived in Toronto circa 1934. Father Robert Ritchie Harris and mother - Elizabeth Harris. had about 6 half siblings from father's previous wife (deceased).
Any info would be appreciated.

Re: Harris

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I find a Herbert in Ontario in 1911 census, born 1904 but not to parents you list, unless Robert middle name is James - perhaps Ritchie being a nickname for Robert only? See last child.

Census of Canada
Home / 1911 / Ontario / Renfrew South / 14 Hagarty / page 7 split view
Transcribed by: Kevin Hanit

Line # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Search
1 58 Paul Annie F Wife M Dec 1864 46 1901
2 58 Paul James M Son S Oct 1902 8 1901
3 58 Paul Marian F Daughter S Oct 1906 4 1901
4 59 Harris James M Head M Jun 1861 49 1901
5 59 Harris Elizabeth F Wife M Mar 1861 50 1901
6 59 Harris James M Son S Apr 1890 21 1901
7 59 Harris Elisibeth F Daughter S Aug 1895 15 1901
8 59 Harris Clifford M Son S Feb 1899 12 1901
9 59 Harris Herbert M Son S Aug 1904 7 1901

Re: Harris

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OOPS, here they are, just down page further ....says she is married but as you see Robert is not in the 1911 census with his family.

1911 Census of Canada
Home / 1911 / Ontario / Toronto West / 70 Toronto / page 8 split view
Transcribed by: Robin

79 81 Harris Elizabeth F Head M Oct 1868 42 1901
10 81 Harris Robert M Son S Dec 1885 25 1901
11 81 Harris George M Son S May 1887 24 1901
12 81 Harris Arthur M Son S Oct 1891 19 1901
13 81 Harris Hannah F Daughter S Mar 1894 17 1901
14 81 Harris Winnifred F Daughter S Sep 1898 12 1901
15 81 Harris Herbert M Son S Dec 1904 6 1901

Re: Harris

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There are a few Robert's on Ellis island page, one stood out to me because left from Montreal to Ellis Island in 1911 - if age is correct for your Robert Harris married Elizabeth. Perhaps he was working in States.

You had son Herbert born England 1904 - Automated census I sent does not say where he was born but he is in Ontario in 1911 the two Roberts below one is born England, one resided in Montreal....

First Name: Robert
Last Name: Harris
Ethnicity: English
Last Place of Residence: Canada, Montreal
Date of Arrival: Oct 16, 1911
Age at Arrival: 60 Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Ryndam
Port of Departure: Boulogne-Sur-Mer
Manifest Line Number: 0028

There is this one leaving Canada as well to States:

First Name: Robert
Last Name: Harris
Ethnicity: Gt. Britain, English
Last Place of Residence: Hamilton, Canada
Date of Arrival: Mar 10, 1924
Age at Arrival: 60y Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Fort Victoria
Port of Departure: Hamilton, Bermuda
Manifest Line Number: 0012

Re: Harris

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Hi Again

There is a passenger Herbert leaving from Quebec in 1923 to New York (Ellis ISland) as well and the age suits his date of birth 1904 and it does sugget he was born in Britan, maybe you can search for other siblings going with him ..

Name: Herbert
Last Name: Harris
Ethnicity: British
Last Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival: Aug 16, 1923
Age at Arrival: 21 Gender: M Marital Status:
Ship of Travel: Fort Hamilton
Port of Departure: Quebec via Halifax, Canada
Manifest Line Number: 0001

Re: Harris

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Could be off here, but I did surf Free BMD and noted there are children Robert, George Haywood, Arthur and Herbert all born in Hendon in the right Quarters. I did not check for rest of kids names as per 1911 census in Ontario - just tried to see if I could find them born in England based on Census info with birthdates.

There is Marriage in June Quarter 1885 of one Robert Harris to a Elizabeth Jane E Sterman in St Saviour - nothing comes up in Hendon checking for marriage year 1884ish based on Robert son Robet born 1885......

When I checked first to find Herberts birth, only a few were listed as born Dec Quearter 1904 so I wrote those down, only kids found were in Hendon but there was a Herbert in St Saviour.......prehaps you can try looking that way in St Saviour as well......of the other towns listed around Herberts birth 1904 - about 5 Herberts in five towns the children did not show up in these but as said names of siblings can be found around right quarters to be born in Hendon.

Good luck

Re: Harris

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Good day, thanks for checking the info. I do know Herbert was in Toronto in 1934 when his mother died but have not been able to find out anymore of him or his siblings other than his half sister Winnie who was my grandmother

Re: Harris

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thanks that is the right family as my grandmother was Winifred. I am trying to see what happened to the other members after 1911
Gary Norman

Re: Harris

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Hi Gary

It's hard to find much until the next census record bu you might try searching Ontario deaths, in particular the area you see them in the 1911 census.

Best of luck.

Re: Harris

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since our last messages I did find Robert Ritchie Harris was killed in an explosion in 1909 in Toronto and that is why he is not on eht 1911 cencus with Eliz and the children.
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