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Victor and Frank A. Benben

Victor and Frank A. Benben

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Surnames: Benben, Kowalski
Am looking for ancestors to Victor Benben, born Mar 23, 1900 in Jedlica, Poland. He immigrated to the US in about 1902. His father was Frank A Benben, no other information about him, and his mother was Louise Kowalski. Victor lived in Nebraska all his life. He died July 31, 1994. We are unable to find anyone researching this family line and would appreciate help finding information. I am wondering if the town of Jedlica is not spelled that way or is no longer there. Possibly could be Jedlicze from maps I have looked at.?

BENBEN Family - from Jedlicze

Jerry Zaloga (View posts)
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Chris, Benben is Jewish, means "son son". There are two towns named JEDLICZE, no Jedlica. Use <Shtetlseeker - Towns - Distance> to find E. European villages. Zoom in a couple of times to get a real close up of neiboring villages and also put in map coordinates under "DISTANCE" to get Listout of nearby villages/ within 30 miles radius. Re Nebraska connection, suggest you contact local vital records there and also order SSDI folder from Washington DC. Maybe Benben was a shortened/ Anglosized name for something Polish - your guess is a good as mine. Check LDS/ Mormon FamilyHistoryLibraryCatalog to see if Jedlicze parish/synagogues were microfilmed for Salt Lake City.

BENBEN Family in Poland - CORRECTION

Jerry Zaloga (View posts)
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I want to correct myself re the BENBEN Family in Poland - "Families in Poland" shows 66 BENBEN families in Poland, as well as 87 BENBENEKs, and 48 BENBENKOWSKIs. Krosnin and Lodz Provinces show the most. We don't have phonebooks for these two Provinces.
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Surnames: Beben
Thanks for your information! What is "Families in Poland" - book? web address? I would like to look at the names.
We did find a paper at my mother's that was interpreted by a priest who knew Polish, and said that the name had been Beben. We did get couple more names - I don't have them with me at the moment. I appreciate your assistance.


Jerry Zaloga (View posts)
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Chris, "Families in Poland", specifically " Rodzjiny w Polsku" is a 10 volume encylopedia of all the surnames and their distribution in the 49 Provinces/Wojwoidzwu in Poland as of 1992. This set IS NOT on the NET but is found in a few POLISH organizations/Libraries, such as our Chicago Polish Museum Library have it. That is where I found the Benbens - 66 in Poland, Benbenek -87, and Benbenkowski - 48. These are not many names compared to the Kowalskis/Smiths which has about 500,000 in Poland. With only 66 Benbens I'd venture you're ALL RELATED. Now you through out another name - BEBEN - WHICH I did not look up. Please nail down as much specifics as you can - I volunteer Saturdays o9ften, at the Library located at 984 N.Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Il. 60622. Where are You located?

Thanks for Benben info!

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I live in Kearney, Nebraska. Thanks for all the information! It will give us more places to search for information. We appreciate your response!


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Surnames: Beben, Kowalski, Jastrzab, Sierecki
I'm posting this for you, this is the info that was taken off of the Baptismal Certicate.

Victors parents were Francis Beben and Louise (Ludwika, Ludovica) Kowalski. Francis was the son to Casimer Beben and Frances Jastrzab. Louise was the daughter to Joseph Kowalski and Sophie Sierecki. Of course no dates for any.

According to the Baptismal Certifcate of Victor's brother John, he was born in the District of Krosno, Territorial seat was Rzeszow so we shall assume that Victor was born in the same place.

Hopefully with a few more names added someone might have additional info.



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Surnames: Benben, Beben
My grandfather was John Benben (spelled Beben on his birth/baptismal certificate.) He probably arrived in the states in the early 1900's. It is my understanding that he had several brothers that also immigrated. He lived in W. Virginia, and I have been told by my uncle that his brothers moved elsewhere. There are Benbens in Chicago and Toronto from this same family. Do you know if Vitor Benben is one of these brothers?


kathy Watson (View posts)
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Surnames: Benben, Beben
First of all I am soooooo thrilled to hear from someone with the same surname in their family.

My Grandfather Victor Benben came over to America sometime around 1902 or 1903. He was around 2 when them came over from Poland and he was born in 1900. Along with him was his parents and his older brother John. Both of them on their baptismal papers it is spelled Beben. What I have been told is that their was a mark over/under the first e which gave it the sound of en, then apparently when they came to America the spelling was changed to Benben.

My grandfather has a cousin, I believe, that went to around the Chicago area but he changed his named when he arrived there. He was a catholic priest. I'm not aware of any Benben's in W. Virginia or in Canada but then again we don't know where my grandfather and his parents came into America at. We had thought Ellis Island but that proved to be false.

Besides John and my grandfather Victor there were Anton, Beranek, Thedore, Henry, William, Daisy, Phyllis, and Stella. I did that from memory so I may have missed one or two of the children. If any of this sounds as tho maybe it would fit it please send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

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Surnames: Benben, Binben
My grandfather had the same mark on his certificate as well. Infact, when my uncle was captured during WWII, the Germans thought that he was French. The spelling got changed to Benben and then Binben. I suspect there may be a relation here, but not sure where. My uncle is sending me the information he has gathered, so maybe I will find some of the names. I do know for a fact that some of my grandfather's family moved to Chicago and Toronto, and my uncle mentioned several brothers. After W. Virginia, they moved to Ohio where some of my mom's family still resides.
You may e-mail me with any info you have at:
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