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Sharing Gedcom files with Reunion...

Sharing Gedcom files with Reunion...

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my sincere apologies if this has been covered… I don't know how to search 'well' on this site yet.

In the VERY near future I'm hoping to import, and export, some gedcom files into my family tree.

Obviously I want to avoid redundancies. Here is the ONLY way I think I know to do this as of this time; and what I'm hoping for is a BETTER solution. (and frankly, I'm not sure my method will work).

To Import… Import into a NEW file. then delete redundancies except for ONE individual where it all comes together - then import into my full family tree, (my main tree), and then merge that ONE individual I left who is already included. Will this work?

How about exports? I think I know how to create, (mark) a group and export ONLY that group.. will this work for others so they avoid redundancies?

Perhaps another method entirely that hasn't occurred to me?

Thanks for any help… and again, sorry if this has been talked about a gazillion times… I couldn't find it. - JamesJM

Re: Sharing Gedcom files with Reunion...

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I don't know much about the import function, but as far as exporting from Reunion to Ancestry, this is what I do:

I actually use Reunion for all of my research and then save it to a gedcom file. I then trash what is on ancestry and upload my entire "new" gedcom file.

There are 2 problems that I ran into with this method:

1) any of the census, marriage, death, etc. records that were assigned to an individual are no longer attached.

2) notes that I have made in Reunion are not transferred to Ancestry.

I understand problem number 1. The program is unable to retain the attachments, because it is a new gedcom and starts over from scratch.

Problem number 2 however, is beyond me. I cannot understand why my notes are not transferred.

Don't know if any of this helps with your question, but I hope so.


Re: Sharing Gedcom files with Reunion...

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Classification: Query
I have the same problem with no notes being transfered! from Reunion to Ancestry

Did you find a solution??



Re: Sharing Gedcom files with Reunion...

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sorry to report that i have not :(
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