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First USA Yohes

First USA Yohes

Gary Yohe (View posts)
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Maybe I can help some of you researchers and you can help me. In the 70's I spent a great deal of time researching at the National Archives and the DAR in Washington D.C. At the time I wasn't concerned with sharing with others so I wasn't as careful as I should have been about recording sources and cross references. Subsequently, references were lost in several moves over the ensuing years, but this is what I found. Yohe was originally JOH(german). Two brothers Johann Adam Joh Johann Jacob JOh and a first cousin Johan Michel Joh emigrated from Erpacht (Erbach) Wirtemberg,Germany in the summer of 1749. They arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship Albany, Robert Brown, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes England. Took the oath to the government(English) on Saturday Sept. 2,1749 and had the J sound recorded as a Y. Thus Yoh and very shortly thereafter the e added. If anyone could help with some hard evidence to substantiate and/or refute this it would be helpful.
2.I found an Adam Yohe on a microfinch of the 1780 Pennsylvana census Married to a Mary Barnet who had at least two sons John and Adam. He was assesed 25 lbs. and was a shoemaker. Anyone having anything on these two would be appreciated.

The Yohe Family booklet by Ralph S. Yohe

Darlene Yohe (View posts)
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The first part of Ralph S. Yohe's booklet, giving the older Yohe family history up to the "Yohe's in Ohio" part:
The YOHE Family Compiled in 1955 by Ralph S. Yohe, Son of Irvin Yohe of Mt. Erie, Illinois, and Grandson of Luther Yohe.
Ralph S. Yohe served in the Navy from June 9, 1942. Discharged in 1946. As Associate Editor of Prairie Farmer, he not only thinks back to his home farm in Wayne county, Illinois; his agricultural training at the University of Illinois and two years in poultry improvement work. He recalls farm lessons learned from Greece to Lapland, for Ralph has traveled in many European lands. His stories and photos appear in Prairie Farmer and he broadcasts over WLS. Author of "What Farmers Can Learn from Other Lands".
The story of the Yohe family began in France. After four years of struggle and great persecution, the French Protestants, called Huguenots, were granted religious and political freedom in 1598, in a charter called the Edict of Nates.
But persecution again spread over the land under Louis XIV. Protestant churches were demolished. The Huguenots were stripped of their freedoms, their property confiscated. Large numbers of people fled the country.
Now let us move to the province of Baden in southwestern Germany. Great tragedy had descended on the villages nestled in the small valleys among the forested hills. Large numbers of villagers had lost their lives in the Thirty Years War. Whole families had perished in the plagues that frequently swept across Europe.
The local noblemen were short of workmen for their estates. They frequently welcomed the Huguenots fleeing from France.
In 1668, a group of Huguenots settled near Beerfelden in the Landkresse (County) of Erbach. In this group were people by the name of Joe (pronounced SHJO-A). It was the French name for Joseph. Protestant Huguenots frequently assumed biblical names.
It is not known how many people settled here by that name. But by the early 1700's there was at least one family by the name of Johe in every one of the six villages lying around Beerfelden.
In the early days parish ministers spelled names as they sounded. Often the local people could not even write their own names. It was not long before the name appeared in the records as Joh. Sometimes it appeared as Joens. In later times an "e" was added to Joh, no doubt to conform more to its original form. Frequently today in Germany the "e" is accented.
Here are the entries I found in the old parish records now yellowed with age.
Entries from Etzean Village
April 24, 1678- Hans Joe, father Jacob Joe, married Christina from Airlenbach village, father Hans Scheuermann.
July 23, 1723- Christina, wife of Hans Joh, died age 66 years, 7 months minus 6 days.
June 7, 1691- Born to Hans Joh and Christina, Hans Peter.
Entries from Village of Gammelsbach
February 9, 1718- Married to Hans Peter Joh from Etzean village Anna Elizabeth, father Hans Peter
Urich (probably should be Zior- the old records are frequently hard to read.)
December 29,1721- Born to Hans Peter Joh and Anna Zior, Johann Michel.
January 19, 1722- Anna Zior Joh, wife of Hans Peter died of a head disease, age 33 years.
Among the ship records of early immigrants coming from the Palantine (southwestern) section of Germany is the following list of family heads:
It can be found as list 127C in the book, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, R.B. Strassburger, Pennsylvania Germany Society, Norristown, PA. 1834(?hard to read) At the courthouse at Philadelphia. Saturday 2nd September, 1749.
Present: Thomas Graeme
Wm. Allen Esquires
The foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the ship Albany, Robert Brown, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes in England did this day take the usual oaths to the government. By the list 10S,(?hard to read) number of Souls 285,(?hard to read) from Erpache (Erbach) and Wirtemberg.
Johann Jacob Joh
Johann Adam Joh
Johann Michel Joh
The "J" was later changed to "Y" to correspond with its pronunciation. "J" in German has a "Y" sound. Michel in English is spelled Michael.
The next record is found among the persons naturalized in the province of Pennsylvania as having resided seven years, produced evidence of having taken sacrament of the Lord's Supper in some Protestant or reformed congregation, becoming natural born citizens of Great Britain:
"On 10th day of September, 1761, at the said Supreme Court (Philadelphia) before the said judges pursuance of the aforesaid Act of Parliament, the following persons Michael Yoh County Philadelphia sacrament when taken. 16 August 1761" Pennsylvania Archives I Series Vol. II. p. 363.
Adam and Michael were granted Penn patents in the original town lots of Easton, PA. It isn't known whether this was the original Michael or his son by the same name. The King of England had given Pennsylvania to William Penn for a debt. Penn in turn, gave patents to new settlers. The following entries can be found in the book, The Penn Patents in the Forks of the Delaware, A.D. Chidsey, Jr. Vol II. the Northampton County Historical Genealogical Society, Easton, PA 1937.
Yohy. Adam, lot 76
Yohe. Michael, lot 225
Patent deed for Lot 225 was conveyed to Michael Yohe October 20, 1789. paid 25 pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania. Recorded in office of Register of Deeds Northampton County, PA. Deed Book G., Vol I. p. 31. The lot was transferred by deed from Michael and Mary Yohe to Michael Traxel, April 13, 1795. Sold for 300 pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania. Recorded in Deed Book I Vol. 3 p. 223.- Register of Deeds, Northampton Co., Easton, PA.
The name appears again in old tax records.
Taxables in Northampton county, 1780, from History of Northampton Co., Pa. 1877
Yohe, Adam, Sr. shoemaker assessed value 350 pounds
Yohe, Adam, Jr. shoemaker assessed value 25 pounds
Yohe, Michael shoemaker, assessed value 232 pounds
Federal Tax Record, Tax List 1772-1787, Northampton and Northumberland counties,
1785, Village of Easton
Yohr, Adam Taxed for one horse and one cow
Yohr, Mich'l Taxed for one cow
(many inaccurate spellings occur in early records)
1786, Village of Easton
Yohe, Adam, tavern. Taxed for one house, two lots 18/9 sterling
Yohe, Mich'l. cordw. Taxed for one house, one lot 5/0 sterling (a cordwainer is a shoemaker)
The following account of Michael undoubtedly the son of the original Michael is given in Biographical Review of Pittsburgh, Pa. Vol. XXXIV. Boston 1897. pp. 315-316, and History of Stark County, Ohio.
Michael Yohe became a soldier during the Revolution under General George Washington and spent the winter at Valley Forge. He was in the Battle of Germantown, and served in the army until the close of the war.
Afterward he was sent to Pennsylvania to put down the whiskey Insurrection. In 1794 he camped in Washington county on the site where Mt. Zion Lutheran church later stood.
Later he settled in Washington county Pennsylvania, on a farm at Ginger Hill in Nottingham township, with his wife, Mary Shouse, also of Easton, Pa. The Ohio account says he finally moved and lived the remainder of his life in Monongahela City. Here he died at the age of 86. He and his wife are buried in an old German graveyard on what was once the Paul Williams farm.
Michael Yohe was on the list of members of Forks Township Company, 5th Battalion, Northampton county, Pa. Militia. Ordered to march July 20, 1778, from Captain Dickman's 5th Company, November 18, 1780.
His military record can be found in: Pennsylvania Archives, Series 3, Vol. XXX, pp. 6, 84, 186; Series 2, 121, 132, 140, 155, 179, 217, 371.
Michael Yohe born March 31, 1747, died December 14, 1833.
Mary Shouse, wife, born 1752, died April 17, 1823. Children: Isaac (married Anna Eliza Stecher, moved to Washington county, Pa.); Peter (married Susannah Stecher); Mary (Klechnery); Katharine; Elizabeth; Michael, Jr.; Jacob; Sarah; Abraham; Susannah (married George Weygandt); Margaret (married Jacob Weygandt); Will of Michael Yohe Register of Wills Office, Washington county, Pa.

Selections from

Darlene Yohe (View posts)
Posted: 970836521000
Selections from "A Frontier Village, Pre-Revolutionary Easton" by A.D. Chidsey, Jr. Vol III
pp. 28-29 Chapter: Easton Before the French and Indian War "The declaration of war against the Delawares was very distasteful to the Quaker members of the Assembly, and they with other prominent members of the Society of Friends, persuaded the Governor(Morris) to make overtures of peace to the Indians......Acting upon the advice of Captain Newcastle (Canachqyasy), the Governor selected Easton at the Forks as the place of meeting and the date July 24th (1756).....The Governor had his quarters at the Red Lion Inn. This Inn was conducted by Adam Yohe and was located at the northeast corner of Northampton and Hamilton (now 4th) Streets. There were but fifteen to twenty houses in Easton at the time of this conference."
p. 66 Chapter: John Lefevre, Tavern Keeper "John Lefevre must have absorbed some of the enthusiasm and optimism of his guests for he promptly decided to purchase a lot. ...he selected lot Number 76....The lot was located at the northeast corner of Northampton Street and a 20' alley (now Sitgreaves Street)...Lefevre never completed the transaction, and this lot was sold by the Proprietaries in 1765 to Adam Yohe...
pp.234-235 Chapter: Property Owners in Easton in 1776. Illustration of a map entitled "Key to Map of Easton in 1775" depicting an aerial drawing of the houses and business of Easton that are numbered. The "Legend to Key Map" Gretchen highlighted "6. Red Lion Tavern 19. Adam Yohe, Innkeeper 24. Michael Yohe, Residence"
p. 237 Chapter: Property Owners in Easton in 1776. This is a listing of names and occupations taken from the assessment of January 2, 1776 for Easton. Listed are "Adam Yohe, Taverner Michael Yohe, Shoemaker"
p. 239 "Number 6 William Parsons, acting as agent for Paul Miller, stocking-weaver, purchased this corner property in 1754 and Miller erected thereon a stone building which he used as a dwelling and tavern. In September of 1757 this property was conveyed to Adam Yohe, who had previously occupied the premises as a tenant. Yohe conducted a tavern which he called the Red Lion. This was Easton's principal hostelry during the French and Indian War. Yohe disposed of the property in 1760 to George Cungware...The first well in Easton was located in Northampton Street in front of this tavern. This well was somewhat of a public utility, for the cost of construction was borne by a number of the residents of the town and by the Proprietaries. The well was constructed in 1752. (Town Lot No. 165)"
p. 246 "Number 19 In 1772 Adam Yohe purchased this property from the estate of John Fricker. The consideration was one hundred pounds....The deed carried the "right" in a draw well in front of the tavern at the northeast corner of Northampton and Hamilton Streets... Yohe evidently removed the buildings and built a stone dwelling and a stone stable which, in 1783, he sold to his son Adam Yohe Jr. for the sum of eight hundred pounds. In 1776 Adam Yohe conducted an inn in this building. On February 3, 1794 Adam Yohe Jr. conveyed title to Robert Traill. (Town Lot No. 216)"
p. 248 "Number 24 Michael Yohe was a shoemaker and had married Mary, the daughter of Frederick Shouse, a stone mason. It was here that they lived and Michael kept his shop. Just when the residence was built is not known, but Michael Yohe established his title to the lot by securing a deed from the Penns in 1789. He sold the property on April 13, 1795 to Michael Traxel, a house carpenter. The consideration was three hundred pounds. On January 13, 1802, Michael Yohe requested the court to relieve him of the duties as administrator of the estate of Henry Bush, stating that he had moved three hundred miles from Easton. (Town Lot No. 225)"
p. 252 "Number 34 The father of Frederick Shouse was Adam Schaus who migrated to Pennsylvania from Albsheim in the Lower Palatinate about the year 1735. His wife Barbara and two sons, Philip and Frederick, came with him. He was a wheelwright (wagon maker) by occupation and settled at Faulkner's Swamp. In the spring of 1743 Adam Schaus settled in Bethlehem, where he and his son Philip helped Mr. Antes erect a grist mill. In 1745 Adam Schaus was ferryman for the Moravians and operated the ferry across the Lehigh River at Bethlehem. In 1760 we find him and his son Frederick in Easton. The father was an innkeeper and the son a mason in charge of the erection of the Moravian Building on south Ponfret Street (No. 9 of the Map). It is likely that Frederick Shouse succeeded his father as an innkeeper. However the assessment lists of 1774 and 1776 list him as a mason. The executor of his estate refers to him as a mason. It is probable that he helped in the construction of the Court House. Frederick Shous erected his own house on the north side of Northampton Street west of Hamilton. He wrote his will on February 18, 1788 and mentions the following children: Mary, the wife of Michael Yohe, his son-in-law, and the executor of his estate, sold this property to Christian Meixsell, shopkeeper, for the consideration of two hundred and fifty pounds. (Town Lot No. 219)"
p. 257 "Number 47 Henry Busch (Bush) lived in this house from 1757-1790......In 1790 he and his wife Eve sold the property to Jacob Sickman.....(Town Lot No. 102)" (Remember that on p. 248 "Michael Yohe requested the court to relieve him of the duties as administrator of the estate of Henry Bush, stating that he had moved three hundred miles from Easton." Also in Ralph S. Yohe's 1955 "The Yohe Family", under "The Yohe's in Ohio", he said Michael Yohe Jr., son of Michael Yohe and Mary Shouse, married Catherine Sickman in Pennsylvania.)
p. 257-258 "Number 48 In the year 1752, John Lefevre, the tavern keeper on the Wind Gap road at a point now in the Borough of Stockertown, secured a warrant for this lot. Adam Yohe purchased Lefevre's interest in this lot and a deed or patent was issued to him on October 30, 1765. On June 13, 1775, Yohe and his wife Christina sold the messuage and lot of ground to Henry Fullert....Henry Fullert was under-sheriff in 1772 and high-sheriff from 1774 to 1777. (Town Lot No 76)"
"Number 50 Frederick Nungesser is listed as a storekeeper and as a tavern keeper....In 1795, John Nungesser, a son of Frederick, in whom the title was then vested, sold the property to Adam Yohe, Innkeeper. ..(Town Lots Nos. 132 and 133)"
p. 261 "Number 59 In the list of 1776, Henry Barnet, tanner, is assessed with a house, two horned cattle, and two horses. The house was of stone and was located at the southwest corner of Hamilton and Bushkill Streets. He died intestate about 1801 and left a widow and the following children: John, William, Elizabeth, and Susanna. A daughter named Mary, who preceded him in death, had married Adam Yohe. Elizabeth became the wife of Conran Bittenbender and Susanna married Jacob Yohe. At the time of the death of Henry Barnet his real estate consisted of the stone house, six acres of land, a tanyard, and two lots in the Borough of Easton."
p. 264 "Number 65 Michael Lean (Lehn) wrote his will on March 13, 1781. It was probated April 24, 1784. He mentions his house and lot in Easton wherein he dwelt. He names a son Adam and a daughter Margaret who married Frederick Reeger. He also mentions his stepson Michael Yohe. Adam Lean, the son of Michael Lean was in possession of this lot in 1767 and the tax lists of 1763, 1772, 1774, and 1776 list him as a laborer. The conclusion is that Michael Lean lived in this property in 1776. (Town Lot No. 90)"

Thanks Darlene

Gary (View posts)
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Your material was wonderfully informative and substantiated my lineage that I had unfortunately lost the original data. It can be confusing as Adam Jr.(wife Mary Barnet) had a son Adam who had a son Samuel Adam who then had another Adam(My great grandfather). Too many Adams! Anyhow, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND INFO.

Adam Yohe line

Darlene (View posts)
Posted: 970852884000
Capt John Arndt's Co
Miltia raised at Forks Township. Met with disaster at the Battle for New York City in 1776 with many
killed or taken prisoner by the British.
Capt John Arndt
1st Lt Joseph Martin
2nd Lt Peter Kicklein
3rd Lt Isaac Shimer
Sgt Philip Arndt
Sgt Andrew Herster**
Sgt Andrew Keifer**
Sgt Robert Scott
Cpl Elijah Crawford
Cpl George Edelman
Cpl Jacob Kichline
Cpl Peter Richter
Drummer John Arndt*
Fifer Henry Allshouse*
Privates: Jacob Andrew; Isaac Berlin*; Conrad Bittenbender**; Adam Bortz*; Henry Bosh Jr.*; Philip Bosh**; Henry Bush Sr.**; John Bush*; Peter Byer**; Josiah Chass; Lewis Collins*; Samuel Curry*; M. Deal; Martin Derr**; Jacob Difford**; Jost Dornblaser; Benjamin Dupue; George Eddinger*; Jacob Engler*; Lawrence Erb**; George Essigh; A. Everts; John Falstich; James Farrel; Henry Fatzinger; J. Fraunfelter; Peter Frees**; Henry Fretz*; A. Frutchey**; George Fry**; Christian Harpel*; Christian Harpel 2nd*; John Harpel; James Hindshaw*; M. Kailor; Joseph Keller*; Peter Kern**; John Kessler; Isaac Koon*; Jacob Kreider*; M. Kress; Peter Lehr**; Daniel Lewis; Robert Lyle; J. McCracken; Jacob McFarran; Conrad Metz; John Middagh; Bernhard Miller; Jacob Miller; Joseph Miner*; Henry Onangst; Richard Overfield**; Abraham Peter**; Paul Reaser*; Philip Reeser; Frederick Riegert*; John Ross*; Christian Roth*; George Ryman; Daniel Sailor; George Shibly; Isaac Shoemaker; John Shurtz*; Henry Siegel; Conrad Smith; John Smith; Macheas Steininger**; Christian Stout; Joseph Stout**; Henry Strauss*; Thomas Sybert; Alexander Sylliman; James Symonton; Frederick Wagner*; Jacob Wagner; William Warrand*; Adam Weidknecht*; Henry Weidknecht*; Jacob Weidnecht**; F. Wilhelm*; Henry Wolf Jr.; Henry Wolf Sr.*; John Wolf*; John Yent; Valentine Yent; Adam Yohe

* Killed or taken prisoner at Fort Washington
** Killed or taken prisoner at Long Island
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume18 page 295
Mrs. Isabel Hickman Meyers.
DAR ID Number: 17805
Born in Easton, Pennsylvania.
Wife of Oliver H. Meyers.
Descendant of Maj. Robert Traill, Adam Heckman, Col. Peter Kichline, and Sergt. Andrew Herster, all of Pennsylvania.
Daughter of Edmund Heckman and Sarah Traill Yohe, his wife.
Granddaughter of Herman Schneider Heckman and Mary Butz, his wife; Adam Yohe and Isabella Traill Mengesser, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of John Heckman and Mary Schneider, his wife; David Butz and Mary Herster (1790-1868), his wife; Peter Mengesser and Sara Traill, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Adam Heckman and Elizabeth Krider, his wife; Peter Schneider and Susanna Kichline, his wife; John Herster (1758-1856) and Margaret Snyder (1769-1811), his wife; Robert Traill and Elizabeth Grotz, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Peter Kichline and Margaretta Kichline, his wife; Andrew Heister and Anna Maria Martseller (1736-1830), his wife (m. 1756).
Robert Traill, (1744-1816), was a member of the Committee of Correspondence and served as major of the Northampton county militia. He was born in Orkney Island, Scotland, and died in Easton, Pa.
Also No. 8592.
[p.295] Adam Heckman served as a fifer in the Northampton Associators, where he was born, 1758.
Peter Kichline, (1722-89), was a member of the Committee of Safety and colonel in the Flying Camp at Long Island, where he was wounded. He was born in Germany and died in Easton, Pa.
Also Nos. 11350, 14842.
Andrew Herster, (1726-76), served under Col. Peter Kichline in the battalion of Northampton Associators, and was captured at Long Island and died on a prison ship.

(No.8592= Mrs. Ellen Moffat Baum.
DAR ID Number: 8592
Born in Pennsylvania.
Wife of Henry Mason Baum.
Descendant of Maj. Robert Traill and of Lieut. Thomas Stewart, of Pennsylvania.
Daughter of Edward Farmer Stewart and Margaret Kennedy Runkle, his wife.
Granddaughter of John Stewart and Elizabeth Green, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Benjamin Green and Elizabeth Traill, his wife; Thomas Stewart and Rachel Farmer Dewees, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Robert Traill and Elizabeth Grotz, his wife.
Robert Traill, 1775, was clerk of the Committee of Observation and 1777 major of the Northampton county battalion.
Thomas Stewart, 1775, enlisted as a private and in 1780 was lieutenant of Bucks County Associators. )
PA German Church Records CD 130
St. Michaelis and Zion Congregation
Joh, John Adam married Seippen, Elisabeth Christina May 18 at Mount Holly. Witness: Jurg Michael Kampher (Reformed) , Anna Eva Oxin

Williams Township Congregation
Johe, Sarah Rosina, d John Adam and w. Christina. b March 11 baptized September 20. sp. Peter Hering and w. Anna Rosina. 1753
Land Warrants for Northampton Co., Pa. 1752 - 1886
Copied from the Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol.26
Name Acres Date of Survey
YOHE, Adam Lot No. 76 Oct. 23, 1765
YOHE, George 200 July 1, 1784
YOHE, George 100 July 1, 1784
YOHE, George 50 July 1, 1784
YOHE, Adam Jr. 200 July 8, 1784
YOHE, JOHN 400 Feb. 2, 1785
YOHE, Adam Jr. 200 Feb. 2, 1785
YOHE, Michael 400 March 29, 1785
YOHE, Jacob 30 March 6, 1786
YEHL, And'w (alias YEHE) 20 Dec. 15, 1790
YOHE, Adam 400 Oct. 11, 1792
YOHE, Adam 40 Oct. 31, 1792
YOHE, Adam 120 Oct. 31, 1792
YOHE, Adam 400 Feb. 26, 1793
YOHE, Adam 400 March 4, 1793
YOHE, Adam 400 Aug. 20, 1793
YOHE, Adam 400 Feb. 11, 1794

JOHE's of Beerfelden Area

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Hello Darlene,

I find your material on JOHE's from the Beerfelden area fascinating. I have traced my immigrant ancestor Johann Wilhelm JOHE to Hetzbach, a town whose church records are included in with the town of Beerfelden.

So far I am only back to about 1800 in the area, but the LDS films go back to 1675, so I just might be able to prove a connection. A fellow researcher also told me of the connection of the JOHE family to the French Hugenuots, but not with the detail you have provided.

Thanks for your post.

Reply to Darlene Yohe

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I want to thank you for selections from "A Frontier Village,Pre-Revolutionary Easton"
My Great+ was Michael Yohe the Shoemaker. I assume Michael and Adam were cousins. Is this correct?

2 Michael Joh/Yohe's creates Michael confusion

Darlene (View posts)
Posted: 984606595000
I was very reluctant to comment on source material, but this does need clarification.

Michael Joh/Yohe (b.1721) who immigrated on the ship "Albany" arriving Sept 2,1749, is the half brother of Georg Conrad Joh (1723-1750), father of Michael Yohe (b.1746) the shoemaker. Michael Joh/Yohe (b.1721) is a cousin to both Jacob Joh/Yohe (b.1724) & his brother Adam Joh/Yohe (b.1722), the three immigrating together to Philadelphia from what is now Germany.

Michael Yohe (b.1746), the shoemaker, immigrated as a child with his mother Maria Barbara Johan/Joh & stepfather Michael Lehn/Lean/Lien arriving Oct 26,1754 on the "Mary & Sarah" at Philadelphia. Michael Yohe (b.1746) is the son of Maria Barbara Johan/Joh and her 1st husband Georg Conrad Joh (1723-1750), they MAY be cousins. There were other family members who also immigrated at that time.

Michael Yohe (b.1746), the shoemaker, married Maria Shouse in Easton, and in 1795 they moved to Washington Co., their children moving on westward to OH, IL, IA, and now very scattered.
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Thank you Darlene for your reply. I am a direct descendent from Michael and his son Isaac.

Descendants of Isaac Yohe

Darlene (View posts)
Posted: 984748470000
If you have any corrections for what I have, please let me know. Write me at and I'll give you the name of a Yohe researcher who specializes in your line.

Descendants of Isaac Yohe

1 Isaac Yohe b: May 23, 1790 or April d: Jan 12, 1856
.. +(Elizabeth) Anna Elizabeth Stecher b: May 26, 1793 or 27th, or 7/3/1793 d: June 15, 1863 Father: (Lewis) Captain Ludwig Melchoir Stecher Mother: Maria
(Mary) Mellinger
. 2 (Mary) Anna Maria Yohe b: Dec 11, 1813 or 11/12/1813 d: March 18, 1841 or 7th
..... +Jacob Weygandt/Weyghandt b: Aug 24, 1810 d: Jan 18, 1845
. 2 Michael Yohe b: Oct 2, 1815 d: Nov 29, 1883
..... +Phoebe Jane McConnell b: Feb 4, 1825 d: Oct 30, 1901 Father: John McConnell Mother: Cynthia Williams
. 2 Lewis Yohe b: Sep 7, 1817 d: 1827
. 2 Daniel Yohe b: Dec 5, 1819 d: July 15, 1901
..... +Margaret Ann Russell McPherson b: March 16, 1825 d: May 04, 1867 Father: Robert McPherson Mother: Mary Russel
. 2 Samuel Yohe b: Jan 29, 1822 d: Jan 22, 1856 or 23rd
..... +Cassandra Huffman b: Nov 24, 1828 or 30 Nov 1829 d: Feb 16, 1897 or 1 Mar 1871 Father: Solomon Huffman Mother: Mary Anne Kelly
. 2 Isaac Yohe b: Oct 23, 1824 d: Dec 29, 1903
..... +Anne/Annie Jane Keller b: c1838 Father: George A. KELLER Mother: Margaret Waltman
. *2nd Wife of Isaac Yohe:
..... +Miss Leah d: June 01, 1857
. 2 Abraham Stecher Yohe b: June 6, 1827 or 1/6/1827 d: March 12, 1912
..... +(Gloria) Louisa Glovina/Glovinia Perry b: March 22, 1828 d: Nov 2, 1902
. 2 Jacob Weygandt Yohe b: Sep 21, 1829
..... +Elisabeth Stoody Father: Jacob Stoody Mother: Barbara Long
. 2 David D. Yohe b: March 17, 1832 d: Aug 7, 1868
..... +Martha J. Porter d: Aft. Aug 7, 1868
. 2 John Sommers Yohe b: March 28, 1834 d: Sep 25, 1918
..... +(Anthia) Cynthia A. Teeple/Temple
. *2nd Wife of John Sommers Yohe:
..... +Ruth (5 wives Cynthia Brasher/Brashear, another wife Hanes)
. *3rd Wife of John Sommers Yohe:
..... +Lucy A. Daily
. *4th Wife of John Sommers Yohe:
..... +Amanda S. Behanna b: 1845 d: Oct 20, 1902
. *5th Wife of John Sommers Yohe:
..... +Mulhulda Byars
. 2 Elizabeth Yohe b: Feb 21, 1837 d: July 18, 1872 or 1869
..... +John B Linhart b: Jan 7, 1836 d: March 24, 1915 Father: Philip Linhart Mother: Eliza Huttenhower
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