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I have information on the cofields and coffields of GA and TX. They originally came from Bertie county N.C. around 1790 to 1800. These originally came from Isle of Wight County, Va. I and my family still live near the original site that the Cofields settled in the 1700's. I have a tremendous amount of early Cofield information and will be glad to share it with you. Due to my schedule, I ask that people email me directly at



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Am seeking the ancestors of John G. COFIELD (B. 30 Dec 1813 in GA; M. ca 1839 to Eleanor Gray WHITE B. 29 Feb 1822 NC D. Sept 1860 Houston Co, GA) I have found records of this family in both Houston Perry Counties. I was told many years ago by an elderly cousin that the family came from NC or SC to GA and then to Red River Co, TX. William and John seem to be two names which are repeated often down the generations. Another cousin stated that originally in England, the name was spelled SCOFIELD but the "S" was dropped when they arrived in this country. Whatever help you would be willing to provide or suggest would be greatly appreciated as to where to look next.

Cofields of Virginia

G.J. COFIELD JR. (View posts)
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I have been researching the cofield, Coffields, Cofiels for some years. I currently live not far from where our family history tells us that all the cofields in the U.S. started at. William Cofield and his sister Elizabeth are recorded coming here in 1754 and settling in ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY VA. Some of William G. Cofields descendents went into N.C. around Bertie County in the late 1700's and early 1800's. In our around 1810 to 1813 there where several deaths of Cofields and in all the wills a Thomas J. Cofield shows up as executor of the esates. We believe him to be a son or grandson of William G. Cofield Sr. He is the one who we believe went to N.C. We are currently researching the Cofields of N.C. and are finding that all the black and white Cofields are all blood related. Seems that sometime in the early to mid 1800's two Cofield brothers that were share croppers where offered a large sum of money to marry an indians mans daughters. This mans name is still not known. But we have found that he had a black wife. I have heard this story consistantly from blacks and white for several years. It appears that the Klan got involved and at least one brother fleed to Ga. One of the ones who fleed is most likely John G. Cofield. It is rumored that in Ga., whatever Cofields that fled married into a welath southern plantation family. This must be true, who can resist a Cofield mans charms. Please email with any information that you may have to add to the growing history of the Cofields.

gresham cofield

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now i just started my research on the cofields and it does seem like we are all related (balck/white) now my research points to a Gresham Cofield of nansemont county virginia who was born around 1752 and died in twiggs county georgia in 1814. do you have any info on him or any other cofield because it seems like every cofield i look up they all lead back to gresham. thanks and any info would be appreciated. thanks cousin

John Cofield

Tonya Reliford (View posts)
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Hello my great great grandfather was named John Cofield. John was reportedly from the Norfolk, VA. area. Later he moved to Campti, Lousiana. He married Gracie Allen from the Campti area. We are trying to establish a John Cofield reunion and are trying to find the orignal descendants of John. We are not sure of John's siblings if there were any. Please let us know if you have any information on John Cofield of Norfolk or somewhere in that area. We know that John had some kids and here are there names, (boys) Lee, Andrew, Ruby, Clarence, (girls) Modest, Elvira,Alberta. We know that out of the Cofield's descending from John and Gracie that all of them remained in the Campti, Louisiana area except for Lee who went to Natchitoches, La. Alberta moved to Zwolle, La and married an Evans, and Clarence moved to New Mexixo not sure of exact location. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: gresham cofield

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Gresham's son is my Great GrandfatherThomas Gresham Cofield . He is buried in our family cemetery .Mars Hill in Philcampbell Alabama.
His Daughter MaryCofield Whitten was my Grandmother. She is also buried in the same cemetery ,along with My Grandfather George J Whitten . Thomas Gresham was in the 7th cal. of Alabama In the Civil war.His marker doesn't give his birth or death date.

Re: gresham cofield

William Gilbreath (View posts)
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In the middle 1700s there were four main Coffield/Cofield families in Nansemond County VA. Your Gresham, undoubtedly was the son of Daniel and can be traced back to Gresham Coffield who came to VA about 1632-as the family lands (near the now Driver VA) were held until the 1780s when sold by your Gresham, who moved (I believe) first to NC. I feel his wife was Charity. Do you have further info.
I guessed his birth to be 1750 as he is shown as "orphan of Danl, deceased' in a 1769 document

Re: John Cofield

William Gilbreath (View posts)
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When about did your John Cofield leave Norfolk?

Re: gresham cofield

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Bill, I'm impressed with your knowledge of the Coffields of Nansemond Co., VA. I descend from Benjamin Coffield of Edgecombe Co., NC through his son Gresham who went to Kentucky. Benjamin had a brother Spier from Nansemond Co. Do you have any idea who the father of this Benjamin and Spear were?
Another interesting twist is that when Gresham, son of Benjamin went to Kentucky, Charles Coffield, son of Slaughter Coffield also went with him. That would lead me to believe that Slaughter was somehow related to this Benjamin and his son Gresham.
You stated that there were 4 main Coffield families in Nansemond in mid 1700s. Could you tell me more of these 4 Coffields?

Re: John Cofield

Tonya (View posts)
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Hello, This truly was a surprise to get an answer. I am not sure exactly how old my great grandfather was, I only know that he was born in 1890 or somewhere about that time give or take a few years. Please help with any information.
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