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Surname help

Surname help

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Surnames: Shavinski
I've run into a brick wall on my grandmother. According to Frostburg, MD 1900&1910 census her parents came from Hungary. I can't find anything on them before 1900. Census says Stephen Shavinski immigrated in 1887, and Catherin(e?) in 1891. A couple questions if anyone could help:
1. Is Shavinski a real Hungarian name, or is it close to one that could have been "Americanized" when he got here?
2. Catherines maiden name is Modesky on one of her boys SS application, and Maadah on another. Again, does either of these come close to an Hungarian name?
I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me out.

Re: Surname help

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A real Hungarian surname!?

"Hungary" was a much different place prior to 1918. It was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire along with the Austrian Crown ruled a large area of central and east Europe. That Empire had 12 official languages. That Empire inc. all or parts of modern day countries of Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep, Slovak Rep, Romania, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, and "Yugoslavia". And anyone coming from there would be identified as a citizen of either Austria or Hungary (sometimes depending on which crown, Austrian or Hungarian crown ruled that area). However many times on immigration paperwork ignored the rule of those crowns and simply stated that an individual was from Hungary or Austria. However at Ellis Island, which did not begin ops until 1892,the passenger manifest would many times identify "race of people" which we would call ethnicity today. So researching "Hungary" of that area would be like someone researching America 100 years from today and asking "is that a real American name?"

I realize that the people you are researching predates Ellis ops but there may be some value in looking up the name there. However SHAVINSKI does not appear there. While my knowledge of Slavic languages is limited to a bit of Croatian I can tell you that SH is not used BUT there is a version of S which has a SH sound. So SAVINSKI does appear there, race Polish, SAFINSKI Polish, SAVINSKY Russia, SEVINSKI Russian, SZOVINSKI Magyar.

Oh Magyar is the proper term for ethnic Hungarians. Also I mentioned Slavic people and languages the Magyar (what we may call Hungarian are not Slavic people and there langauge is not a Slavic language).

I also tried MODESKY search at Ellis and again came up with zero listings. So it would appear that you have non-original spellings or the transcribers at Ellis have mis-spelled those names. But if you try the Ellis site you may gain at least an insight into where people came from and their given names.

So as you can see there are several possibilities.

Here is a link to the old Empire so you can see what we have been discussing.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland, Ohio

Re: Surname help

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Surnames: Modesky
Working on Joseph Modesky: possibly Budapest, Hungary B. 1886: immigrated 1899-1907. Father's name listed as "John" on his SS app. Mother's name unk. Cannot find in EIDB in any variation. Entered via another port? First record in Wi with birth of daughter 1910, but was married 1908 Where? Was Catherine a sister? The Florida Modeskys not related-their name was changed at entry.

Re: Surname help

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My language professor always said ... i - Hungarian
y Polish. My husband's mother' father, as was the grandfather were Polish and I have the birth certicate that proves he was born in Poland. Last name ended in i.

Re: Surname help

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Surnames: Batis - Shavinski - Cowan - Gallager(sp?)
I started my family tree Yarger/Paschall with some success. Paschall Clan is from Henry Country, Tn. Yarger Clan ended up w/Presidential Land Grant in Perry Country, Ohio. Now I am trying to do son's branch with no success. His father, e.e. Batis was born in Germany and married Florence M. Shavinski - probably in Pn. Son's father born in Pn. Uncle was named after the father ... Eugene Batis
Son's wife, Wendy A. Cowan, thought to be adopted, was raised by Thomas & Mary Cowan, now living in Mansfield, Ma.
Thomas & Mary also raised a son named David. Thomas is thought to have been born in Maine. Mary is thoughtto have been born in Philadelphia, Pa. into the Gallager Family. All spellings correct with possible misspelling of Gallager.

Re: Surname help

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Hello Thelma,
Your language prof. sorry to say was wrong, Hungarian uses both i and y name endings. The huge RADIX Surname Index, which deals mostly with historical Hungary years around 1900, lists the following:
Viewing individual record
Name Locality Time frame Type of information Length
Sawinszky János Budapest Between WW1 WW2 Employment information 2 rows
The directory of the employees of the City of Budapest : 1944 : As of 1 January 1944 / published by Nándor Szelényi. - Budapest : printed in the Press of the City of Budapest, [1944]. - xiv, 346 p. ; 24 cm]
Starting volume and / or page number:
p. 79
Description of the publication:
This publication is the directory of the employees of the City of Budapest. It includes the following information about the employees: dates of birth, joining the city administration, last promotion, payment class, rank, private address."

János Sawinszky (in Hung. last name goes first) is probably not your Shavinski, but a good example how it would be spelled in Hungary and/or Poland.

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