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Ancestors from Filadelfia of Catanzaro, Calabria & other surrounding areas

Ancestors from Filadelfia of Catanzaro, Calabria & other surrounding areas

Carmela (View posts)
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I am currently actively seeking knowledge about the following family surnames:

Those that I am aware of being *definitely* directly related to are; MALACARIA, CARCHEDI, FRUCI, MASTRANDREA, CARUSO, TACHI, RONDINELLI, GIAMPA, CERVELLO (or SERVELLO) and MONTELEONE. Those that are a *possibility* of being ancestors are; SERRATORE, DENISI, MAZZOTTA, RUSCIO, JELOPI, ANELLO, BONELLI and DASTOLI.

Most of the names listed above, as far as my knowledge extends thus far, come from the Filadelfia area of Provincia di Catanzaro of Calabria in Italy. Though it is quite possible that some may have also resided in Sicilia, Roma, and/or Champagna.

Any info, or researched ancestary on any of the above family names, that could be shared would be greatly appreciated.

If a reply is posted, please contact me directly through email also at

Maybe we can find a link. Thanks!

SURNAME: Anello; Filadelfia

Carmela (View posts)
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Surnames: ANELLO
Thus far, my only knowledge concerning the ANELLO surname is that someone in my family recalled a possible distant connection/relation with someone of that name. Perhaps if your friend could share alittle more background info on her branch of ANELLO's we might find a connection.

She should also take a look at the other names I posted and see if she might recognize any of those names as the possible connection.

I'm sorry to say that as of right now, I do not have any further info on the ANELLO connection to my tree. Please do let me know if she needs any further info on Filadelfia and if she (or others in her family) recall and/or recognize any of the other names as a possible link.

SURNAME: Anello; Filadelfia

Posted: 918820800000
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Surnames: Anello
I am actually posting this for a friend who is computerless. She has been trying to find this village (Filadelphia of Catanzaro) for some time and I happened to notice you have a possibility of a connection to the name Anello. Do you have much on this surname?

SURNAME: Caruso; Filadelfia

Aldo V. Caruso (View posts)
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Surnames: Caruso, Fruci, Servello, Anello, Dastoli
I was born in Filadelfia, Calabria, in 1949. I have three sisters and one brother, all residing in Ontario, Canada. One of my sisters is married to Carmello Servello. The other sister is married to Domenic Fruci. Both of my brothers in law were born in Filadelfia. Our family is also related to the Anello families of Filadelfia. We have connection to the
the Denisi and Dastoli families as well.
I will have to talk to my sisters to get more information. I will post additional information as I receive it.

Francesco and Domenica Leo Rondinelli; Calabria > USA

Judi Aldi (View posts)
Posted: 957700800000
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Surnames: Rondinelli
I am looking for my father's grandparents Francesco and Domenica Leo Rondinelli's town of origin in Italy which is one of the small "hamlets" of Decollatura in Calabria, Italy. If you find that any of your ancestors are from this part of Italy we are probably related. My brother and I are searching for my grandmother's first husband, now deceased, Antonio (Anthony) Rondinelli who may have moved to California.

Caruso; Benevento

Jeanne Caruso Lewin (View posts)
Posted: 958737600000
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Are you related to the Caruso's from Benevento ?

Servello; Filadelfia

sharon sanders (View posts)
Posted: 979905600000
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Surnames: Servello, Anello, Costa, Rondinelli
I too am in search of family members residing in Filadelfia, Italy. I will be visiting Filadelfia shortly and am trying to put together our family tree. So far this is what I know.
My great-grandfather was Vincenzo Servell/his wife was Carmela Anello. I was told she was a mid-wife in Filadelfia. Maybe also called Anna.
My grandfather was Francesco Antonio Servello. He was born 8/7/1884 died in 1962.
His wife, my grandmother was Francesca Maria Concetta Servello. She was born 6/8/1882. died approx 1927.
Her parents were Giuseppe Servello and Lucrezia Costa.
My grandfather had one brother and one sister that I know of. The sister (Mary) married Louis Rondinelli, also of Filadelfia. They had three sons, Vincent, Dominic and Joeseph. They all resided in Norwood, Mass. Vincent is the only residing son. He lives in Florida. He has told me that there are relitives in Canada. He may have lived with his grandmother (Anna) in Naples later on.
My Grandfather had cousin(s) in Wisc. and also maybe Norwood.
His brother, Carmello, married Antonia (?) in 1957 in Filadelfia.
My Grandfather had cousins, Carmello, Teresa, and Josephine.
My Aunt, his second oldest daughter, is Sister M. Nicola (Grace Servello). She is residing in Tacoma, WA.

Any information you may have that might connect us, please contact me via my E-mail address or my cousin, Jim Thomas via his E-mail address

We will be leaving for Italy the end of March.

SURNAME: Caruso; Filadelfia

sharon sanders (View posts)
Posted: 984830400000
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Surnames: servelo, anello, fruci
Hi Aldo, I did speak with your brother in law a few weeks ago when I was visiting my cousin in CA. He was going to contact me with the information that he has on the Servello family of Filadelfia, Italy. I have not heard from him, but after talking with more of my cousins and Aunt, I find that there is, or was a Fruci family living in Spokane, WA. I have not as of yet contacted them. They were cousins on my Grandmother's side of the family. Her mother was an Anello and her father was also a Servello.

I have also found that there were other brothers and possibly one more sister. The sister was named Rosa and did not leave Filadelfia, Italy. A brother Carmello, Vincenzo, Ross(Rossini) and a brother Ralfial possibly of my grandmother's side of the family.

Does any of this information fit anything you may know? Also, I would like to know where your brother in law got the Servello family book? If you could let me know that, I would realy be appreciative.

Good luck!

Ancestors from Filadelfia

Vittoria Caruso (View posts)
Posted: 986212800000
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Surnames: Caruso, Carchedi, Servello, Bonelli, Mazzotta
Hi, my name is Vittoria Caruso and I am very interested in your posted message.

You are looking for ancestors from Filadelfia.

Well I can say that I have a connection with several of the names you have listed.

My parents, Foca Caruso and Anna Carchedi were both born in a small town just below Filadelfia, called Francavilla Angitola.

My fathers parents were both from Francavilla Angitola and were called Vincenzo Caruso and Vittoria Bonelli. My grandfather died in 1988 but my grandmother who is now 96 is still alive.

They had nine living children in total and are spread out far and wide.

My mothers family on the other hand was rather smaller.

My grandparents were Francesco Carchedi and Teresa Caruso. Grandad was from Filadelfia and grandma from Francavilla Angitola. Grandads's father Foca was from Filadelfia and had five sons. One is still living in Filadelfia and is called Rocco. There is only one other remaining called Domenico and he is living in England. My grandad's half sister Vincenza married a man by the name of Mazzotta and lived in Curinga but I don't know much more than that.

Grandma's mother was called Anna Servello and came from Francavilla Angitola. She had a sister called Vittoria.

I am actually trying to locate my fathers grandfather, Giuseppe Caruso. He left Francavilla Angitola in approximately 1905 and sailed to New York. I believe he lived in Newark but that is about all I know. If you know any more about him I would love to hear from you or if you would like more information about any of the above please e-mail me.

Salvatore Monteleone aka Sam Monte; Fabrizia

John Monte (View posts)
Posted: 988113600000
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Surnames: Monteleone, Monte
My Grandfather came from a town called Fabrizia, Italy he came to the US when he was around 17 to 18 years old and his name was change to Sam Monte. His real name was Salvatore Monteleone. Maybe you might have more information on him. Email me I will have then name of his brother.
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