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Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

Posted: 1336853142000
Classification: Death
Surnames: Marnell
Where can I view attestation records for my grandfather,
Joseph M. Marnell. Born, 1875, Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland.
Also, I am trying to find a death certificate. Where else can I search?

I cannot find a date of death (certificate or registration) for my paternal grandfather. I find almost everyone else, his wife (my grandmother), etc. He served in the Boer War and I have this information.
Marnell, Joseph
Soldier No. 34481
Rank: Trooper
Unit: 74 Company (Dublin) 8 Battalion Imperial Yeomanry
QSA Medal

Thanks, Alice Marnell Galcik

Re: Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1336915486000
You’ve jumped the gun by posting your second message, I was going to suggest you obtain his attestation and discharge papers to confirm the person who served in the IY is in fact your relative.

Imperial Yeomanry attestation & discharge papers are not presently online and only exist at the National Archives, Kew in document series WO 128 War Office: Imperial Yeomanry, Soldiers' Documents, South African War. The records are filed in order of service number that in your case you already have, but for the benefit of others there is an index in document series WO 129.

The record you need is in:

WO 128/111 War Office: Imperial Yeomanry, Soldiers' Documents, South African War; Regimental Numbers 34,391 - 34,630.

In theory you can order a copy via the NA’s web site by first requesting a free estimate, see click on “ordering and viewing options”and follow instructions, but I fear all you will get is a response informing you that extracting his particular page is classed as research and requesting you to submit a further estimate and their fees are very high. For details of their research and a list of independent researchers see

By checking all the web sites of listed companies specialising in military research you will find at least one that does a fixed price package for obtaining Imperial Yeomanry papers; to find one quicker web search for - military research on line.

As to a death registration, you ask “Where else can I search?”. Well where have you looked up to now?

You appear to be relying on “family lore” and from experience I can tell you that that not all may not be as clear as you think; keep an open mind.

If you have not already done so, I also think you should carry out a full search of the British Army campaign medal rolls from the WO 100 series that are on Ancestry, that should pick up if there are other Marnell soldiers who served in other regiments during the Anglo-Boer war 1899-1902.

Re: Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

Posted: 1336919978000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Marnell
Thank you for the information. I will try the sites/links you suggested.

My father (Joseph's son) had, and I still have,
a picture of his father in uniform. My father always said he was in the Boer War.

Regarding death certificate: I have searched on and have had success finding Joseph's wife, Christina, his parents, etc., but I cannot find a death registration for him. I recently thought that maybe that story about a mental hospital was true and for some reason the death reg. is not on-line. I'll keep searching. I,earlier this morning, filled out an inquiry form on PRONI
and GRO.

Again, thanks for all of your help. Alice Marnell Galcik

Re: Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

Posted: 1336922552000
Classification: Query
PRONI & GRO is that GRO England & Wales or GRO Ireland at Rosscommon? Web site at

I'm not sure if Ancestry actually have a full transcription of all of Ireland's (PRONi & GRO Eire) indexes to Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations.

Good Luck

Re: Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Marnell
Good Morning:
I did not find my grandfather's (Joseph Marnell) death registration yet, but I did find him in the 1901 Census of Ireland. (I already placed him in the 1911 Census of Ireland with his wife and son.)
1901 Ireland Census -
It's a Military Barracks - Yeomanry Barracks)
Resident's of house 1012 Curragh, Part of (Ballysax East, Kildare)
Marnell, Joseph, age 26, Roman Catholic, Birthplace: Antrim, Clerk, not married. On page 10 of Barrack's Return.
It was interesting, since I did not see this before.
Thanks, Alice

Re: Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

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Classification: Query
Ties in nicely with him shipping out to SA aboard the Hawarden Castle in June 1901.



Re: Joseph M. Marnell, Imperial Yeomanry

Posted: 1337172074000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Marnell

Thanks Jeff: I'll build my little file on him yet!
Good information that would have been hard for me
to get to.

Alice Marnell Galcik
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