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REID/READ - BAMPTON England to Newfoundland

REID/READ - BAMPTON England to Newfoundland

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My REID family of Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, Canada are descendants of William Henry REID born around the first week of February 1793 in England as per his burial record, buried December 21, 1883, Norris Point, Newfoundland at age 90 years minus 5 weeks as per Church of England parish records.

I have been researching our family for over 30 years and have not been able to find his origin in England. The first recorded event is his marriage in 1827 where his name is listed as Henry READ. All other records after that as his name listed as William with most records after 1848 with the surname spelt as REID, which is also the current day spelling.

There are a various numbers of oral history stories about William REID 1794 – 1883 William, a fisherman, arrived in Bonne Bay by June 4, 1871 (three members of the REID family were witnesses to the baptism of Lorenzo RUMBOLT at that date). He was the first settler of Deep Water Cove in the south-arm, opposite Woody Point. William was a native of England, settled in Conception Bay on arrival in Newfoundland. He later moved to Quirpon, then Canadian Labrador and finally Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, where he died in 1883, at Deep Water Cove. His family abandoned Deep Water Cove in the 1890's and settled at Neddies Harbour, Bonne Bay, just a little further to the north.

William (BRAMPTON) REID came from London, ENGLAND to Conception Bay to Quirpon to Labrador to Bonne Bay.

According to oral history, William REID's surname was originally BAMPTON. His father, an elite gentleman of London, married a servant girl REID. The marriage was condemned by many, as she was not good enough to marry a person of his social position. Consequently, their son, William, disturbed by this, changed his name to REID.

According to oral history, William REID's (1794 - 1883), parents were William BAMPTON and Sophia REID, (as per Clarence REID).

According to oral history, William REID jumped ship in Newfoundland and took his mother’s maiden name.

According to oral history, William jumped ship in Savage Cove, went ashore and covered himself with a punchin' tub, he went to Quirpon, there was also a Frenchman who went to St. Anthony. He went from Quirpon to Labrador fishing and went to Mutton Bay to winter. The next year he crossed the straits and went to Bonne Bay. He sent his son back to England in the winter time to get his education.

All of the older families always said that William had sent his oldest son Timothy REID 1829/30 – 1906 back to England for an education. Tim’s family bible still exist that was presented to him during his stay in England, apart from the family births printed in the bible is the following statement “Timothy READ from A.S.H. Poole, England, 1844”. From the front of the bible and on the bottom of the page is the following; Diamond Twenty-Fours M.DCCC.XL; M.DCCC.XL equals 1840.

If Timothy READ attended school at your church in 1841 – 1844 are there any records of this that may contain information as to whom is father was and if any info where his father was a native of.

I have found a copy of the 1841 census which list a Timothy READ that could be a match to my great-great grandfather Timothy REID 1829/30 - 1906 with the following citation: Class: HO107; Piece 294; Book 12; Civil Parish: St. James; Foloi 29; Page 2; Line 23; GSU roll: 241343. There Timothy, age 11, is living at Old Orchard with a schoolmaster Josiah PENNY, he is also listed as not being born in England.

If this info is related to Tim, then we know he was there in the 1841 census to possibly 1844 the date his bible was presented to him.

Any shipping records that may contain his arrival(s) and departure(s).

Where he would have been taught, possibly nearby St. James Church at The Quay, if so possible church records may exist, thus leading to more details about his English father and his origin.

I am not sure how much you can help, or if I need to hire a professional researcher.

Alexander REID-PAYNE
P O Box 6332
Fort McMurray
(780) 750-7548

PS: This is the only BAMPTON – REID marriage that I was able to find where the dates would match, but it may not be related. William BAMPTON married Elizabeth READ in Amesham, Buckinghamshire, England February 5, 1784

Re: REID/READ - BAMPTON England to Newfoundland

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Can't say that I can help much but a few observations might help broaden the picture. The Newfoundland Trade was the heart of Poole's prosperity but this began to dwindle in the 1840's. The pillars in St James Church are actually trees hewn and brought to Poole from Newfoundland. The first school was St James Church School, but as far as I am aware, did not exist until after the time Timothy was there. Until the Education Act of 1887, few people in Poole could read or write. Poole hosted the first Quaker Meeting House in Dorset and the PENNY family were prominent Quakers. I have seen records of their land purchases and sales etc. Once you hit the Quakers, that is usually the reason for the brick wall. Timothy would have come to Poole due to some connection with either family or religion. I did find a REED family in the 1841 Census, headed by an Edward REED. If you go to, you can see for yourself. At that time Josiah Penny was just 20 years old and a COOPER. You will also see that the Pennys were usually of independant Means.

If Timothy got an education, it would have been private or through the Quakers. The Quaker Records for Dorset are held by The Family History Centre at Dorchester. They can do lookups/research for a modest fee. Timothys arrival might have been recorded at a Meeting.

My own brick walls are because of the Quaker ancestry. That needs a lot of understanding. I was quite baffled that Quakers married in C of E Churches until I understood about the inheritance laws of the time - Quaker marriages were not recognised by the Law. They had to marry in Churches or their wives and children could not inherit.

Hope it helps - I live in Poole and local history is a foible.


Re: REID/READ - BAMPTON England to Newfoundland

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My cousin from Norris Point, now living in Rocky Hr., Bonne Bay has done extendsive research on the Read history maybe she can help. You can contact her as...M. Wight, PO Box 26, Rocky Hr., NL

Good Luck

Re: REID/READ - BAMPTON England to Newfoundland

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Surnames: Reid Brown
Strangely enough this is the same story my mother tells of our ancestry. She used to say that when I walked I reminded her of her Grandfather Timothy (for whom I'm named) coming in from the field. She was born in Nfld to George Brown and Dorothy Elizabeth Reid. Curiosity has me asking if members of your family are naturally esoteric?

Re: REID/READ - BAMPTON England to Newfoundland

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Surnames: READ, REID
Very interesting reading.

I am searching for ANN READ (born 1845) in Newfoundland.
She married Thomas UNWIN. They lived in Newfoundland long enough to have four children there. The Eldest was my G.G.Grandmother, Elizabeth UNWIN born (1866), Mary J UNWIN (1868), Marie or Maria UNWIN (1869), and Fanny UNWIN (1871). All 4 daughters were born in Newfoundland. My G.G.Grandmother was born in St Johns.

In 1872, The Family moved to Birmingham, where Thomas UNWIN was from. However, I am hoping to find his wife, ANN READ/REID. (Ive seen both spelling in various New Zealand records, which is where they eventually ended up).

Im naturally esoteric by the way. Clairaudient, and have just become voyant; with hands. ie: when I focus on an event or an energy, I see the movement of the hands.

The stories here sound amazing. It would be nice to share DNA with such interesting people.
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