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Rhone Family

Rhone Family

Kenneth W. Rhone II (View posts)
Posted: 960891391000
My name is Kenneth W. Rhone II,
My father was Kenneth W. Rhone,
His father was John Orvis Rhone,
His father was John Rhone.
John Rhone had three large farms located in Pottersdale, and Pine Glen Pa.
He was a farmer, lumberman, coal miner, and drilled for gas.
He at one time owned all mineral rights from Pottersdale to the top of Keating Summit.
Sometime during my Grandfaters life, Great Grandfater John Rhone was believed murdered on his way home with the payrole for the Lumber business.
His body was never discovered.
My Grandfather John Orvis never took over the businesses, and started a business of his own selling automobiles (Oaklands and Franklins)in Clearfield Pa.
He died around 1950, about the time I was born. My father Kenneth W. Rhone took over the family business with his brother Robert F. Rhone.
They have since both passed away.
I hope this can be of help to those of you interested in the Rhone name.
There is a small cemetary between Pottersdale and Keating called the Nelsonville cemetary where there are several Rohnes buried. They are believed to be ancestors of the Rhone family.
There are also Rhones buried in the Pottersdale cemetary.

Clinton Co Rhone Family

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Kenneth Rhone - please contact me - I have lots of family information. I'm at

Rhones of Clearfield Co.

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I am also a Rhone descendant, via your Gr Grandfather's brother, George W. Rhone. Both George and John H worked the logging business you mentioned. My mom has talked about the "other Rhones" in Clearfield, but doesn't remember much except that John O. sold cars.

My lineage is John H. Rohn Sr. (your Gr Gr Grandfather)
George Washington Rhone
Jane DeLancey Rhone
Raymond Percy Rhone
Eleanor Ruth Rhone
James Phillip Rupp

I presume that you have already talked with Nancy, and gotten some of the vital stats for the Rhone Reunion this August.

Glad to see you here!
Jim Rupp
Boise, ID

Rhone Families

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I Kenneth, my name is Wanda Rhone. My grandfather's name was Ernest N. Rhone; my father's name was Ernest N. Rhone, Jr. and my uncle's name was Ernest Rhone, III. I don't know much about the Rhone's family history, I only have names. I only know that my grandfather's mother (my great-grand mother) was from Jamaica and my grandfather was born there. They called my great-grand mother "Other Mama". My granddaddy married a lady called Lucille. She was from Louisiana. That's where me and my brothers and sister were born. My oldest brother's name is Bruce N. Rhone.

If you have any other info please feel free to e-mail me. Rhone is not a common name so we have to be kin.

Rhone Surname

Wanda Rhone (View posts)
Posted: 965216637000
Hi Wanda!
I really don't know much about the Rhone family. I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania. My forefathers were also from central Pa. I have never heard anyone mention any Rhones from Jamaca. I believe my ancesters came directly here from Germany. I have heard that at one time the Rhone family may have actually spelled their name "Rohne" and changed the spelling after reaching america. Their is a small cemetary between Pottersdale Pa. and Keating Pa. that has Rohnes buried in it. The caretakers of the cemetary spell their name Rhone and they are from eastern Pa. My family as long as close relatives can remember, settled here in Clearfield county and wnet into the farming,timber, and coal businesses.
My father's name was Kenneth William Rhone, Iam Kenneth William Rhone II, and my youngest son is Kenneth William Rhone III. My grandfather was John Orvis Rhone, and his father was John Rhone. My great grand father, John Rhone was believed to have been murdered on his way home with the lumbermill payroll, and his body was never found. I hope this helps, but in any case, this is the some total of what I know. If at all possible, I plan to attend the Rhone Reunion in Centre Hall on Aug 26th.
If I find any additional info, Id be more than happy to drop you a line. Take care, Kenny

Rhone's In Jamaica

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Hi Kenny, check the internet. I've been corresponding with Traci Rhone. Her family lives in the Carribean or Jamaica and that where I get that from. Also my oldest brother have always told me my great-grandmother (my grandfather's mother) was from Jamaica and my grandfather was born there. Please tell me where exactly is Centre Hall, PA. Is it near Harrisburg or Philly? Sure wish I could attend, but I can't. When you go, please bring back all of the info you can get. Also Larry McKendrick I believe has a lot of info on the Rhones' coming from Germany.

Thanks again Kenny. Wanda

Pottersdale Rhones

David Nelson (View posts)
Posted: 965577522000
Hello Kenny. My Nelson family is also in Nelsonville Cemetery. What do you know about Seth Nelson's daughters married to the Rhones? I also remember Rhone Motors of Clearfield Pa. email me direct at David Nelson

Rhones from Clearfield Co Pa

David (View posts)
Posted: 966612900000
Hello Jim. Do you have any info on the Rhone boys who were married to Seth Nelson's daughters? email

Rhone/Nelson family ties

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I just have mainly names and dates.

John H Rohn, Sr. ( b
+ Mary Elizabeth Bottorf ( b

.... (1) Susannah Rohn ( b 2/6/1824 )
.... (2) John Jacob Rhone ( b 10/28/1825 )

.... (3) Michael Rohn ( b 1/1/1828 in Keating Twp, Clinton Co., PA ) married
.... + Julia Ann Nelson

.... (4) John H Rohn, Jr. ( b 1829 in PA )
.... + Sarah Ann Nelson ( m 5/14/1853 )
.... + Katherine Kryder
.... + Isabelle Confer

.... (5) George Washington Rhone
... and so on

Michael Rohn I do not have anything else on, but John H Rohn, Jr has much. He is also called "Disappearing John", since one night he said he was going for a walk, and never came back. There are 18 children from his marraiges, and many descendants doing research on him and his family. A couple of peole you could contact with info are Nancy Taylor ( ) and Donald Rohn (not my uncle). These two have info on places and stories about Disappearing John. Another per
son is Mimi Schmitt ( ). She has made a book about the Rhones, and there is a section in it about Seth Nelson and family.

I come from George W. Rohn's line, and haven't done much on Disappearing John's
line, but I have an uncle (Donald Rhone) who married Patricia Nelson, a descendant of Seth Nelson (go figure!).

Hope this helps,
Jim Rupp

Rhone/Nelson Family Ties

David Nelson (View posts)
Posted: 967730699000
Thank You Jim for your replay. There are more ties than you have noted. I believe one of Don Rhones son's also married my first cousin Karen Nelson. So these families have been tied together for 150 years. Thanks Again. David Nelson
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