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HELMER Web site and Mailing List

HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Posted: 961873372000
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Dear All:

There is a HELMER Family Site. It's private
so you can post photo's and information that only the registered users
can have access.

I use this site as a location to store my files so in case
of a computer failure or corruption, I can always go back
to the web site and get the basic info again.

We've got the start of a decent web page going.

We need more photo's of the family and more Family news.

Be sure to click on the "more views" buttons since much of the
info posted over the last 3/4 months has been moved to the
archives in that section. This is particularly true of the
photo's and family trees

A: Post the queries to History section with the main
name in the header
B: Post the updates and general news to news
C: Post the gedcoms in Online Tree.
D: Post any files for downloading ( genealogy reports) in files.

I've also agreed to try and volunteer for
List Administrator for the Helmer List
(at least for awhile). You merely send an
email to Put
subscribe in the body of message and nothing more.

There are currently 7 places to research Helmer
ancestors and place comments etc

A: The Helmer-L mailing list.
B: Family Tree web sites
C: Gedcoms
D: message Boards
E: Rootsweb RSL database
F: Rootsweb Genconnect message boards.
H: The HELMER web site

The net result is a pretty fractured
set of messages and information.

I've created the Helmer Family web site at to try and consolidate and co-ordinate
the various postings, but still keeping
the advantage of the private web sites
on Family Tree, the RSL database on,
the Gedcoms on and Gedcoms and IGI etc on

The advantage on myfamily site is the ability
to keep all the Gedcoms in one sections, post photo's
and create news items. Links are being put in place
then to the various other sources of information
( like a private web site). The site also has an automatic
feature so it send a notice to all registered users
when there has been an update. It identifies the info
that has been posted so you can decide if you want to
see the update or not.

Please forward this email to anyone else you think
might be a Helmer Family descendant.

Our lines of HANSEN to MEAD to PASSAGE ties into
Lt Adam HELMER. He became quite famous for
his run in the Rev War and then that was featured
in the 1939 movie starring Henry Fonda "Drums along the

BTW: The video of the movie is available on for
about $20.00 and ships in a couple of days.

I don't want to add "more" email to anyone so.. but
if you'd like to visit the Helmer Site occasionally please
let me know and I'll send an invitation since it
is a private site.

If you want me to post your queries to the web site, then just
add a note on the bottom of your post and I'll pick it up.
It would be somewhat easier if you would join the web site
and post it to the history section.

It would also move things along if everyone posts their
ancestry as well.

Anyway, good luck and lets get back to the hunt.

Best Regards
John A Hansen

Helmer Family

Kathy(Helmer)Zisk (View posts)
Posted: 963211120000
I am a ggranddaughter of Adam Helmer.My fathers name,Gordon Arthor Helmer son of Samual Helmer who was the son of Adam Helmer.All from N.Y.state. I was born in N.Y. but raised in Ct. I am just learning about my family history. Any help anyone can offer would be helpful. Also I would like to purchase the Helmer Family book.
If anyone knows how,or who to contact please let me know.My email address is;
Thank You, Kathy Zisk

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Posted: 1006719233000
Classification: Query
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My name is Debbie Helmer. I would appreciate an invitation to the Helmer Web site. The earliest Helmer ancestor I can trace our family to is James P. Helmer Jr. He and his wife, Hannah Marsh Helmer, lived in Onondaga county, New York until they migrated west to Wis, in 1848. Their numerous descendents still remain in WI. I have had great difficulty in determining how James and the WI Helmers fit into the great New York Helmer clan. Any help would be appreciated. Being a part of the family web site would still be very interesting at any rate. Thank you, debbie helmer

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Posted: 1012938949000
Classification: Query
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Please add me to your Helmer Web site and Mailing List.
I have the Pasco Williams book scanned into my comp. It is zipped and ready to e mail. rtf file 1297KB. It is MS word 2000 format. I am trying to find a tie between Philip Helmer of Manheim and Phillip H. the pioneer. John

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Posted: 1012939667000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Helmer

Dear John:

You're added in. Please post the file to the folder.

Thanks so much. There are a couple of files there
that you will find interesting.

Best Regards
John A Hansen

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Posted: 1021773013000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1023237656000
Surnames: Helmer
I would appreciate an invitation to the Helmer Website. I have Michael Helmer, b. 1814 in Germany, d. 1889 in McLeod County, MN, married to Mary Straseman. Their children, Louisa, August, William and Henry, all born in Wisconsin in th 1850's. William was born 1858, d. 1933 in Brownton, Minnesota. William married Gustine Beltz, and had Rosette, Herman, William, Adela, Hugo, Otto, Frederick and Edward. I don't have a lot of other information. I would be happy to share what I have with anyone who needs it.
Lori Rau

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

John A. Thompson (View posts)
Posted: 1021901521000
Classification: Query
I would like an invitation to the Helmer stie. My line is from Adam's brother Phillip F. Helmer, the Sargt. of the 4th Tyron County Militia, and father-in-law of Adam Harter of the 3rd New York.
Thank You
John A. Thompson

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Posted: 1021926363000
Classification: Query

Dear John:

I've entered you in the registered users. You should
get your message in a few minutes. Let me know if
you have any problems. There is a lot of ancestry
info on Adam F and his parents in the News items as
well. I'm a descendant of Adam as well and will be
glad to share info with you.

Best Regards
John A Hansen

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Posted: 1070222430000
Classification: Query
Hello John; My name is Gary Irvine. I would like an invite to the Helmer website. My gggg grandfather was a Philip Helmer who was born about 1800, married Elizabeth Baker, who was born Aultsville, Ontario in 1805, and subsequently removed to Wolfe Island, Ontario. Thanks in advance, Gary.

Re: HELMER Web site and Mailing List

Scott Beale (View posts)
Posted: 1093477946000
Classification: Query
Hi, Just found this post. Can I get a copy of the Williams book on Helmer?
My grandmother on my mothers side was Gertrude Helmer.
Thank You
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