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When Dunham changed to Donham

When Dunham changed to Donham

Robert Donham (View posts)
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I need information regarding Jonathan Singletary Dunham b. 1/17/1646 in Plymouth, Mass m. Mary Bloomfield. All of their children are listed as "Donham". I am trying to determine how or why the spelling of the last name changed. This branch came from Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England via Leyden, Zuid, Netherlands.


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The Singletarys adopted the name of Dunham in Massachusetts. They are not part of the Deacon John Dunham Family. Go to the Dunham web site at rootsweb to see the latest research on this family.


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Those of us researching this family still have many mysteries to unfold. One of the legends is that we come from Nottinghamshire. Several trips to England have gleaned information.Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth is probably not the Ralph Denman/Thomas Wentworth line. A researcher has placed the marriage of John and Susanna Keno in Bedfordshire which holds promise, since Clophill-Cainhoe was owned by Roger DaKenney and the parish records exists. Certainly the Dunham-Donham-Denham-Dynhams were in Devon as well as Nottinghamshire but appear to have spread to Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire , Norfolk and other surrounding counties. Bedfordshire is home to many who came to America in the 1600's. Many family names are what the call place names, deriving from a place and I have found the Dunhams (persons) in written records ca. 1100-1200. There appears, however, to be few if any at Dunham-on-Trent. The different spellings of the name probably came in the pronounciation and Dunham-Donham more closely pronounced than Dynham-Dinham-Denham; sometimes even written Dunnam, Downham and so referenced. Rev. Thomas Denham of Rye, NY wrote his name both Dunham and Denham; Nathaniel Donham of Clermont co. OH wrote his name both Donham and Dunham.Have more.

different spelling of Dunham

Jlyn (View posts)
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Alot of the different spellings simply depend on who was doing the recording of the names, and what they thought that the name should look like spelled. Especially in this time period, so many people were at different levels of their abilities to read and write. Hope that this helps a little.

Re: Dunham/Donham/Denham

Rose L.C. D. (View posts)
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Hi: Did you know the story of the Donham name?Supposedly this man came from Spain into Scotland inthe 16th century as a rebel.From their he eventually came to America. However, this wasn't his name, and he was of Spanish descent. My family are Denhams but I highly suspect they may be Dunhams because I keep hitting a deadend. I think my Hezekiah Stout Denham/Dunham, b. 1802 in Knoxville,TN. happened during a winter trip either going north or south with his parents, which are unknown at this time. I don't know where he was raised, but he married 1824 In Indiana, to Winnie Littell/Little, b. 1803 in Georgia. They had kids in Indiana and Iowa, then spread to Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Missouri, and Nebraska. Any help here?Rose D.


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In the late 1800's Jonathan S. Donham's widow in Clermont Co. OH gave in a Donham history to one of those huge tomes. The Dunham-Denham-Dinham-Dynham-Donham-Donnam-Downham name is English. Name found early in Devon and Nottinghamshhire. I descend from a sister of Jonathan Singleton. Am totally uncertain of why she submitted the Spanish mystery but the legend lives into this generation. I am more interested in your Hezekiah Stout Donham, especially the Stout middle name. Happy to share.

Re: Hezekiah Stout Denham-3-22-00

Rose LCD (View posts)
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Hi Pat: We don't know how he got the Stout middle name unless he deliberately acquired by his own hand. There was a famous Stout doctor, and we wondered if it was him that our grndfa. sewed for, as he was a tailor, as well as a United Brethern minister, justice of peace, and landowner. He married three times, Winnie Littell/Little, Mrs. Harriet Silley, and Eliza Culver. I read the story about the Singleton family which is of Spanish descent. Jonathan was a liberal and rebel, who escaped jail by going to Scotland and then made his way to America with the name of Don Ham, which became corrupted to Donham. Have you read about the melungeons?? By the sounds of that info we could be a member of that rare and unique race of people. Let me hear from you after you read up on the test and info. Later, Rose LCD

Nathaniel Donham

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The article you read is not correct. I descend from the Nathaniel Donham about whom it is written. While I try to take parts of it as truth, I know that it was written by a wife of Jonathan S. Donham's when she was 80. It does have curious facts. It is the Singletary mystery, not Singleton and I believe Elizabeth had mixed up Nathaniel's supposed son John with old Nathaniel since John Donham m. Sarah Jennings. As to the Stout. Nathaniel's first wife was possibly a Sutton and the Suttons m. the Stouts. There were several Stout families that seem to move west with my known relatives. There is a Hezekiah Dunham in Frederick Co. VA. Have limited info but happy to share since some of the families of this area went down the Valley of VA.

Re: Denham/Donham/Dunham

Rose LCD (View posts)
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Hi Pat: Thank you for answering my letter. The story I read was very old. I believe it was in a book of men of distinction for Clemont county, Ohio. It didn't say who the author was nor did it mention any wife. It was barely legible to read on film, but I found it quite interesting. I also read about the melungeon families who also have Denhams which I first thought were mulatto due to the "M" on the census records. Later I found out about this rare group who arrived about 1606 near Jamestown. It could be part of our family but we are light skinned with either red or auburn hair and either blue or hazel on my dad's side. Of course way back when the light and dark families often times married, and blended the colors into variations and shades. I don't know if my Hezekiah Stout Denham was a member of this rare race. He was born 1802, in Knoxville, Tn., but I don't have a clue where he grew up, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or parents. If he came with our other families which included, Whitney's, Wheelers, Cartwrights, Gormleys, Littell/Littles, Blosser, Wells, and Wilsons, down the valley or across it, they mostly came from PA, the Carolinas, and Virginias. Yes I would like to hear what you have, as I did find him possibly in the 1861-1865 roster for Wisconsin as a Captain. He may be one inthe same. Until I hear from you again, thanks again for your help.Rose LCD

Hezekiah Dunham of VA-3-29-00

Rose LCD-3-29-00 (View posts)
Posted: 954363305000
Hi Pat: I just looked in my Denham book and one of the census records 1880 which shows Hezekiah Denham, age 77, in Minnesota with the Keeler family, said his parents were from Virginia. Was he a junior to the one in Fredericks Cty., VA., or was that him on your VA record??. I also found one in Wis. from the war 1861-65, where he would be 59/63 years old, as a Captain. Hope to hear from you again.Rose
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