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Cathy (View posts)
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I have heard deCaunteton is a location. If so, does anyone know where it is?

John David Condon II Search

John David Condon IV (View posts)
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I'm looking for help in searching for info about my great-great grandfather John David Condon II born in Ireland in 1852. Married to Sara Wilson of Gold Hill, CA. They had son, John David Condon III born 6/12/1874 in San Francisco, CA. Thank's...

de Caunteton

Patrick Conto (View posts)
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As far as I know de Caunteton was the original name for Condon. If there is a villge of de Caunteton it would probably be in Normandy, France. The family came over to Ireland during the Norman invasion.



Leah Boyd (View posts)
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Condon-originally deConteton-(Cambro-Norman)-Cambro referring to location,Cambrais,France,Norman was defined as "any of the Northmen who occupied Normandy in 10th cent.,AD".The name became hibernicized to CAUNCHIN, then anglicized into CONDON/CONDRON. The Condons were probably descendants of Norman invaders, not Celts. The Barony of Condons, County Cork, is named for them. Also brought from Normandy as castle builders. Normandy, on the north coast of France, was the last pocket of decendants of the Vikings, who integrated, married and settled in that area. (Norman,Nor'man,Northmen, Norsemen, Norse. Viking)

California Condons

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There may be no connection, but there was a Condon family that lived in the mining town of Weaverville, CA (Trinity Co). William and his brother Maurice owned a saloon in 1861. Maurice moved to San Francisco ca. 1864. The parents of these two brothers also emigrated from Ireland - possibly during the famine years. The Weaverville Historical Society may be of help. Check out the town website for an address. The Condon family was very influential in the town and descendents (none named Condon) still live there.

Re: de Caunteton

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Hi you have any information backing up the comment that the deCaunteton name dates back to Normanday and arrived in England in 1066 and then Ireland apparently with Strongbow in 1170/71,
I have researched this a number of times in Ireland and in fact have visited various castles and homesteads of the Condon family...but unfortunately I've yet to find a definite connection with the name deCaunteton although I've been told by many that there is a connection.
Please get back to me....E.C.Wilhelm

Re: de Caunteton

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Surnames: Condon
According to the Condon legend that accompanied the family crest that I purchased at Blarney Woolen Mills, deCaunteton is one of many spellings connected to Condon name. (de in French means from.) According to this source the ancestor might have been from Caunton, Nottinghamshire in England (possibly arrived there as part of original Norman invasion). Strongbow & Henry II recruited an army to invade Ireland. Lands in Cork were awarded to these soldiers. The seat for the Condon clan became Cloghleigh Castle in Kilworth, Co. Cork. (photo attached) The Condons occupied that castle and lands 1172-1600 AD. The castle & 21 Condons had their lands confiscated during the Cromwellian invasion.

Sadly, the Kilworth Castle is presently not registered as one of the many castles in ireland and is not accessible without permission. I have joked with my Condon relatives in Blarney that the next time I return to Ireland, we are going to retake the castle. Hope this helps!

Re: de Caunteton

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Nicholas de Caunteton born in Pembroke Castle Wales married Mabel(Mabeili) Fitzgerald de Carew daughter of the constable of Pembroke, Willaim Fitzgerald de Carew, and daughter or grand daughter of Nesta (Helen of Wales)who was the daughter of the Prince of Wales. They married and went to Ireland as part of the Norman invasion along with one of her brothers Raymond le Gross (later Grace). The name was changed from de Caunteton to Condon. Nicholas and Mabelia were awarded lands in Ireland known as the Barony of the Condons located around the Blackwater region of Cork and Tipperary. They had several children hence the Condons of today. The family ultimately built 26 castles in Ireland in the Barony. The Condon family became throughtly Irish and later had their lands confiscated by the crown as a result of slanderous accusations by the Roache family who were awarded the lands. I am looking for information about the children and other descendants of Nicholas and Mabilia.

Re: de Caunteton

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Surnames: Condon, (O)Dwyer
Thus far I have researched my Condon line to 1816...I have visited the family homestead - still in the family - as well as various old buildings belonging to earlier Co. Limrick. If you would like to contact me directly, please do so... I will be glad to share what I have.

Re: de Caunteton

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Surnames: Condon Malone Foley

Since I was only aware of the legend of Cloghleigh Castle I found your post re: de Caunteton line to be fascinating & so much more specific than other info about Condon name/family roots. Did you piece all this together yourself or did you locate it a source book or at genealogical society somewhere?

Wish I could help you connect with immediate Condon descendants from 1600's to Nicholas de Caunteton. Unfortunately I am presently only at early 1800's with my maternal ggrandfather Jeremiah Condon who might have been from Macroom, Co. Cork with current descendants in Blarney, Co. Cork & Massachusetts/NH, USA. Still looking for his parents & siblings.

Will share your post with my Condon cousins in Blarney. Please keep us posted if you find deCaunteton's & Mabilia's descendants.

Tom "Condon" Malone
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