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John Alderson 1810, tenn

John Alderson 1810, tenn

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Looking to share and find information about John Alderson, Sumner co Tenn. married to Suzannah Edwards.The JOHN 1832 we are related to had a brother Bueford,1833 but we have yet to establish John 1810 parents.GREETINGS TO THE ALDERSONS.

john alderson 1810

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I have a Robert alderson from Sumner co TN in 1810 father was James alderson, mother was Elizabeth Russell and they also had a John c but it was 1808 along with 12 children.

This could be the same alderson in the same co. of TN. Let me hear from you.

Larry alderson

marion, tenn

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It is like there are a world of Johns born in1800s. I think John1800 circ.- father was married to S.Edwards, alto I have a big question mark on that. My I enquire where this information came from? I have hit a brick wall with this line, because I cant find much in the census or nothing at all. Were these people religious? I hope you are nicer to me than Bernard o Alderson, who would not believe my family was related to some alderson who did something, cant tell you what.As you see I appriciate your help. Julie Truax Maltby

John A Alderson

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This is the 3rd time I have tried to get to you. Hope this one makes it. My James fron VA went to York co SC then to Sumner co TN in 1804- he had a John C in 1808- Robert 1810 and 10 more.This James had a Jeremich who had a John J 1833 who ended up in TX. So my best started in Kranklin KY, who sent me to Sumner co TN. There is a closness to name and date for Alderson so heep with me and we might get this to work.

Stay in touch

john a alderson

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Edited: 997801824000 Hi I looked at all the collected ideas, a guess is William and mary Orr alderson, because the thought is they all immigrated togeather. Unfortunately the cousins moved too, they enlisted in the civil war at the same time, it is a stretch.Do you have lists of James and Elizabeths children, where did they come from?Please e-mail me if you have any ideas. Julie Maltby
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Richard alderson showed up in 1672 to buy land. Lancaster co VA.
Richard 2 was richard's son Richmond co VA
John Alderson was richard 2 son " " "
Jeremich was John son 1739 " " "
James Alderson son of Jeremich 1774 " "
" son Jeremich 1798 York co SC
" Mary 1799 " " "
" Susannock (lucky)1800 " " "
" Wm 1804 SC or TN
" James 1806 " " "
" John C 1808 Sumner co TN
" Robert 1810 " " "
" Myrum 1811 " " "
" Miriam 1814 " " "
" Armistead 1816 " " "
" Hirom 1816 " " "
" Reuben 1817 " " "

Then Jeremich had a son John J 1833 "
John J had Enoch Franklin KY
Enoch had J. B. Alderson " " my father.
I am 70 and live in Richmond TX

Hope this fits somewhere-sumner co TN gave me cencus on James, Jeremich, John J.

Hear from you soon

alderson census

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hello mr alderson, cant get to your e-mail. I wonder, can you send me a e-mail thank you
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Sorry you can't get my e-mail. It is

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Did you get my list of children I sent you on July 8th. Forgot to put this in the note of today.

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