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STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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Greetings all:
Any relatives out there?

Stalder in Athens connected to my Ashman line from Cincinnati.

1860 United States Federal Census
about Mary Stalder
Name: Mary Stalder
Age in 1860: 50
Birth Year: abt 1810
Birthplace: Switzerland
Home in 1860: Ames, Athens, Ohio
Gender: Female
Post Office: Athens
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members: Name Age
Fredk Stalder 58
Mary Stalder 50
John Stalder 22
Fredk Stalder 19 (about 1841)
Laura A Stalder 15 ___________________

8 Nov. 1871 Fredrick Stlader marries Lydia Ashman in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.

Lydia & Fredrick Stadler had a son Harry Stadler born 1873 in Ohio.
1910 United States Federal Census

Name: Mrs. Lydia (nee ASHMAN) Stalder
[Mrs. Lydia Mrs Stalder]
Age in 1910: 68
Estimated birth year: abt 1842
Birthplace: Ohio
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: England
Mother's Birth Place: New Jersey
Home in 1910: Precinct 5, Athens, Ohio
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White
Gender: Female
Occupation; School teacher
Household Members: Name Age
Mrs. Lydia Stalder 68
Susan Ashman 70

When did they die and where are they buried?

for any information
Tom Thompson
Bradenton, FL.

Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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No relation

b. 2 JAN 1842, Cincinatti, OH
d. 2 MAR 1925, Athens, Athens Co, OH
widowed: Fred STADLER
Father: Charles ASHMAN, b. Bath, England
Mother: Lydia PETERSON, b. Barnesborough, NJ
Buried: West Union St.

b. 3 SEPT 1839, Ohio
d. 14 AUG 1918, Athens, Athens Co, OH
Father: Charles ASHMAN, b. England
Mother: Lydia PETERSON, b. NJ
Buried: West Union St

b. 8 JAN 1932, Philadelphia, PA
d. 10 MAR 1920, Cincinatti, Hamilton Co, OH
widowed: Jane OWEN ASHMAN
Father: Charles ASHMAN, b. Path, England
Mother: Lydia PETERSON, b. Barnesboro, NJ
Buried: Spring Grove

Could not find Frederick Stadler, must have died before 1908?

Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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Surnames: Stalder, Somers, Coates, Quinn,
Husband related. His ancestor was Andreas Stalder who had son Caspar Stalder married to Mary Lydia Coates who had daughter Ollie Olive Stalder married to Noah Somers who had daughter Navada Somers married to Quentin Quinn who had my husband's father Bill Quinn.

Your Lydia is in the 1920 census Athens township living alone and a widow showing Fred died before 1920. Said she owned a house on Franklin Avenue.

Our group of Stalders lived in Chauncey, Ohio Dover township, until about 1920.

Sandra Quinn
OHGenWeb State Coordinator

Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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Surnames: Stalder, Somers, Coates, Quinn
Frederick is in the 1850 Athens county census under the name of Fritz Stalder in Ames township on page 5, household 1773-1792

Frederick Stalder (born 1809) and Marianna Lichtie, were married June 23, 1830 and built their cabin on the banks of a branch of Federal Creek, now called "Dutch Creek" after a colony of dutchmen who settled in its valley. The old log house was only recently destroyed, though a new residence was erected many years ago. That house was burned and yet another house built, which is now the house of one Loeffler who owns the farm. Frederick and Marianna had six children, two died and are buried in Bethel Cemetery, which is located on the Stalder farm and which, together with the site of Bethel Church, was donated for the purpose by Grandmother. Her home was the home of all the preachers who came that way, and she was a very stalwart pillar of the little church. Their surviving children were Jacob, John, Laura, and Frederick. Grandfather Frederick died suddenly of a apoplectic stroke and left grandmother with a family of four to raise and a farm to till --a stupendous undertaking for a lone woman, but as usual Marianna did not falter. She carried steadfastly on through the hardships with her treasured dutch bible and hymnbook to sustain her.
From Stalder Family History by Flossie Stalder Smith

1860 Athens county census brothers Frederick, Peter, Nicholas, Andrew/Andreas Stalder

Fredk Stalder Ames, Athens, OH 58 1801 Switzerland Male
Mary Stalder Ames, Athens, OH 50 1809 Switzerland Female
John Stalder Ames, Athens, OH 22 1837 Ohio Female
Fredk Stalder Ames, Athens, OH 19 1840 Ohio Male
Laura A Stalder Ames, Athens, OH 15 1844 Ohio Female

Jacob Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 26 1833 Ohio Male
Mary Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 21 1838 Ohio Female
Emma J Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 3 1856 Ohio Female
Hiram J Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 1 1858 Ohio Male

Job Clark Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 17 1842 Ohio Male

Peter Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 54 1805 Switzerland Male
Harriet Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 46 1813 Ohio Female
George Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 25 1834 Ohio Male
Maria Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 21 1838 Ohio Female
Ameritta Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 17 1842 Ohio Female
Lewis Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 9 1850 Ohio Male
William Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 7 1852 Ohio Male

Edwin Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 28 1831 Ohio Male
Julia Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 23 1836 Ohio Female
Elisa Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 2 1857 Ohio Female
Charles Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 10.12 Ohio Male

Nicholas Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 48 1811 Switzerland Male
Barbara Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 39 1820 Switzerland Female
Henry Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 19 1840 Ohio Male
Samuel Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 17 1842 Ohio Male
Magdalina Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 12 1847 Ohio Female
Filena Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 10 1849 Ohio Female
Lewis Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 8 1851 Ohio Male
Ida Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 4 1855 Ohio Female
Augusta Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 1 1858 Ohio Female
Helena Stalder Canaan, Athens, OH 6 1853 Virginia Female

Andrew Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 46 1813 Switzerland Male
Frances Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 48 1811 Virginia Female
Caspar Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 23 1836 Ohio Male
Rebecca A Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 21 1838 Ohio Female
Benjamin F. Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 19 1840 Ohio Male
Frances V Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 17 1842 Ohio Female
America M Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 15 1844 Ohio Female
Elza M Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 12 1847 Ohio Female
James A B Stalder Dover, Athens, OH 10 1849 Ohio Male

1870 census
Mary Stalder widow of Fred Stalder born in Byrne Switzerland age 61
Fred Stalder 28 son estate worth 5,625 personal 1255 Ohio farmer
E Stalder 13 attending school
Julia Stalder 35 assists in house
Jackson Williams 18 Mulatto farm laborer

More on your Stalder group:
OU Stalder Family History

Biography of Jacob E. Stalder, born 12-7-1832 buried in Graceland Cemetery Meade Kansas, died 8-7-1912 , Was born in the Swiss Colony neighborhood near Athens, Ohio and was one of three sons and a daughter of Frederick and Mary Stalder. Frederick with three brothers and one sister (the wife of Baron De Steiger, a French Swiss) the Stalder family were of German Swiss Stock and lived near Bern Switzerland came with the first colony in 1806; the second colony came in 1810 and Mary the wife to be Frederick's also some more sisters and his parents came with the second adjoining colony. The first small brick church was on the De Steiger farm and had one acre cemetery in the north east corner. Many of the Stalder and DeSteiuger relatives are buried there. Just a short distance (3 miles) up the broad valley was located the Frederick and Mary Stalder farm. They gave a five acre tract for the Bethel Church and Cemetery out of the south-west corner of their farm. They and Jacob E. Stalder's first wife are buried together as the three headstones show. She was the mother of one son and two daughter, who were all older and of course just half brother and sisters of John J., John J's mother was Elizabeth Skiles, grew up in the colony too, but was much younger than Jacob E. She went as a cook and housemaid (to be gone just the one year) with other families she knew who made the Klondike Gold Run into Alaska during 1894.
Jacob Edward Stalder with 2nd wife Elizabeth Skiles and one year old son John born in 1868 and 3 children by first marriage drove wagon train to La Plota Missouri in 1869. Then in 1886 drove to Meade County Kansas. John married Ada Davanport in Meade County Kansas in 1887.
Written by Fess Stalder of Harper Kansas.

I researched the Stalders for my husband to become a member of First Families of Athens county through his Coates/Fierce line. James M. Coates and his wife were the parents of Mary Lydia Coates married to Caspar Stalder, James was the son of Arthur Coates/Coats the first ferry operator of Athens and owned the land and farm that the OU Ridges offices are on and also the the Dairy Barn still exists today. James sold his farm to Athens for a school.

Sandra Quinn
OHGenWeb State Coordinator

Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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Surnames: Stalder, DeStieguer, Coates, Coats, Quinn, Somers, Lichtie, Weiss
Stalder Family History- OU Archives Library Athens Ohio

The Stalder Family Come to America (1918)

Great Uncle Rudolf De Steiger was a son of one of the so called "noble " families in Bern Switzerland. being a Grandson of old Bergo-Master Von Steiger (note the French change in the name assumed by the younger member of the family) who is mentioned in history in connection with the battle against Napolean's army. The old Mayor seems to have been rather unpopular with his people and had at last to flee to the mountains to avoid being slain by his own soldiers. The old Schultheiss' grandson seems to have some of revolutionary ideas also, particularly where his heart went astraying amongst the peasantry; hence, the pretty romance which resulted in the emigration of the Stalder family and made us Americans instead of Swiss.
Young Rudolf fell desperately in love with the beautiful Magdalen Stalder, who is described as being a very lovely girl, and determined to marry her (which, in view of the high position assumed by the Steiger family, kicked up no end of a row among the higher-ups), but Rudolf married the girl and was disowned by his family. So having asserted himself, he determined to take his young wife and go to America where there was plenty of room for his independent spirit to soar. He brought with him to America his father in law and mother in law, certain of their sons and daughters with their families, and other kin whose caliber led them to brave the frontier.
His father in law, Jacob Stalder, was none other than our great- grandfather and the loverly Magdalen our great aunt.
As stated before, this was the Fall of 1819, and winter was approaching. Horrible tales of Indian massacres and wild animal and all unknown dangers of a strange land had struck fear to the hearts of our pioneer ancestors, and it was decided to build a two-story log house large enough to house this large group of families. This was done and all lived together, sixty persons in all, during the first winter. In the spring, each family built his own cabin and established a home for his family according to Swiss tradition.
This large house was built on what is now called the "Old Elijah Wood Farm". On this farm is a small burial ground where lie the remains of our great grandparents Jacob and Anna Stalder and also here is buried the chivalrous Uncle Rudolf De Stiguer and Magdalen his lovely wife. Great Grandfather lived only a few years after coming here as evidenced by a deed of record in the recorder's office dated March 20, 1826, executed by Rudolf Steiger Von Grandson to Anna Stalder, relict of Jacob Stalder. It would seem that Magdalen also must have died before this deed was executed as she does not join or sign as wife in the deed as she did in a deed executed by her husband in 1823. Great-grandfather died suddenly in an apoplectic stroke in the morning while he was dressing. Son Frederick died also in this manner. He and grandmother were planning to go for a visit on Sunday morning. Grandfather was dressing to go when his summons came, and he fell dead immediately.
This is the story told of the Swiss colony upon landing on American soil, passed down thru the generations. They struck out for the frontier, intending to locate on lands which now form the state of Indiana. Upon reaching the Ohio River they embarked upon flat boats and floated down the river as far as Marietta, Ohio where the ran aground on a sand bar. The ancestral group took advantage of this stop to do a general washing and airing of clothing, etc. It is said that Great Uncle De Steiger had forty-four dozen fine white linen shirts on the line on this occasion. So much at least he had to show for his patrician origin.
They were delayed here for some time so it became noised about in real estate circles that a band of Swiss emigrants were in the land, and the ever energetic real estater made tracks for Marietta and endeavored to dissuade our worthy and noble great uncle from going further, as there was much fertile land to be had in Ohio. This real estate agent was a relative of Israel Putnam.
Great Uncle Rudolf sent Great-Grandfather Jacob Stalder to look at this land and bring back a report on it. He was gone so long that they began to think he was lost, or had been killed by the Indians, and one night the realtors gave Uncle De Stiguer some of their very strong wine and persuaded him to buy the land sight unseen. Later Great-grandfather returned with an unfavorable report, but the deed had already been executed and delivered. So this is why they came to locate on Federal Creek, Athens County, Ohio.
Great-grandfather Jacob Stalder was born and reared in Canton Bern Switzerland. His wife's name was Anna and she was also our great-grandmother. He was by trade a millwright in Switzerland. In this connection, I have heard my people say that in those days in Switzerland, people did not take their grain to the mill as they did in this country, but the miller went after the grain, ground it and returned to his customer again.
Our grandfather Frederick was one of the younger ones and was about eighteen years old when he came to America. His brothers who accompanied him there were Peter, Nicholas, Casper, and Andrew, our great uncles. Of our great aunts there were six, and my father always spoke of their married names as, Aunt De Steiger (Magdalen), Aunt Junod (Ursula), Aunt Weiss(Rosina), Aunt Hausner, and Aunt Finsterwald (Catharine). Uncle Weiss's name was Jacob. He was called "Old Jakie Weiss. Of these great aunts the husbands were all Swiss except Uncle Housner who was French. Of these branches of the family a number of the descendants still live in this vicinity.
Written by grandson of Frederich Stalder, who was the son of Jacob Stalder.

Jakob Stalder at age of 63 gave up the ancestral Stalder home, Hof Lehn, to come to the Ohio wilderness with half of his children and their families. His wife, too, must have been near his age. To this day Hof Lehn is occupied by a Stalder. It is kept by the descendants, and it is a beautiful farm home even today. Stalder s occupying the ancestral home for 400 years. The first Stalder who lived on Hof Lehn was Benedict Stalder, born in 1540, when he married Elizabeth Muster.

Jakob Stalder was born, babtized Feb 13, 1756 in the Affoltern Reformed Church, in Kanton Bern Switzerland. He was owner and occupant of our ancestral homestead Hof Lehn. he married Anna Hugli from Sumiswald, who died after bearing 8 children. He then married again with Anna Schweizer from the village of Hasli or Hasly, who bore 10 children. Jakob Stalder died in Athens County, Ohio 1826, his will was probated then. He was 70.

Children of the first marriage:
Verena Stalder bap. July 9, 1777, in Ruegsau near Affoltern. Married Christian Zuber.
Hans Ulrich Stalder bap.12-27-1778. Became owner of Hof Lehn then Jakob his father.
Anna Barbara Stalder, bap. 7-30-1780 married David Housner Ohio presumably
Anna Stalder bap. 10-6-1784 Married C. Messerly from Thun Switzerland
Jakob Stalder bap. 3-25-1786 died in Moscow 1812 Napolean s disaster.
Magdalena Stalder, bap.1-25-1789 died 1836 Athens Cty, Ohio married Baron Bon Steiger from Bern
Ursula Stalder bap. 2-19-1792 married N. Oberholtzer, married Junod in Ohio
Elizabeth Stalder bap. 10- 19- 1794 married in America Who?

Children of second marriage.
Christian Stalder, bap. 6-19-1797 Died in Holland in military service
Catherina Stalder, bap. 2-3-1799 married the ship captain on the voyage, Finsterwald by name
Rosina Stalder bap. 10-5-1800 married in America, Weiss
Marie Stalder bap. 6-25-1802 was 18 when coming to the USA
Friederich Stalder bap. 10-2-1803 was 17 when coming to the USA
Peter Stalder bap. 11-23-1806 was 14 when coming to the USA
Casper Stalder bap. 10-8-1809 was 11 when coming to the USA
Niklaus Stalder bap. 2-23-1812 was 8 when coming to the USA
Andreas Stalder bap. 6-29-1914 was 6 when coming to the USA (Andrew)

Written by Bertha Stalder Goetsch Cleveland Heights Ohio. January 26, 1972

1820 census Athens county, Ohio The actual page did not come up on
Jacob Stalder
Township: Canaan
County: Athens
State: Ohio
Year: 1820
Roll: M33_86
Page: 117
Image Number: 68
living near Rudolph Steiger and daughter Magdalena

Jacob Stalder died before 1826 according to a deed executed at that time in the Athens county courthouse.

Sandra Quinn
OHGenWeb State Coordinator

Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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In 1900 in Athens, Frederick was listed as Superintendent of the Brick Plant.

Fred Stalder born July 1841 Brick Plant Superintendent
Lydia born Jan 1842
Harry born December 1872 Lawyer
Susan Ashman sister in law born Sept. 1839

Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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The Stadler family history you sent was really cool.
I had discovered the Stadler genealogy record at Which went back to Benedect Stadler born 1540 in Bern, Switzlerand. It wa only so much data not nearly as fasinnating as your personal Stadler family history.

Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19
Search Results | Download GEDCOM


Husband's Name
Fredrick STALDER (AFN:CR86-80) Pedigree

Born: 2 Oct 1803 Place: Ruegsau, Berne Co, Switzerland
Died: 18 Jun 1863 Place: Ames Twp, Athens Co, Oh
Buried: Place: Bethel Cemetery, Dutch Creek, Athens Co, Oh
Married: 23 Jun 1830 Place: Ames Twp, Athens, Athens Co, Oh

Father: Jakob STALDER (AFN:1P9L-ST6) Family
Mother: Anna SCHWEIZER (AFN:1P9L-N5C)


Wife's Name
Marianna LICHTIE (AFN:CR86-95) Pedigree

Born: 9 May 1810 Place: , Bern, Switzerland
Died: 10 Sep 1888 Place: Ames Twp, Athens Co, Oh, Oh
Buried: Place: Bethel Cem, Ames Twp, Athens Co, Oh
Married: 23 Jun 1830 Place: Ames Twp, Athens, Athens Co, Oh





1. Sex Name
M John STALDER (AFN:1P9L-SH4) Pedigree

Born: 1836 Place: Ames Twp, Athens Co, Oh


2. Sex Name
M Frederich STALDER (AFN:1P9L-SFP) Pedigree

Born: 1839 Place: Ames Twp, Athens Co, Oh


3. Sex Name
F Laura STALDER (AFN:1P9L-SDH) Pedigree

Born: 1842/1843 Place: Ames Twp, Athens Co, Oh
Died: Place: Alexandria, In


4. Sex Name
M Jacob Edward STALDER (AFN:4M0T-HG) Pedigree

Born: 7 Dec 1832 Place: Near Athens, Athens Co., Oh
Died: 5 Aug 1912 Place: Meade, Meade Co., Ks
Buried: 7 Aug 1912 Place: Graceland Cemetary, Meade, Meade Co., Ks


P O BOX 27
CAT SPRING TX Submission: AF96-110654
USA 78933

I am in direct contact with two branches of the Ashman line who live in Pennsylvania.
Thanks so very much for sharing the Stadler family information.

Tom Thompson
Bradenton, FL.

Do you have any pictures of the older Stadler's or Fred and Lydia Stadler or their son Robert. Any idea what became of Robert?
Anything I can help you with?

Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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Here's the news from the SS Death Records on Lillian S. Spencer.

LILLIAN S SPENCER 06 Apr 1920 29 Sep 2000 (V) 78933 (Cat Spring, Austin, TX)


Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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There were some pictures at the OU library in the Family Archives in the Stalder Family History file. I got a zerox about fifteen years ago, and unfortunately, it is in a box someplace as I have moved like five times since then. I know that the family went by Stalder, not the other way you are writing it as Stadler. I think you can write the fifth floor archives at the Ohio University Library and get a copy of the file. A descendant went to Bern and found the family along with their genealogy chart back to the 1400's. The Stalder family still owned Hof Len at Bern Switzerland according to this descendant. He lives in Denver Colorado and is a principal of a school system there.

That is about all I have to share. There may be other photo's and records at the Athens county genealogy society library in Athens Ohio.


Re: STALDER, Fredrick born 1841

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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Frederick Stalder

West Union St. Cemetery, Athens, OH

Frederick Stalder

Birth: 1841
Death: 1906

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