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Surnames: Capps, Wise, Compton, Kent
I descend from Richard M. Capps, 9th child of Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise, through Henry Jackson Capps. I am particularly interested in moving beyond the patriarch of this family, John Capps. He has been my brick wall for the past year.

Thank you.
From the Pea River Trails, Vol 20, Winter 1995, Number 4 article (scanned in from original text.


By Clayton G. Metcalf

The following data is being extracted from some sketches by Thomas Heflin Compton, a native of Crenshaw County, but now residing in Inverness, Florida.

The Capps data to be covered in this sketch is about the descendants of a John Capps, who lived near the headwaters of Black River, Sumter County, SC, in the mid 1700s. He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War and served in the South Carolina State Militia in 1782. He was granted 200 acres of land in Camden/Kershaw Dist. His wife's name was Jane, said to have birthed eleven children, although only four have been identified:

(1) Samuel Capps, eldest child was born ca 1770-1774 in Camden area, His wife's name was Sarah Wise, whom he married ca 1794. She was born ea 1779-1780, the dau of Nathan Wise. Samuel Capps died in 1831. He and his wife, Sarah were thought to have had eleven children, three of whom were females, and could not be traced. Their children were:

(A) William Capps, eldest child of Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise, was born ca 1795 in Camden Dist, and the family migrated to Texas.

(B) Alexander Capps-born ea 1797-mar Lucy E. Ridgeway ea 1825 in Sumter Dist., SC. She was born ea 1807, and dau of James Friendly Ridgaway. This family moved from SC to the Rutledge-Skain's Bridge-Ivy Creek area in Crenshaw County. It is thought that this couple died in the 1860s, and their burial Is believed to be in an old cemetery near Skain's Bridge, west of the Patsaliga River. Others believe them to have been buried in unmarked graves in the Siloam Baptist Cemetery in the Ivy Creek Community. The fifteen children of the Alexander Capps family were:

(1) Samuel James Capps-born ea 1826-died 1860-mar 1848 to Mary S. Davis.

(2) Daniel Capps-born ca 1827-mar ea 1849 to Mary.

(3) William Humphrey Capps-born ea 1828-died 1864-mar 1856 to Eliza J. Lee.

(4) Thomas A. Capps-born ea 1830-died 1862-mar Teretha Upshaw ea 1832.

(5) Hulda A. Capps-born ea 1832-died 1861-mar 1853 to Leroy Upshaw.

(6) Spencer W. Capps-born 1834-died 1867-died 1902-mar Mrs. Sarah Ann Pickett McClean/McLean.

(7) Martha Capps-born 1836-died 1840.

(8) John R. Capps-born 1839-died 1860.

(9) F. Susan L. Capps-Wrn 1840-mar William Swanner in 1875.

(10) Wesley Stewart-born 1842-died 1894-mar (ist) to Susan 1860; (2nd) Jane McDaniel (3rd) Margaret Jane Holland.

(11) Sarah E. Capps-born 1844-died 1885-mar John F. Bush.

(12) Elizabeth Capps-born 1846 died young.

(13) Mary Elvira Capps-born 1848-died 1934-married in 1868 to Alexander Williamson.

(14) George Capps-born 1850-died young.

(15) Henrietta-born 1852-mar Jonathan A. Lee.

(C) Female Capps-no data.
(D) Female Capps-no data.
(E) Robert Humphrey Capps-5th child of Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise was born ea 1803-1804 in SC. Moved to Mt. Ida area in late 1820s. He mar Jane S. Simmons in 1832 in Pike County, AL. They lived between Spring Hill Baptist Church and Rocky Hill, north of County Road 37, and north-northwest of the site of the old Center Hill Schoolhouse; and east-southeast of the Patsaliga River. This couple died at some time between 1880 and 1900. It is believed that they were buried in unmarked graves in the cemetery of the Mt. Ida Methodist Church. It was thought that they had at least ten children:

(1) William John Wesley Capps-born ea 1833-died 1862-mar Margaret E. Clancy in 1858.

(2) Female Capps-born/died 1834.

(3) Sarah E. Susan Capps-born ea 1835-died 1888-mar 1852 Milton S. Compton.

(4) Margaret Christina Tennant Capps-born ea 1839-died in 19OOs-never married.

(5) Ruth Louvenia "Babe" Capps-born ea 1843-died ea 1915-never married.

(6) Malitia Melissa Capps-born ea 1846-mar 1872 to William Friendly Capps.

(7) Marie Louisa "Lou" Capps-born ea 1847-died 1915-never married.

(8) Martha Capps-Born ea 1849-died young.

(9) Hermine Amanda Capps-born 1853-died 1926-mar 1896 to Robert C. Peak.

(10) Humphrey Ira W. "Canty" Capps-born ea 1857-died ea 1912-never married.

(F) Female Capps.

(G) Samuel J. Capps-7th child of Samuel J, Capps, 7th child or Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise-born ea 1812 in Sumter Dist., SC-moved to the Luverne, AL area ea 1830-mar Patience McAdams in 1833 in Pike Co. By 1850 this family was in Union Parrish, LA-next moved to Arkansas.

(H) Lenora Capps-8th child of Samuel and Sarah Wise-born ea 1816 in SC-moved to Mt. Ida area about 1830. In 1833 she mar Daniel H. Brunson, son of Daniel Brunson and Mary Platt. They had some nine children:

(1) Charles A, Brunson-born ea 1834-died 1863-never married.

(2) Richard M. Brunson-born ea 1838-died 1912-mar 1859 Mary Maria S. Wise.

(3) Adam J. Brunson-born ea 1840-died in 1860s-KIA Civil War-NM.

(4) Green Warren Brunson-born ea 1842-died in 1860s-KIA Civil War-NM.

(5) John R. Brunson-born ea 1846-Ist mar Matilda Harrell-mar 2nd Mrs Margaret Adaline Carter Johnson.

(6) Margaret S.A. Brunson-born ea 1849-mar 1866 to Williams F. Harrell.

(7) Caroline A. Brunson-born 1851-died 1923-mar 1878 Jos. D. Gallops.

(8) Mariah L. Brunson-born 1856-mar 1882 George W. Stokes.

(9) William G.C. Brunson-born 1858-mar 1887 to Martha Catherine "Katiell Bell.

(I) Richard M. Capps-ninth child of Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise, was born ea 1815 in SC. It is thought that he arrived in Alabama later than his sister and older brothers. He is thought to have moved with his younger sister, Henrietta, and younger brother, John R. Capps .... after the death of their mother. Their father Samuel Capps had died in 1831. On January 26, 1845, Richard M. Capps mar Martha Mercer Compton in Pike County, AL. She was born ea 1827 in Pensacola, FL., the dau of Jesse Compton and Elvira Merritt Virtue. In 1850 the Richard Capps family was living in Butler Co. There were three children born to this union, before the untimely death of Martha in late 1850. These were:

(1) William Friendly Capps-born 1846-mar Malitia Melissa Capps (a cousin).

(2) James Harmon Capps-born 1848-died 1891-mar Ist to Mary Amanda J. Cowart in 1866; mar 2nd to Mrs. Mary Catherine S. Athey (nee Benbow).

(3) Henry Jackson Capps-born ea 1849.There is strong evidence that he moved to Apalachicola, FL where he married and raised a family.

By a second marriage to Mary Thomas in 1855, Richard M. Capps had a dau:

(4) Emma Capps-born in 1857-no further data.

(J) Henrietta Capps, 10th child of Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise was born ea 1818 in SC. She mar Francis Willard Cornett in 1842 in Pike Co. There were ten children born to this union:

(1) Frances Elizabeth Cornett-born ea 1843-no further data.

(2) Emily Cornett-born ea 1846-no further data.

(3) Hariett Cornett-born ea 1848-no further data.

(4) George Washington Cornett-born 1851-died 1928-no further data.

(5) Marion DeKalb Cornett-born ea 1855-mar Sarah Susann Loard/Laird-no further data.

(6) Wiley W. Cornett-born ea 1857-no further data.

(7) John W. Cornett-born ea 1859-no further data.

(8) Martha A. Cornett-born ea 1862-no further data.

(9) Alice Cornett-born ea 1864-no further data.

(10) James Cornett-born ea 1869-no further data.

(K) John R. Capps-Ilth and last child of Samuel Capps and Sarah Wise, was born ea 1822 in SC. He moved to Luverne/Mt. Ida area about 1840, with his sister, Henrietta and brother, Richard. The John R. Capps family moved from Crenshaw Co., AL to Grimes County, TX in the 1870s where John R. Capps died before 1900. His five children were:

(1) Henry H. Capps-born 1847-mar Sarah Laura Ann Williamson in 1868.

(2) Robert Columbus Capps-born ea 1848-no further data.

(3) Pirner Bennelose (sic) Capps-born ea 1852-mar Derias Dean-no further data.

(4) George C. Capps-born ea 1858-wife's name was Bettie-no further data.

(5) John P. Capps-born 1865-wife's name was Josephine-no further data.

(11) Female Capps- 2rd child of John and Jane Capps -no data.

(III) Female Capps-3th child of John and Jane Capps -no data

(IV) Matthew Capps-4th child of John and Jane Capps, was born ea 1780 in SC. He was later enumerated in the household of Harriet Capps, widow of Adam Capps, in Montgomery, AL in the 1860 Census.

(V) Female Capps-5th child of John and Jane Capps -no data

(VI) Adam Capps-6th child of John and Jane Capps, was born ea 1790 in SC-He died prior to 1860. His wife's name was Harriet. They moved to Montgomery Co., AL ea 1822. They were thought to have some ten children.

(VII) James W. Capps-7th child of John and Jane Capps, was born ea 1791 in SC-his wife's name was Martha. They lived in Montgomery Co., AL on the 1830 census. They were in Coffee Co., AL on the 1850 and in Pike Co on the 1860. It is thought that they had at least three children.

The other four children-names and sexes not known at this time.

Another Jessie Capps

john capps (View posts)
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Surnames: capps, simmons, corley, dye
john capps born 3-15-38 in La looking for info on jessie thomas capps born hendersonville texas 1878 married massie corley, daughter of pomp corley and martha jane simmons, grant/winn parish area of la....have other info on a female jessie capps from ss which i order by mistake, formerly jessie whatley...thanks much for your help


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I have hit the same wall. Thomas H. Compton was my mothers 1st. cousin.I have his book. I am related thru Jefferson L. Caney Compton and Sarah E. Susan Capps. If I receive any more information on John and Jane Capps I'll let you know.
Kenneth Beck


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Thanks for checking in. I had a note from Mr. Compton at Christmas saying that the updated book with Capps info would be ready soon.

Keep in touch.


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Can you tell me where I can purchase Mr. Compton's book?


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