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Wilde, Jepsen, Wilder

Wilde, Jepsen, Wilder

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Surnames: Wilde, Jepsen, Wilder
Does anyone have any connection to the names Wilde and Jepsen? Nicholas Wilde and Anka (Anke or similar) Jepsen were from somewhere in Schleswig Holstein area of Denmark or Germany. They had a son Peter Christian Wilder (I've been told letter R was added to name when he came to U.S) , born March, 1855 in Germany/Denmark, who immigrated to Gardnerville, Nevada in 1875. He may have been in Australia and Iowa before that. I was told there were relatives in Des Moines that he visited before heading west to Nevada. There may have been a brother to Peter named Andrew Wilde who emigrated to Carterton, New Zealand. I was always told this was my grandfather's brother. Any information appreciated.

Re: Wilde, Jepsen, Wilder

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From the danish emigration records this person might match:

Name: Wilde, Peter Chr.
Occupation: Tyende (m/k land)
Age: 21
Destination: Chicago
Contract no.: 234700
Registration date: 10/1/1874
Last res. parish: ?
Last res. county: - Slesvig
Last residence: Slesvig
Destination country: USA
Destination city: Chicago
Destination state: Illinois
Name of ship: Unknown
IDcode: I7374V0618

You are welcome to visit my website with useful links to danish genealogy:

Have a nice weekend.

P Brun

Re: Wilde, Jepsen, Wilder

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Classification: Query
if a Peter Christian Wilde born in March 1854 qualifies
for your ancestor, have a look at
(emigrants / immigrants your side from Schleswig-Holstein)
Contact through that website, please.

Greetings from the "Old Country",

Klaus (Struve), in Kiel, SH, Germany

Re: Wilde, Rossen Suder Lugum Germany

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wilde, Roos, Rossen
From helpful man at Abenra archives in Denmark, who translated info on Nicolai(y) Christiansen Wilde's birth record/christening record (May 12/May 22,1823 in Hostrup, Slogs, Tonder, Denmark ). He said this baby had a father by the same name from Suder Lugum, Germany. His mother was Anna Roos from Denmark. Am looking for any information on Wilde families from this area of Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) near Danish border...from late 1700-s to mid 1800s.

Am also interested in Rossen family from this village...Mathis/Matthias or daughter Christiane.

Re: Wilde, Rossen Suder Lugum Germany

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wilde
Family Group Sheet
Husband: Nicolaÿ Christiansen Wilde
Born: 12 maj 1823 in Rørkær, Hostrup sogn
Baptized: 19 maj 1823 in Hostrup
Died: in Højst
Father: Nicolay Christensen Wilde
Mother: Anne Lorenzen Roos
Hostrup kirkebog dåbsregister: Født 1823 den 12/5 døbt den 19/5 Nicolaÿ
Christiansen Wilde ein unehliche Sohn der Anne Lorenzen Roos in Rørkær. Als
Vater zum Kind hat sie .............Dienstknecht Nicolay Christensen Wilde aus
Lügum ...
Faddere: Lorenz Lassen.
Hans Christian ...
Christine Christensen.

Burkal kirkebog verlobungsregister: 14/2 1846 Jungestell Nicolai Christiansen
Wilde von Gross Tonde und Anna Lorenzen Roos in Rohrkaer unehl. Sohn mit Anke
Paulsen von Stemmeldfeld der Mathias Jepsen Paulsen in Sollerup und der Gude
geb. Peters ehl. tochter.
Zeugen. 1. Wirte der Braut
2. Peter Sørensen von Stemmeldfeld.

Burkal kirkebog copulationsregister: 1846 cop. Jungesell Nicolai Christiansen
Wilde aus Gross Tonde, der Anna Lorenzen Roos unehl. sohn mit Anne Paulsen zu
Stemmelfeld der Mathias Jepsen Paulsen und der Gude Kirstine g. Peters ehl
Braut 22. Jahre. Braut 25 Jahre.

Wife: Anke Paulsen
Married: 11 mar 1846 in Burkal
Born: 28 jun 1821 in Jejsing, Hostrup S.
Baptized: in
Died: in Højst
Father: Matthias Jepsen Paulsen Wolfenberg
Mother: Gyde Christine Carstensen
M Child 1: Mathias Christian Wilde
Born: 1 maj 1846 in Julianeberg
Baptized: 24 maj 1846 in Hostrup
Died: 19 nov 1902 in Toftlund
Buried: 25 nov 1902 in Toftlund
Spouse: Botille Kathrine Lagoni * 8 nov 1849 † 15 apr 1872
Married: 8 apr 1870 in Agerskov
Spouse: Anne Marie Kirstine Lorenze Gram * 26 aug 1851 † 15 mar 1921
Married: 17 sep 1874 in Agerskov
Hostrup kirkebog dåbsregister: Født 1846 den 1 maj, døbt 24 maj, Mathias Christian Wilde.
Ehl. Sohn der heuerinderste Nicolai Christiansen Wilde und der Anke Paulsen
aus Julianenberg, Hostrup Sogn. Faddere: Boy Boysen aus Groß..... Christine
Paulsen aus Solderup. Anne Christiane Paulsen.

Agerskov kirkebog vielsesregister:
1870 den 8/4 viet Ungkarl Mathias Christian Wilde i Birkelund, Søn af
Nicolaus Christian Wilde og Anke Paulsen i Julianeberg, Hostrup Sogn f. 1 Maj,
døbt 24 Maj 1846. Conf. i Lygumkloster. 23 aar.
med Pige Botille Kathrine Lagoni i Birkelund, Datter af Gaardmand Peter Lagoni
ibid. og Ingeborg Andresen, født i Hyrup den 8 November 1849 døbt 15 November
Conf. i Agerskov. 20 aar.

Agerskov kirkebog vielsesregister:
1874 den 17/9 viet Enkemand Mathias Christian Wilde i Birkelund, Søn af
Nicolaus Christian Wilde og Anke Paulsen i Julianeberg, Hostrup Sogn f. 1 Maj,
døbt 24 Maj 1846. Conf. i Lygumkloster. 31 aar.
med Pigen Anne Marie Kirstine Lorenze Gram, Datter af Lorenz Mortensen Gram og
Anne Kirstine Refslund i Birkelund. Født 26 Aug, døbt den 14 Sep. 1851. Conf.
23 Marts 1866. 23 aar.
Vidner: Peter Lagoni, Birkelund. Kjesten Refslund ibid.

Toftlund sogns kirkebog dødsregister: 1902 døde den 19/11 beg. 25/11 Käthner i
Toftlund Mathias Christian Wilde 56 Aar.
M Child 2: Andreas Christian Wilde
Born: 13 maj 1848 in Julianeberg
Baptized: 24 maj 1848 in Hostrup
Died: in
Hostrup kirkebog dåbsregister: Faddere: Peter Andersen Paulsen Aus Ellum.
Christine Petersen aus Lügumkloster. Margarethe Paulsen, Solderup.
M Child 3: Jørgen Christian Wilde
Born: 4 maj 1851 in Solderup, Hostrup S.
Baptized: 12 jun 1848 in Hostrup
Died: in
Hostrup kirkebog dåbsregister: Faddere: Peter Paulsen Christensen in Solderup.
Christine Christensen in Solderup. Marren Petersen, Solderup.
M Child 4: Peter Christian Wilde
Born: 21 mar 1854 in Solderup, Hostrup S.
Baptized: 17 maj 1854 in Hostrup
Died: in
Hostrup kirkebog dåbsregister: Faddere: Jens Christensen Dyhrberg, Solderup.
Peter Andreas Petersen, Abild. Henriette Juliane Kordsen, Solderup.
F Child 5: Anne Christine Wilde
Born: 14 aug 1856 in Vester Højst
Baptized: 14 sep 1856 in Højst
Died: in
Højst kirkebog: 1856 født den 14 august døbt den 14 sept. Anne Christine Vilde
ægte datter af Indsidder Nicolai Christian Vilde og Anke Poulsem paa
Vesterhøjst Mark. Faddere: Kasper Hansens Hustru Christiane Gram. Jomfru
Johanne Margrete Junker og Ungkarl Peter Petersen Hoeck, Alle i Vesterhøjst.
M Child 6: Hans Lorenzen Wilde
Born: 27 aug 1858 in Vester Højst
Baptized: 26 sep 1858 in Højst
Died: in
Højst kirkebog: 1858 født den 27 aug. døbt 26 sept. Hans Lorensen Vilde, ægte
Søn af Indsidder Nikolai Kristian Vilde og Anke Poulsen paa Vester Højst Mark.
Faddere: Gaardmand Hans Jørgen Bucka i Vester Højst. Unkarl Lorens Peter
Hansen Smit fra Bylderup, tjenende i Alslev og Pigen Kristine Marie Møller i
M Child 7: Nicolai Christian Wilde
Born: 23 apr 1862 in Ellum
Baptized: 29 apr 1862 in Løgumkloster
Died: 20 maj 1862 in Vellerup. Agerskov Sogn
Buried: 25 maj 1862 in Agerskov
Løgumkloster kirkebog: 1862 født den 23 april døbt den 29 april Nicolaj
Christian Vilde. Søn af Abmd. Nicolaj Christian Vilde og hustru Anke f.
Paulsen i Ellum. Faddere: Christian Knudsen. Ungkarl Christian Petersen, Pigen
Ellen Marie Henriksen. alle i Ellum.

Agerskov kirkebog. 1862 død 20 maj beg. 25 maj Nicolai Christian Vilde.
Nicolai Christian Vildes Barn i Vellerup. Født i Ellum Alder 1 Måned.
F Child 8: Matilde Nicoline Wilde
Born: 11 jul 1864 in Bøgvad
Baptized: 4 sep 1864 in Højst
Died: in
Højst kirkebog: 1864 født den 11 juli døbt 4 sept. Matilde Nikoline Vilde.
ægte datter af Indsidder Nikolai Kristian Vilde og Anke Povlsen paa Bøgvad
Mark. Faddere: Kromand og Høker Mads Nielsen Mahlers Hustru Anne Botille
Nissen Toft i Øster - Højst. Pige Mette Katrine Hansen i Øster - Højst og
ungkarl Hans Nissen Hansen i Bøgvad.
F Child 9: Sophie Amalie Wilde
Born: 19 aug 1867 in Højst, Bjarholm
Baptized: 29 sep 1867 in Højst
Died: in
Højst kirkebog dåbsregister: Faddere: Martin Christen Christensen s hustru
Sophie Sönnichsen. Ungkarl Peter Swennesen, Pige Amalie Runge, alle af Øster

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