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Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

Morup and Äspelunda

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Morup is a parish in Falkenbergs kommun (municipality) in Hallands län (county). There is a place called Äspelunda in Falkenbergs kommun, which is probably the proper spelling of Espelunda. (It would be pronounced about the same, I think.)

Here is Äspelunda.

Here is Morup.

I am reasonably sure that your Neregard will end with the letters gård, and I am not very sure that the beginning is spelled right. It doesn't matter. You will find a list of the parish farms in the records and you will be able to figure this out.

You can borrow the parish records of Morup from a Family History Center. LDS has microfilmed the Swedish parish records, and since you are lucky enough to have Swedish ancestors, you can find out what you want from these records.The Swedish ministers were very thorough in their record keeping.

Here is a link to the locations of Family History Centers.

Good luck!


Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

Kristine (View posts)
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I'm trying to find information on my father's relataives in Sweden. His father was born in "Neregard", the family home in Espelunda, Morup, Sweden. Father's name CARL OSCAR CARLSON here in the US. In Sweden may have been KARLSSON or BENGTSSON? He was born on July 22, 1883 and emigrated in 1905. Died, 1954. Mothers name OLENA CHARLOTTA KARLSSON BENGTSSON maiden name ANDERSSON. She was married twice, hence confusion on names. Her second marriage was to CARL JOHN BENGTSSON. I need info on the parents and the parish. If anyone has any parish records and can look this up for me, I'd be grateful.

Any help appreciated.


Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

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You actually have quite a bit to go on. What you need to do is go to your nearest Family History Library at the Mormon Church. You don't even have to be Mormon. Have someone who works there help you find the Parish records for Morup, Halland. Morup is the Parish name. I can't be sure, but Espelunda may be the name of the farm. More than most people have. Use the info you have and work from there. You may need help translating the records since they are in Swedish. Try locating your nearest Vasa Organization in your town. There may be someone who can read the records for you. I hope this helps. Feel free to write back with questions.

Christina Kenshalo

Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

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I know the original message was posted several years ago. Anyhow I'm doing a research work on Espelunda and would be grateful to get in contact with anyone with relatives in the willage.


Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

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Surnames: Bengston, Persdotter
Hi Bernt,

I don't know if I have relatives left there, but my 2nd great-grandfather, Peter August Bengston, was from there. He was born in 1834, was married to Anna Johanna Persdotter, and died in 1917. I'd like to know anything you've learned about the area as we may be visiting there this summer. At this point, I'm not even sure exactly where it is located!

Steve Hughes

Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

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Since Bernt has not been on Ancestry for over a year he may not see your post. You can go on google maps and search for Morup and it will go to it. It looks like a small farming village.

If you know the name of the farm your ancestor lived on it may still exist and can be found on this site.,12.394178&z=14&...

In my experience visiting similar small parishes, the church is the one building that would have existed in your ancestor's time. They are usually open for a visit for a self tour as I rarely encountered anyone in a small rural church.

Have you done any research in Swedish records on the family? You would find farm names there

If they lived on a farm that might still exist as well.

Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

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Thanks for the link to the map -- it shows churches that Google apparently doesn't. Is it possible to contact the Morup church and see if they know the location of any graves, or do you just arrive and see what you can find?

I am just getting started on researching Swedish records. Since I don't speak Swedish there are some challenges there! I've found place names like Espelunda and Stranninge -- are those farm names? I'm still trying to decipher the codes...

Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

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There is a DVD "Begravda i Sverige 2" with millions of burials all over Sweden. There are 2676 entries for Morup. If you tell us the names and dates of the persons you are interested in we can look them up and see if the grave still exists.


Re: Seeking info in Espelunda, Morup, Halland

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If the burials were long ago...say more than 100 years...they are likely gone. Sweden only has so much land so if maintenance on the grave is not being paid after a certain lengthy period of time (75 years I think) they take away the stone and re-use the plot.

You can also look here -

You don't need to learn much Swedish to be able to research in the records and it is usually safe to assume that if you write to someone in Sweden they probably can read English. You could use Google Translate to send a Swedish version as well. I have never tried to write to a church in Sweden so can't give advice there.

I will see if I can find anything on the place names. The church records for Morup don't make it easy. Usually each book starts with an index of farm names, Morup's records don't
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