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Place of "Christina" in Dane County?

Place of "Christina" in Dane County?

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Surnames: Emmerson Emerson Amundsen
I finally (yea!!) found my great-great-great grandparents' marriage record (using! Turns out it took place in 1853 in "Christina, Dane, Wisconsin". Should I assume this to be the town of Christiana in Dane County, or was there another place back then referred to as "Christina"?

Re: Place of "Christina" in Dane County?

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Surnames: Town of Christiana, Dane Co., WI
The correct spelling is Christiana. It is a township located in the southeast part of the county, near Cambridge. What names are you searching? I may be able to help. I live just outside of Madison of the north shore of Lake Mendota.
PS I have never heard of a Christina in Dane Co.

Re: Place of "Christina" in Dane County?

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Thanks for the reply, Sandie! So let me make sure I have this straight. Christiana is a township, not a town?

And thank you for offering to help in my search, but my g-g-g grandparents who were married there then shortly moved on to Iowa and then Minnesota. However, is there a church in Christiana that was popular with Norwegian Lutherans that you may know of? It would be nice to pinpoint where, somewhere, they were married.

Re: Norwegian Lutheran Churches in Christiana Township, Dane County

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Surnames: Christiana
You will find a very informational history of the first Norwegian churches in Christiana Township, Dane County, Wisconsin at

Norwegian Lutheran Churches in Christiana Township, Dane County

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There are 2 West Koshkonong and 2 East koshkonong Lutheran Churches located in Dane County, about 10 miles apart.
Let me know the names of your ancestors in my 160,000+ people I may have some information on your early families. Please reply to me at:

Bill Hanke
Madison, WI

Re: Norwegian Lutheran Churches in Christiana Township, Dane County

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Thank you, Bill. I have just sent a message to your direct email.

Re: Norwegian Lutheran Churches in Christiana Township, Dane County

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If you have not gotten your answer yet, please post their names. I probably have them in my Norwegian immigrant database...and I live in the area of the churches.

Re: Norwegian Lutheran Churches in Christiana Township, Dane County

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Hi Jingerm! Thanks so much for offering to look up "my people's" names! The info on my g-g grandparents married in Christiana Twnshp (that I found on is below and I've added their birth dates & other info. I'm most interested in trying to find which church they were married in and where the groom's mother, my g-g-g grandmother, lived & died. Details below.

*Marriage Date: JULY 15, 1853

*Groom: TOLEF AMUNDSEN (b. 1821-1823 in Kviteseid, Norway; alternate spelling is "Talleiv Aamundsson" & similar variations. Also, a farm they lived on in Norway was "Høglid"; but the family spelled it "Høgeli", so that might be another name they'd be under.)

*Bride: RANDS TORGERSDATTER (b. 1828-1829 in Sinnes, Vraadal, Kviteseid, Norway. I think "Rands" is a misinterpretation and should instead read "Rande". She actually went by "Aaste Sinnes" later in life. Her name in the Kviteseid bygdebok is "Aaste".)

*Groom's Father: AMUND GUNDERSEN

*Groom's Mother: RAND GUTTORMSDATTER (b. abt 1798 in Kviteseid, Norway; Name in Kviteseid bygdebok is "Rannei", which sometimes translates to "Rande" or "Randi" in America. According to the bygdebok she emigrated to the U.S. with her son, KNUT AAMUNDSSON in 1853. She died abt. 1864 in the US...maybe in the Koshkonong area?)

Here's an interesting side note: If you've heard of T.G. Mandt the famous wagon maker in the 1800s from Stoughton, WI, you might find it interesting to know that the bride here (my g-g grandma) was T.G.'s aunt; she was the sister to T.G.'s mother, Jorund Mandt.

I hope I haven't inundated you with too much information. I always think it's best to give more info than is probably needed. Thanks again for being willing to look up my ancestors in your records. I appreciate it VERY much!

Re: Place of "Christina" in Dane County?

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Surnames: Flatland, Sinnes
My notes from the marriage record at the church state that Tollef Anundson and Randi Tarjeisdatter were married 7/15/1853 by Rev. Adolph C. Preus at the home of Svend Anundson Sinnes, who, as you probably already know, is the husband of Dagne Tarjeisdatter, sister to Randi. Svend and Dagne lived in Pleasant Springs township, so technically they were married in Pleasant Springs township, not Christiana.

The only church in Christiana township was East Koshkonong; West Koshkonong church is located in Pleasant Springs township; Western Koshkonong (established in the 1890's) is located in Cottage Grove township, although it is just across the road from West Kosh.

The East and West churches, as well as Liberty Prairie church in Deerfield township, were all served by the same pastor, and the church records were all kept together. I imagine that is why it states they were married in Christiana township, as the records were probably kept at East Koshonong at that time. I checked a couple of the early marriages listed on that state the marriage took place in Christiana, when in fact the marriage took place at the West Koshkonong I know it was Pleasant Springs township. Hope that made sense.

As to when your Rannvei Guttormsdatter died and where, I cannot answer that. I did not find her in the cemetery inscriptions that I have...assume if she died in the 1860's the stone most likely would be gone by now. The records for the churches were later stored at the West Koshkonong church and the burial records for the years +/- Oct 1853 to Oct 1893 were lost in a fire; the marriage, baptism, & confirmation records were all saved.

That "Christina" township listed in the files was just a typo....transcribers make errors like everyone else.

FYI, I am very familiar with T. G. Mandt...and yes, Randi, Dagne & Jorund are sisters.....oh...don't get hung up on the spelling probably spell them different than I do. :-)

Hope this helps.


Re: Place of "Christina" in Dane County?

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Hi Jinger,
I feel just horrible. Here I am tonight looking through my past posts on Ancestry's message board and I am reading your reply you posted to me. Did I not read it before? I don't remember! I must not have read it until now and I don't know the answer as to why that is either! At any rate, I send you a big belated Thank You for the information on my ancestors!!! This info is wonderful to know and I greatly appreciate it. And again, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I hope you'll forgive me.
Kind Regards,
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