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Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Surnames: Draper, Mark

I would love to connect with children or grandchildren of Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark.

Last I heard, a grandson had been living with and taking care of her and that she resided in York Ont. I would assume Margaret has died recently, as she was born in 1901.

I am the granddaughter of her brother Donald Morgan Mark and have done some genealogy on both the Mark and Dawe families. I sure wished I had asked more questions while they were alive! My trees can be found at under middle section scroll down to PEI Lineages and find surnames Mark and Daw.

I can be contacted by the email address given there.

Susie Margaret Mark born November 16, 1901 married Fredrick Grant Draper on January 18, 1930.

I remembered them in Florida, but vaguely as I was very young. Would love to connect with family members and hear some stories and see some old photos. I have but a few in my collection on Bop's side of the family - Dawe surname. Hoping being the oldest that Margaret left vast knowledge and photos of her kin!

Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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According to One World Tree on, Frederick Grant Draper died 15 January 1985 in Toronto. Even with this info, I cannot find an obituary for him in the Toronto newspaper.

Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Thank you Eileen! that is a great start. I found an error in that Marg was born 1910 and apparently still alive - My mother corrected me, thank goodness for moms no matter our age.

I really hope one of their kin connect with me.

Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Surnames: Mark, Draper, Richards, Whiteley
Susie Margaret Draper was born November 16, 1909 at Toronto, ON. married Frederick Grant Draper and did not have any children. F. Grant Draper had a sister, Margaret Jean Draper married William Richards who had 1 child, a daughter Carol Jane Richards,born October 14, 1940. William Richards left the marriage in 1940 at the time their daughter was being born and Jean and Carol were taken in by Grant & Susie. Jean Passed away February 1964.
Carol married Gerald Arthur Whiteley September 26, 1959 and produced 3 children, Sandra Jane, Wendy Ann, and David Arthur Grant. Carol passed away September 27, 1996.
Susie is still alive and as posted in other blogs, celebrated her 100th birthday November 15 2009, as is alive and in good health as of this writing.
When Jean died Susie became the GRANDMOTHER to Carol & Gerry's Children. So Susie had no blood children or grandchildren, which is a shame.

Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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I am Marg (Susie) & Grant's nephew, Paul Grant Hillier. I lived with them as my guardians from age 8 to 17. I resided with them at 44 Elsfield Road. I am the son of Lila Blanche Draper (Hillier, Cavanagh). Blanche was Grant's half sister, the daughter of Milton Ernest Draper and Teresa May Brillinger. Blanche was one of four half siblings to Frederick Grant Draper.I have three brothers and two sisters and numerous nieces and nephews.

Married 32 years to Elaine Ruth Hillier (Muggeridge) and reside in the City of Kawartha Lakes for 25 years.

Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Hi Paul:

That would indeed make us cousins. You reside in an area I have dreamed of having a small cabin in - the Kawartha's are beautiful! Ton's of wildlife and trees. At least it was, unless it has become all built up?

Were you at Aunt Marg's 100th birthday! Did you ever get a copy of my Daw and Mark family trees? I do not have much on Grants side. I remember them always as the well dressed couple I saw an a young child until I was about 14. They both always had smiles on their faces.

I reside in PEI, which in comparison to the Lakes, comes no where near! I guess growing up in Ontario spoils one as while my mother moved here, and I followed years after, it is still not a place I call home in my heart and they still call me a CFA (Come from away) LOL LOL.

I am not sure if we ever met or not Paul in Florida or at the cottage of my grandparents or not or perhaps at Aunty Margarets?

email is: replace AT with @ sign

Thanks for catching my post and have a great Easter holiday.

Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Hi 'carefulcat',

I only met Aunt Marg's brother (a Mark) from Markham Ontario and his children and the daughter was about my age. I remember that we all went to the CNE (Toronto Exhibition) together.

I was not at Marg's 100 birthday party as we haven't really spoken in many years. I have lots of info on Grant's side.

We have a beautiful old property just east of Port Perry and just south of Lindsay. Kawartha's are beautiful.

I'd be happy to keep in touch.


Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Hi Paul, Glad to find out your still in the land of the living! I'm sure your Aunt Marg would like to hear from you. She is alive and well at 103 living in a home here in Orillia Ontario.
I'm sure you're aware Carol passed 1997.

Contact me if you like.


Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Hi Gerry,

Very pleasantly surprised to hear from you. I was aware that Carol had passed in '97 and was sad to see that. I had a few nice chats with Aunt Elsie in Mount Albert over the years before she passed and she would keep me up to date on things as best she could.

I am in Mount Albert and the Newmarket area weekly with my business and have visited the cemetery to pay respects from time to time. .....I'm afraid however it's been way to long, over 40 years, to contact Aunt Margaret. We would not have much to say. I am pleased to see she soldiers on at 103...

My wife Elaine and I met in high school and we have been married for 35 years this April and live on a country property east of Port Perry. Two of my brothers are gone, Jim and George. Bob is fine and lives in Alberta. I am in touch with much of the family on a regular basis.

Hope you are well and happy and your kids are doing well. I do regret losing touch with you and your family, You were favourites of mine. Hope Skip is still well.

I am on Facebook at.... and I would love to keep in touch that way if you wish. Just send a friend request!

All my best! - Paul

Re: Susan Margaret Draper nee Mark in Ontario

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Jewell, Sedore, Draper
Hi Susan, My name is Thomas F. Jewell Great Great Grandson of William and Hester Sedore Jewell from Ontario Canada born 1812 father of Sarah Anne Jewell who married Jacob Draper Son of Luther Draper. Sarah and Jacob had 12 children, little Drapers. I thought we may be of some distant relation. My email address is
Tom Jewell, From Cheboygan Michigan
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