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St.Joseph's College:North Bay,Ontario

St.Joseph's College:North Bay,Ontario

Bryan (View posts)
Posted: 968293849000
I am looking for actual students or faculty of this school to claim their pictures.I have alot of yearbook leftovers and other pictures from the turn of the century to the eighties when it closed.Some even came from the walls when they packed up the school.I would like to see these photos in the hands of relatives who will cherish them.

St. Joseph's College - North Bay - Pictures

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Hi Bryan,
I am a 1953 graduate of St. Joseph's College. I went through the archives at St. Joseph's College last summer and was amazed at the information they still have re: their students. I saw myself in group pictures from 1950 to 1953. Another place you might find former teachers or students is or you might consider contacting the St. Joseph's College Alumnae. It's at the same location on Main St. W. in North Bay.

St. Joseph's college Archives

Cindy (View posts)
Posted: 968782098000
What do you mean Archives?I had no idea there were any.I graduated shortly after it closed and when we were packing up noone seemed to care what happened to all of the old pictures and I couldn't bear the thought of them in the trash so I took them out of the trash pile and I am still trying to figure out what to do with them.
Do you now who I could contact about the archives?Do you know what they are doing with the school building itself?
Thanks for your information.

St. Joseph College Archives, North Bay

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Hi Cindy,
Sister Andrea is the School Archivist, former School Librarian. She may have been there when you were in school. She is a beautiful little nun, pleasant and obliging. There is a book for each year that the school was open. What she has done was a tremendous amount of work.
She took me and my daughter on a tour of the building and invited us to have lunch. I even met the teacher who taught the choir when I was there in 1953.
The former school is now the Motherhouse. The sisters go there to retire and the building is used for various other things.
If you are interested you can contact Sister Andrea, St. Joseph's College Alumnae, Main St. West, North Bay, Ontario. I'm sorry, I do not know the number of the street.
Hope this info is of help to you.

St. Joseph's

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My mother-in-law is Helene Ducharme who I am sure went to school there. Do you have any information or pictures about her?


Cynthia (View posts)
Posted: 989618112000
I went to school with an Angela Ducharme and Jill Laplante.any relation.
I will look for any Ducharme pictures.Do you have any specific date in mind?It would make it easier to know which pile to look through.

Re: St.Joseph's College:North Bay,Ontario

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I have no idea to whom I am talking to & am sure that you didn't go to St. Joseph's College in my era which was 1957 I also don't know if my teacher were yours. I had Sister St. Margaret for math,Sister St. Anthony for music, Sister Christina was the one who led us to prayer each night (I did not like her) & the Reverend M St. Rita was the one who ran the whole school. Outside of this I really don't want to impart to much info.


Carol Payette

Re: St.Joseph's College:North Bay,Ontario

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Need to know if you still have these photos. There is a reunion next year, and some of the students were asking whatever happened to all those photos and negatives. Please let me know.

Re: St.Joseph's College:North Bay,Ontario

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Hi Bryan, I am take a stab in the dark because you posted so long ago. I attended St. Joseph's College 1969 to 1974 and we are having a 40th Anniversary Class reunion this year 2013. IF this gets to you and IF you still have any yearbooks for these years I would LOVE to have them for the girls as not everyone bought yearbooks. Hoefully looking forward to hearing from you! Michele Caruso

Re: St.Joseph's College:North Bay,Ontario

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Surnames: Payette
I know this is many yrs later, but if anyone out there knows where I can get a yearbook or some pictures from Sept 1957-June 1958 I would really appreciate & would send you the money ahead of time. My roommate was Cecilia Downer & later I roomed with another girl (of whom I have forgotten her name) I do know she also had two sisters one was an apostulant & the other was a novice. Their parents were coming to visit them when a train hit their car & they were instantly killed. Someone out their must know about this tragedy as it was big news in North bay at the time. Their were a few girls from Mexico but I only remember the youngest name was Pilar, also their were girls from Rouyn, PQ. I have a picture of Sister St. Rita although I know she died many years ago. I have kept my maiden name so it should be in the yearbook (Carol Payette) my mother lived on Scollard Ave in North Bay, ON - if anyone knows what I can do they can reach me at, thank you so much in advance & I look forward to hearing from anyone.
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