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ROSETAN at Ellis Island

ROSETAN at Ellis Island

KYleen Gavin (View posts)
Posted: 17 May 2001 5:16AM GMT
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Edited: 8 Aug 2012 1:10PM GMT
I was lucky enough to access the Ellis Island site EARLY this A.M. and have some names of Rosetans who came through Ellis Island, as well as the ship information. I was looking for Giannini's, but copied down the names of any Rosetan. I will gladly post them if anyone else is interested

Ellis Island

Posted: 17 May 2001 7:04AM GMT
Edited: 25 Jun 2001 11:13PM GMT
I couldn't access the website, because it was heavily visited. I would love to have that information. I found out late in life that my great-grandfather, Leonardo Romano (born Feb. 15, 1869, died Oct. 3, 1913), actually visited the U.S. BEFORE my grandfather (Liberato Romano, 9/7/92-9/13/68)and his brothers. Leonardo returned to Roseto Valfortore. But, I would love it if I could get ship information, etc. as far back as Leonardo! Maybe it will shed light on who my great-great grandparents were! Thanks for sharing!

Ellis Island

Kyleen Gavin (View posts)
Posted: 18 May 2001 4:02AM GMT
Hi Roseanne,
I am in too much of a rush to do a good job of posting this A.M., but will do so tonight-- the 15-20 names I could glean from the Ellis Island site who are Rosetans.

Does anyone have any good ideas on finding immigrants who arrived prior to the opening of Ellis Island, other than the Italians to AMerica series?? I have checked several web sites and they are really good, but have yet to find my family.


Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild site

Posted: 18 May 2001 4:57AM GMT
Edited: 22 Jun 2001 10:10AM GMT
Try this Rootsweb site:
Posted: 18 May 2001 1:31PM GMT
Edited: 25 Jun 2001 11:13PM GMT
Hi, Kyleen:
I logged on at 5:30 a.m. and got through! It is fascinating! I also noticed that Roseto Valfortore was misspelled many times, so there are probably more Rosetani that arrived on ships than we can imagine, or that you found. (How did you get the actual list of names for Roseto Valfortore?)

Leonardo Romano

Kyleen Gavin (View posts)
Posted: 18 May 2001 4:44PM GMT
I was able to find 9 entries for a Leonardo Romano from Roseto Valfortore between 1898 and 1912. I can post the info or email it to you. Let me know.

Ellis Island site

Kyleen Gavin (View posts)
Posted: 18 May 2001 5:00PM GMT
I am glad you got through. I heard that anytime between about 2 -6 a.m. it is reasonable to get on. I did find out, too, that if I don't have a new page pretty quickly, I have better luck by hitting "stop" and re-trying my request.

I found Rosetani by going page by page through the manifest. I also wrote down folks whose town of origin was even close. They may prove to be from somewhere else, but it is a lead. Chasing family history to me, is developing leads and then trying to prove what is the truth and what was an illusion.

I found 9 Leonardo' many did you find?

Ellis Island names ships

Posted: 20 May 2001 12:05PM GMT
Edited: 14 Jul 2001 12:13AM GMT
I have not been able to access the Ellis Island site, but if you came across any "Falcones", I would appreciate the information.My father Anthony Falcone came through Ellis around 1918 - 1920. I would like to know the ship,date,etc. My aunt Concetta Falcone also came thru but I don't
know the approxamate date.

Falcone's @ Ellis Island

Posted: 20 May 2001 1:28PM GMT
Edited: 22 Jun 2001 10:10AM GMT
Hi Domenic,
I got into the EIsland site and entered Anthony Falcone:
name: Falcone, Ant.
doa:7 May 1896 age@arrival:31 gender: M
Ship: Italia
Port of departure: Naples, Campania, Italy

I don't think this is who you want. I then entered Concetta and got 13 hits:
name, residence,yearofarrival,age at arrival
1. Concetta Falcone, , 1895, 24
2. Concetta Falcone , ,1896 , 28
3. Concetta Falcone , Acri, So. Italy , 1902 , 39
4. Concetta Falcone , Campagna,Italy , 1907 , 39
5. Concetta Falcone ,Colledmaceno,Italy , 1909 , 14
6. Concetta Falcone , Campagna, Italy , 1910 , 27
7. Concetta Falcone , S. Elia, Italy , 1911 , 30
8.M'a Concetta Falcone. S. Elia Pianisi, Campobasso , 1912 , 30
9. Concetta Falcone , Campagna, Italy , 1914 ,30
10.Concetta Falcone ,Castelnuovo,Foggia, Italy , 1920 , 16
11. Concetta Falcone , Roseto, Italy , 1921 , 29
12.Concetta Falcone , Boston, Mass , 1922 ,19
13. Concetta Falcone , New York , 1923 , 25

I took a shot that you wanted #11 and got:
name: Falcone, Concetta
ethnicity:Italian S., Italy
place of residence: Roseto, Italy
date of arrival:25 Jan 1921 age at arrival:29y
gender:F marital status:W(ife)
Ship: Duca Degli Abruzzi
Port of Departure: Naples, Campania, Italy

Hope something clicked

Falcones at Ellis Island

Posted: 21 May 2001 12:06PM GMT
Edited: 14 Jul 2001 12:13AM GMT
Thanks Phil,
It sure looks like it is my Aunt Concetta. I will try to confirm this information somehow, at least it is a strong possibility. Thanks again.
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