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Migration from Mecklenburg Co. to Henderson Co., KY

Migration from Mecklenburg Co. to Henderson Co., KY

Hillyer G. Norment (View posts)
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Surnames: Norment, Craddock, Farmer, Watson, Blackwell
I am seeking historical information. In the early years of the 19th century, around and about the 1830s, a considerable number of families migrated from Mecklenburg County, VA to Henderson County, KY. These people were not indigents, nor were they transients. They were substantial land and slave owners with deep roots in Mecklenburg County. Some of the family names were: Norment, Craddock, Watson, Blackwell and Farmer. They all established important family lines in Kentucky.

I have several questions:

1. Why did these people make this extremely arduous trip? What motivated them to leave their holdings in Mecklenburg County?
2. What routes did they take in their treks across the mountains and thence to western Kentucky?
3. Was there a preferred route in the 1830s?

Mary, wife of Hezekiah Griffin

J. Marshall Neathery (View posts)
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Surnames: Griffin, Wiles, Overby, Tillotson, Yancey, Talley, Nethery
MARY or "POLLY" (1801- 1875) the wife of Hezekiah Griffin (1809 - 1888) of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, was my great, great grandmother. The youngest daughter of Hezekiah and Mary Griffin, my great, great grandparents, was LOUISA GRIFFIN (1839 - 1912). Louisa married George D. Nethery (1834 - 1899) of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, son of Daniel and Sally Nethery, in Granville County, North Carolina on August 21, 1860. From their union were born five children, the third one being WILLIAM THOMAS NETHERY (SR.) (1869 -1948) who was my grandfather. My father was WILLIAM THOMAS NETHERY, JR. (1908 - 1993), the third child of five born to Thomas Nethery, Sr. and his second wife, Sarah Howell Nethery.

Back to MARY "POLLY" GRIFFIN. I do not know what her maiden name was!! In the 1850 Mecklenburg County, Virginia census, Hezekiah and Mary Griffin are listed in the 22nd Regiment on page 110, house and family number 235 of the Census. They are listed in this order: Hezekiah, age 41; Polly, age 49; John, age 20; Mary, age 17; Agnes, age 15; Sally, age 13; LOUISA, age 10, and Ralph, age 5.

Immediately preceding Hezekiah Griffin's family in the 1850 Mecklenburg County, Virginia Census is the household of HULDA (or HULDY) WILES, page 110, House and Family number 234. This family is given as follows: Huldy Wiles, age 86 (born 1763); Dicy Wiles, age 48; and, James Wiles, age 45.

I have often wondered IF Mary Griffin, wife of Hezekiah Griffin, might have been the daughter of this one HULDY WILES?! Since I have been unable to find a marriage bond for Hezekiah and Mary Griffin, I have had to search for her family without any success so far.

She may have been a Wiles, Overby, Talley, Tillotson, Yancey, or some other name of the 'Shiney Rock' Community of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, a few miles southeast of Clarksville near the Va.- N.C. state line!?!

I would apppreciate any help that anyone could give me on this!

Hezekiah and Mary Griffin moved to Henderson County, Kentucky in 1870 where they lived to old age, among other relatives, then died and were buried in the Griffin Cemetery, on the Audabon between Henderson and Owensboro.

J. Marshall Neathery
Rolesville, N. C.
June 17, 1999

Griffins to Henderson Co., Ky.

J. Marshall Neathery (View posts)
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Surnames: Griffin, Overby
HEZEKIAH GRIFFIN (1809 - 1888) and wife, MARY GRIFFIN (1801 - ca. 1875), my great, great grandparents, moved from Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Henderson County, Kentucky in January, 1870.

Why they moved, when both were above 60 years of age has been a perpetual question in my mind. I know that other neighbors and relatives moved to Henderson County, as well.

One incentive for Hezekiah and Mary may have been the fact that his twin brother, ZEPHANIAH GRIFFIN and wife, NANCY OVERBY GRIFFIN, had moved to Henderson County, Kentucky some years earlier. They had a large family of children. Other Griffin kin were probably there as well.

Hezekiah and Zephaniah Griffin were the youngest children of FRANCIS GRIFFIN and his wife, SUSAN TRANUM GRIFFIN, of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, who moved, in their latter years to Georgia and lived, died, and were buried there.

I have never known my great, great grandmother MARY GRIFFIN'S ( Hezekiah's wife) maiden name. It could have been Yancey, Overby, Tillotson, etc.

Neither have I ever found a marriage bond for said Hezekiah and Mary. She was probably as much as seven or eight years older than her husband, according to the U. S. Census records, etc.

Hezekiah and Mary Griffin had several children. Two sons were JOHN RASMUS GRIFFIN (1830 - 1918) and RALPH GRIFFIN. They were both Confederate Civil War veterans, being in Co. G (2nd), 14th Virginia Infantry, Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead's Brigade of Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett's Division in Lt. Gen. James Longstreet's First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A. There were daughters named SUSAN, MARY, and LOUSIA GRIFFIN.

Louisa Griffin was my great grandmother. She was married to GEORGE D. NETHERY (1834 - 1899) on August 21, 1860 in Granville County, N. C. by L. B. Stone, Justice of the Peace. They had five children: ANNA NETHERY STRUM (1865 - 1887), JAMES DANIEL NETHERY (1866 - 1939), WILLIAM THOMAS NETHERY (1869 - 1948), ROBERT HOWARD NETHERY (1872 - 1920), and JOHN WALTER NETHERY (1879 - 1898).

George D. Nethery was also a Confederate Civil War veteran, in the same unit as were Ras and Ralph Griffin (listed above). He was wounded at 'The Angle' on Cemetery Ridge during Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. He was wounded a second time at Chester Station, Virginia, May 10, 1864. He returned home after the War to resume his occupation of farming.

George and Louisa Nethery's third child, WILLIAM THOMAS NETHERY (listed above) was my grandfather. I remember him well, since he lived with us and died when I was a small boy.

My grandfather's first cousin, James "Cousin Jimmy" Griffin use to visit with us during my growing-up years. He told us many stories about our Griffin and Nethery kin. Talked about Hezekiah Griffin moving to Kentucky, and his own living there for a time. Unfortunately, he never said much about genealogy, and I was at the age in which I was not interested in genealogy.

Any help regarding my Griffin kin, and especially any information on who Hezekiah Griffin's wife, Mary, was will be appreciated.

-J. Marshall Neathery
Rolesville, N. C.
June 17, 199

Griffin Family

J. Marshall Neathery (View posts)
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Surnames: Griffin, Tranum, Yancey, Wiles, Nethery

It is so good to hear from you!! Thanks, so much, for responding to my message.

As you, no doubt, Hezekiah Griffin and your Zephaniah Griffin was twin brothers, born in 1809 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Francis Griffin and his wife, Susannah (Susan) Tranum.

As far as I can tell, H. and Z. Griffin were the youngest children of Francis and Susan. There were others sons named John, James, William, Several girls were in the family as well.

Sometime in the 1840s, Francis Griffin and wife moved to the state of Georgia. (I do not have my notes in front of me, so I cannot tell you the county at this time!) Several of their children went to Georgia as well. My thinking is that when they did so, or about the same time, Zephaniah Griffin probably moved to Kentucky with the Tillotsons, Overbys, and others who went to Henderson County. Hezekiah Griffin and family did not move there until 1870.

Several years ago, I had a professional photographer take some 8 x 10 pictures for me of the Griffin Cemetery east of Henderson. Have pictures of the graves of both Hezekiah and wife, and Zephaniah and wife.

I am curious about several things.....maybe you can help me!? Here goes with some questions: (1) Do you know the maiden name of my Hezekiah Griffin's wife, Mary?? I am thinking that she may have been a Wiles, or a Yancey.....but, I am not sure! (2) Do you have a picture of Zephaniah Griffin or Hezekiah Griffin? If so, I would love to see it, or have a copy if you are willing to share!!!!!!!!! I would gladly re-imburse you for any expenses incurred. (3) Do you have a picture of any of the older Griffins.........sons and/or daughters of H. and Z. Griffin??? Finally, (4) I would be delighted to received any information you could share with me about your Zephaniah Griffin family, and anything you might have on my Hezekiah Griffin family.

Hezekiah Griffin's daughter, Louisa, was my great grandmother. She married my great grandfather, George D. Nethery (1834 - 1899) on August 21, 1860 in Granville County, N. C., just across the state line from Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Louisa was born in 1839 and died on November 2, 1912.........near Henderson, North Carolina (Vance County.......which was originally a part of old Granville County).

I am a native of Vance County, N. C., having grew up less than 20 miles from where our Griffins originated. I now live near Raleigh, our capital city of North Carolina, where I just celebrated 25 years as pastor of the Rolesville Baptist Church, Rolesville, N. C. (Wake County). Rolesville is the little town in which my family and I live.

Doris, thanks again for contacting me!! I would like to hear from you again, re: the things I shared and any other information you would like to share with me. If you will send me your mailing address, I will be glad to send more info- on my Hezekiah Griffin.

Marshall Neathery

Griffin family

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Hi, I'm from Henderson County Kentucky and am related to the Griffin family. Zephaniah Griffin is my ancestor from Mecklenburg County Virginia. I would be glad to share anything I have on this side of the family. Also, I have an ancestor named William Griffin from Mecklenburg County Virginia. I have been trying to tie these two Griffins together for years. Any ideas?


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Looking for information on VA roots of James Norment, supposedly born in Caroline County, VA 2/15/1766. Following is the obituary of his son, James Norment, Jr.: 1875, October 31, "At his residence in Vidalia, LA on Sunday morning, Oct. 31, 1785, James Normant, aged 73 years and 9 months. *He was born in Mecklenburg County, Va., where issues the first Declaration of Independence. His father was one of the descendants of the Scotch Covenanters, who settled in Virginia in the Seventeenth century. His religion was ever in accordance with the Presbyterian Church. It was his solace through life, from which he departed in the full assurance of acceptance by his savior. *In the early part of his life, he was an assistant of the Clerk of the Court, which familiarized him to the duties to which his fellow citizens had elected him as magistrate, Clerk of Police Jury, and Recorder in Concordia Parish. In 1828, he removed to Alexandria, Parish of Rapides where he conducted a very heavy mercantile business in the company with his brother Richard, but on the death of the latter he gave up merchandising and began planting cotton. In a few years he sold his plantation and removed to New Orleans, where he engaged in the wholesale grocery business and remained there until his sons had obtained a fair education in the public schools. He then purchased a tract of new land in Concordia, on the banks of Black River, where he remained until his sons became planters, when he removed to Vidalia, at which place, being elected recorder, he lived until his death. *In the family circle he was beloved as he loved, and a among his numerous acquaintances he sustained the character of an honorable and true citizen." S. typed obituary provided by William Mount. (Also clipping in Norment Family Bible, in possession of Jack Butt, Fayetteville, AR)

Hezekiah Griffin

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I have been corresponding with Butch Phillips. he says Hezekiahs wife's name was Polly Mary Overby. She was a sister of Nancy Overby that married Zephaniah Griffin. I have asked what his prove is and as soon as I get it I will pass this along to you. I just couldn't wait to give you this bit of information. I know how much you have searched for this. I have started a web site on Zephaniah Griffin I know you would like to see. It is posted on the Henderson County Web Site. Please take a look.

Wife of Hezekiah Griffin

J. Marshall Neathery (View posts)
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Surnames: Griffin, Overby

This is the greatest genealogical news I have received in a long, long time! Thanks so much for your help in this matter!! You just do not know how much this means to me! Many thanks to Butch also!!!

I will be delighted to receive the proof material on Hezekiah Griffin's wife being Mary Overby, the sister of Zephaniah Griffin's wife, Nancy, when you can send it along to me.

Again, thanks so much!

How is the Henderson County, Ky. website posted???

Marshall Neathery

Henderson county ky web site

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You can get to the Henderson county web page by typing in
Http:// Many of our relatives came from Mecklenburg county, virginia and settled in Henderson.

Re: Griffin family

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Surnames: Griffin, Rupe , Tally , Evans , Birdsong , Jackson
Hello Doris, I am taking a shot in the dark, My husband's GGGreat Grandfather's name is Zephaniah Griffin,I am starting to research this side of the family , but have very little info . I am hoping that maybe I can find some family out there that is doing the same.we know he was married to Sarah Mitilda Rupe ( b- April 4-1818 )our thougt was there was other unions..His only son that we know for sure was William Rupe Griffin ( b- April -4-1835) Fought is the civil war.He had many children among them were Royal A. , Mattie , Acel B. , Miriam Edith , William Hovey. No dates on any of them so is very hard to get a good start. I was hoping the names were different enough I would find something , anything encourging.If any of these names sound familer I would sure apprieate some help.Thank You Linda Griffin
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