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Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

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Can anyone help me with the descent of this branch of the Leigh family? What I have pieced together from A2A is the following.

Robert Leigh senior of Adlington
His son...
Reginald/Reynold married c.1482 Mary Vernon dau of Thomas Vernon - Mary is a widow by 1508.
(1479 a draft will was created by Reginald mentioning his brothers William of Ingoldesby and Peres (Peter?), and his bastard son James.)

Reginald had a legitimate son Robert who around 1508 married Anne Lathbury heir of her grandfather John and through her inherited the Egginton estate. Robert died c. 1525

William Leigh inherited Egginton so I assume that he was the son of Robert and Anne and he died before 1547. at some point he married Dorothy (the mother of his son Thomas) who remarried on William's death Richard Nedham of Snitterton.

His son Thomas was a minor on his fathers' death, and married in 1552 Anne Dethyk dau of William Dethyk.

Henry Leigh (son of Thomas?) inherited the estate c1598. married Catherine Horton of Catton. His heir was his daughter Anne who married Sir Simon Every, first baronet Every of Egginton.

Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry lists Reginald the son of Robert of Adlington as being the younger brother of Thomas of Adlington, son Of Robert Leigh and Ellen Booth but no mention is made of his brothers William and Peres, adding to the confusion this Robert could not be known as Robert Leigh senior as he didn't have a son Robert.

I believe Reginald to be the son of an earlier Robert but I am at a loss to try and locate the correct one.

Reference: D5236/6/22
Creation dates: [1478]

Grant by Reginald Legh' son of Robert Legh' of Adlyngton'
(Cheshire), esquire and James Legh' his brother rector of Rawstorn' (Cheshire), William Legh' of Ingoldesby (Lincolnshire) James' brother, Peter Legh' esquire, John Fletcher of Rawstorn' chaplain, Christopher Midelton' living in Adlyngton' and William Bradley of Chapel in le Fryth' of all property in Derbyshire
Witnesses: Ralph Browne, Edward Bagshawe, Ralph Assheton'
Dated feast of St James the Apostle 18 Edw IV [25 Jul]

Reference: D5236/9/27
Creation dates: 1479
Language: English and Latin

Deed setting up a trust to enact the will of Reginald Legh, son of Robert Legh of Adlyngton, esquire, deceased, for the benefit, successively, of any unborn heirs, his bastard son James, his brothers William and Peres and any of their heirs, starting with a feoffment to make an estate, by Reginald Legh to his brother William Legh of Ingeldesby and 8 others, of all his lands, tenements, rents, etc. at Godesclyf, Taksall and Adlyngton in Derbyshire and Cheshire, Monday before the Feast of St Michael the Archangel 19 Edw IV [27 Sep 1479]

If anyone can help shed some light on to this family I would be extremely grateful.

Re: Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

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If you google - Family History Society, Crewe Group - you should find the Visitations of Cheshire 1580 which includes the Leigh family.

Re: Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

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Surnames: Leigh Pomeroy Bonython

Leigh of Leigh Week St Mary Cornwall descends from Leigh of Highleigh Cheshire
William Leigh son and heir of Humphrie Aleigh and dau of Selman
he married Mary Pomeroy circa 1568
their son William married Elizabeth Searle du of Wymond Searle of Anthony in Cornwall
and son Richard born about 1569 married Eleanor Bonython 9th Nov 1601 St Columb Major Cornwall

Mary Pomeroy was daughter of Andrew Pomeroy one of the Pomeroys of Beri Pomeroy in Devon and Tregony in Cornwall.

see my website

Re: Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

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For anyone else researching the Ancestry of this family, consider Catherine/Katherine Horton is the daughter of Christopher Horton of Catton (died 1583). The dates fit, and the Will of Christopher Horton lists his unmarried daughter Katherine and son Walter.

A2A also has a reference to Marie Horton widow of Catton, leaving items to her daughter Katherine, wife of Henry Leigh in 1616. Marie Horton, widow of Christopher died in 1625.

Mary/Marie (widow of Gabriel Chamber) was Christopher's second wife with them marrying circa 1571. Currently suspect Walter to be his son by his first wife and Katherine by his second.

Re: Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

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Surnames: Leigh, Legh, Every

I am a decendant of Simon Every (married) Anne Leigh, eventual coheir of Sir Henry Leigh Kt., of Egginton. I saw your notes about the leighs, linking from the legh's of Adlingotn to the Leigh's of Egginton.

I would be really interested to know what you found out.

Are you a decendant of the Leighs?

kind regards

Re: Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

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Surnames: Every, Leigh, Booth, Annesley, Vernon, Chaworth, Lathbury, Needham, Eyre, Dethick, Horton
Hi Jonathan

I'm a descendant of the Every's of Eggington, through Simon Frederick Every, son of Henry Every the 9th Baronet and I'm based in NZ.

In regards to the Leigh connection, various sources I've looked at all refer to the Leigh's of Egginton connecting back to Adlington but none of them have directly state how. Given the amount of documents in the A2A Every of Egginton records relating to the Leigh of Adlington I think it fairly safe to assume that this is the case, however, again the exact connection isn't clear.

The Visitation of Cheshire 1580 (Leigh of Adlington) 1580 gives,

Renold Leigh of Annesley (Notts) of whom the Leigh of Derbyshire decend, and records him as the son of Robert Leigh and Ellen Booth. Thomas is elder brother is stated as being 35yo in 2H6 (1424) so would have been born circa 1390

From records of the Annesley family Alice Annesley married first George Chaworth and was married secondly to Reginald Leigh, she was found to be the heiress of her father John in 18 H 6 (1440).

The visitation of Cheshire gave dates that looked odd, compared to the dates in for the Leigh of Adlington given in A2A. Sure enough, Omerods history of Cheshire gives the inquistion of Robert Leigh of Adlington, the father of Thomas and Reginald as 2H7, not 2H6 as stated in the visitation [1487 compared to 1424]

Omerods, gives the same parents for Reginald of Annesley, and states that he married Mary, dau of Thomas Vernon and had issue.

From the three different sources:

Visitation and Omerod, show a Reginald Leigh of Annesley as the son of Robert Leigh and Ellen Booth.

Visitation states Reginald is the ancestor of the Leigh's of Derbyshire

Omerod gives his wife as Mary Vernon, dau of Thomas.

A2A, shows Maria Legh widow of Reginald Legh late of Blakebroke living in 1508.

And Robert Leigh, who married Anne Lathbury as the son of Reginald Leigh of Blakebrook.

From these, it looks likely that Reginald Leigh, father of Robert Leigh of Egginton is the son of Robert Leigh of Adlington by Ellen Booth. Though given the ammount of Roberts in the Adlington line, and the references to Robert Leigh of Adlington senior in A2A it could be that he belongs one generation earlier and is the son of Robert Leigh and Isabella Stanly.

I'm going to keep an eye out for any more concrete primary sources for the connection. But in the mean time, I'm using the visitation of 1580, Omerods History of Cheshire vol 3 and the supporting A2A records showing the descent of Robert Leigh and Ellen Booth

The Egginton Leigh descent is fairly well supported via the A2A records, and the Baronetage of England.

Gen 1. Reginald Leigh = Mary Vernon, daughter of Thomas Vernon (is a widow in 1508)
Gen 2. Robert Leigh = Anne Lathbury, dau of Alured, and grand dau of John Lathbury of Egginton
Gen 3. William Leigh = Dorothy (who married secondly Richard Needham of Snitterton). [The Baronetage of England, states that Dorothy is the daughter of Thomas Eyre of Highlow]
Gen 4. Thomas Leigh = Anne, dau of William Dethick of Newhall
Gen 5. Henry Leigh = Cathine Horton of Catton (see my earlier post placing her as the daughter of Christopher Horton of Catton, by his second wife Marie/Mary Small
Gen 6. Anne Leigh = Simon Every

I'm a bit geographically challenged when it comes to getting to UK archives so all my research is based of Internet resources and books I have located online, if you want to review the sources I've been looking at:

Visitation - - page 151

Vol 5 of the Baronetage of England is on google books (page 51), if you search for Leigh, Dethick and Eyre.

Omerods vol 3 - page 333

If you're interested, I can send you a copy of the will of Christopher Horton of Catton, a copy of a book written by a cousin relating to all the descendants of the NZ Every clan up to the family reunion of 1980 and some other bits and pieces relating to attemptin to trace all the ancestors of Simon Frederick Every.

Re: Leigh family of Egginton, Derbyshire and the Leigh family of Adlington

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wow, great. always nice to meet a cousin !

My parents still lives in Egginton.

I have a hard copy of Christine Allen's book which is the one I assume you are refereing too. My grandparents came over to NZ for the reunion. I would love to get a copy of the will of Christopher Horton of Catton. (I know his decendants who still live at Catton Hall).

I am pulling together material for a book. I am very happy to share what I have (although it is massive, so I cant just send by email unfortunantley

my email is
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