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I have held my comments. I have not taken a side. Until now.

People have complained about having to pay for services. That is ridiculous. These things cost the services money and they need to be reimbursed.

Are they under financial pressure ? I have no doubt.

I signed on for the U.S. Census records on I had a 30 day "trial period" which I could have used and skipped out on. But I was very satisfied, understand their need to turn a profit & signed on for a year.

Records that were available when I signed on, and were therefore part of the "contract", have just been withdrawn. I now need to upgrade to access them.

Matching the whiners tit-for-tat is NOT the way to run a business, online or offline.

I only hope you scum have not put the AGLL out of business.

David Knowles

Re: is a Rip off and a Scam

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David could you specify what records you believe have been removed from your collection?
You said, "Records that were available when I signed on, and were therefore part of the "contract", have just been withdrawn. I now need to upgrade to access them."

This should never be the case. Please inform us of the database that you are refering to so we can verify.

Re: My Problems with

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First I should apologize for the tone of my post. As I reread it it sounds "whinny" and use of the word "scum" was uncalled for.

As to my complaint, at first I thought I may have misunderstood. But then I tested a few things and is the side in error.

When I signed on my understanding was that I was signing up for ALL US Census records , including state and special.

I accessed the 1885 Colorado State census a few times and then about a month ago tried and it wouldn't pull anything up. I would enter a name and it would come up no record found. I finally tried "John Smith" just to test and still "no record found."

So I sent an email and they sent back a form reply - "We are aware of the problem and attempting....."

When I tried it last week I got the upgrade screen saying I needed the US Records Collection subscription.

Five minutes ago I tried Colorado again with the same result. I also tested the 1885 Nebraska State census and WAS able to access that one !

It would appear that at one time the subscription was for all US censuses and now is trying to change the database, on a catch as catch can basis.

As I said, I appreciate the service and agree with the need to pay for those services. I do not appreciate a business that arbitrarily changes agreements. I do not appreciate a business that demands a one year commitment from it's customers but operates on a month to month basis

A final comment - now that you all are consolidating I would hope that the 1900 & 1910 index / soundex from are incorporated into's database.

David Knowles

Re: Answer to my Reply ?

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I have specified which records have been and are still being removed.

Should have been very easy to verify.

Your answer ?

Re: Answer to my Reply ?

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It may well have been that the secondary census records were always erratic with respect to which subscription you needed. Some coming with the census subscription, some with the US records subscription.

I'd hazard a guess that the "contract" you were offered pretty well allows a.c to swictch this kind of thing randomly. In other words, your expectation that "what I see is a permanent subset of what I paid for" is not supported by the contract.

Generally, your experience is common to life with a.c. Either you find it to have value, or not. It doesn't help to get too frustrated, you just have to accept that a.c simply doesn't care about the details of the customer experience. They have a business to run, and their analysis of this problem has allowed them to survive where nearly all others have failed.

Re: Answer to my Reply ?

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Thanks for the reply.

"...doesn't help to get too frustrated..." - that's the truth ! Not only does it not help my stomach, it also makes me write foolish sounding emails.

I don't know if it's a case of them not caring as much as it is the all too common Internet business mistake - seriously overestimating revenue flows. And all of us getting used to "free" stuff.

I'll bet the weak content of the American Collections wasn't enough to draw anyone in so now they' re trying to move bigger draw sets in to beef it up.


Re: Follow Up

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Welcome back. Sounds fun.

When you get caught up I've posted a detailed description of the data bases being blocked off.


Re: My Problems with

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Sounds like you have only a subscription to "US Census Images". If so, you do not have access to STATE census collections. The US *FEDERAL* Census Images subscription offering is very clear about that:

"U.S. Census Images & Indexes is posting scanned and indexed images online from the 1790 U.S. Federal Census to the 1930 U.S. Federal Census. These records, once complete, contain more than 450 million names and will be posted gradually on a weekly basis over the coming months. This information allows researchers to determine family structure, age, residence, occupation, and much more. These records represent the most important and sought-after group of genealogical records in the United States."

Re: My Problems with

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The issue is this -

Did I misunderstand the range of my subscription ? - Very possible !

Did I at one time have access to state (Colorado) census ? YES !!!!!!!!!!!

Can I NOW access other state (Nebraska , Iowa) census - YES !!!!!!!

Don't tell me it is "very clear". It is not an issue of misunderstanding at "sign on" ; what I could get and now can't AND what I can still get are NOT AT ALL COMPARABLE.

If you chose to be an apologist for - get it straight !

You have a rude manner that has alienated a lot of people. Tough. But now you have proven yourself a fraud too. At least have the courage to quit hiding behind "yibbyyam" - coward.
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