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Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Surnames: Kelly, Egan, McNamara, McGinn
Looking for information on the following:
James Kelly (from Kilkenny) marrried to Margaret Egan (from Braffa, Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare). They lived in Milltown Malbay, County Clare, on the "Old Bog Road" between Spanish Point and Milltown Malbay. Had 7 children (Michael, John, Bessie, Kitty, Mary, Ellen, James). The youngest, James (born 5/3/1832) married Susan McNamara, his next door neighbor. They had 6 children (James, Frank, Mary, Susan, Margaret, Nora). The oldest child (James) married Catherine McGinn, eventually settling in the Philadelphia PA area. Any info is most appreciated.

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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I am indirectly related to the Kelly family you describe and may be able to help you. The missing link is Mary Kelly, daughter of Jamesy Kelly who married Bill Sullivan and many years after he died married John Rourke.


Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Surnames: Killian, Maroney, Hoy, Mulville,Curtin
Just curious since I have a Lucy Killian in my ancestry. I have noticed on several places on the net a Lucy Killian from Milltown, Malbay Co. Clare. Mine married a Michael Maroney and went on to have a number of children who immigrated to the Massachusetts area.

Mary,born around 1866,died in October 7, 1932 in Worcester, Massachusetts who married James Hoy May 2, 1876. They had 7 children, Joseph (1877-1948), Lulie "Lucy" (1878-1923), Frances (1879-1938), John (1881-1963),Catherine (1884-19710, Maud (1887-1972) and Theresa "Tessie" (1894-1969).

Margaret,my husband's gggrandmother (1866-1932) married Michael Curtin in Boston February 13, 1889.From all family reports he too is a Clare man. They had three childre, John (1889-1981), Ethel (1891-1989) and Lucy (1894-1992). Lucy was born in Providence, Rhode Island so the family must have spent some time there.

Patrick Maroney-all I can find on him is that he was born around 1850 and married an Annie Gorman-a second marriage for her March, 1890. They had four children-she had one from a previous marriage- Micheal, Mary, Annie and Katie -all born between 1892 to 1898 in Boston.

Cornelius Maroney (1868-1936) who married Margaret Mulville(1872-1935) March 1899. The Mulvilles are from Roscommon-that was listed on one of her brother's WW1 registration forms and one was a NYC (Bronx) policeman.Another brother named Barthomew appears to have remained in Ireland according to her obit.

They had three children- Helen (1900-1994), Mary (1902-2000) and John (1903-1960).

Finally a Jeremiah Maroney (1875-1955).

There may be more Maroneys- a possible Elizabeth from Boston but I can't trace her beyond 1880. And the family started coming from Ireland around 1870 through the late 1880s and appeared to have stayed in the Boston and Worcester area for the most part. If the Irish naming pattern holds we are missing a few names like a Michael and possibly a Lucy but they may not have ever immigrated.

Any possible connections out there?

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Surnames: Maroney
Read of your interest in Maroney family from Ireland.
I have traced my Maroney tree all the way back to John Maroney\Mulrony,b 1670 in Ireland and migrated to Mispillon Hundred, Kent County, Delaware where he died in 1703. He had 5 children, one being William Maroney Sr which I am a decendant of.
There is much more info on this family linage and I will be glad to share what I have if you desire.
Feel to contact me at if you so choose.
Sincerly J D Maroney-Tx

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Surnames: Maroney
Thank you for replying to my inquiry.

As it turns out I have found out a bit more concerning my line of the Maroneys. It appears through the 1930 Clinton, Massachusetts Census Annie Maroney Reardon-whose is the daughter who I believe is one of the elder sons of Michael Maroney and Lucy Killeen-lists her father has coming from Tipperary Ireland.

In finding Patrick's marriage vitals-he married Annie Duane Gorman with son John-who later took the Maroney name-her family is listed from Galway-it appears Michael may have married twice since Patrick lists his mother as Ellen. Besides Ann, John, Mary, Katie and Michael, children of Patrick ended up in Clinton, Massachusetts. Unfortunately Michael and his wife had no children. John had two daughters and died young. Ann had two children with George Reardon-both sons have not been found to have any family. I have yet to find Katie or Mary. There are not many left of the Maroney line in this neck of woods.

However Cornelius Maroney,younger brother, did indeed marry a County Clare woman from Milltown Malbay-I have the exact place Knocksomething written somewhere. I found it at the Clare Library site in the 1901 Census-part of her family,namely her brother Bartholomew and mother Ellen Sexton Mulville are still living in Ireland. Bart must have remained for he is listed as living in Ireland in Margaret's obit. Yhe other brothers-3 of them-went on to live in NYC-two becoming policeman. One John ended up in Montana ranching.

Don't know if any of this connects with you but then thank you for answering my inquiry.

Linda Curtin

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Thank you for the info that you have provided. The branch of Maroney Family that I came from is John Maroney\Mulrony born somewhere in Ireland abt. 1670 moved to Mispillon Hundred, Kent Co. , Delaware and his decendants moved to N. Caroline, then to Shelby Co, Alabama, Tennesee, and then to Lamar Co, Tx as well as Choctau Co. Ok. My grandfather was Joe Bent Maroney who died in Choctau Co, Ok on Dec. 1, 1915 .
I am running any lead I can daily to try to get solid info re: John Maroney\Mulrony before he came to America.
Hope you have success in your search. Would be glad to hear from you re: any other Maroney info in Ireland and I will do the same if I can be helpful to you. J D Maroney

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Surnames: Maroney, Downes, Curtin,Daley, Roger
This is really an update. It appears I have posted incorrect information concerning Patrick Maroney. The correct Patrick has a J. middle inital not H. as printed in his sister Margaret's obit. Patrick J. Maroney lists his mother as Lucy, not Ellen, as Patrick H. did. That is the linking clue since all the other Maroneys list their parents as Michael Maroney and Lucy Killeen.

Patrick was born around April 1866 in Ireland and immigrated to Boston around 1890. He married Delia Downes on November 29, 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts. This Downes connection could be an important factor in tracing these Maroneys because Margaret's marriage witness was a Bridget Downes, whose mother is listed as Susan Maroney in marriage information. Delia apparently (Bridget does not appear to be a sibling although we do not know, at this point, what Delia's mother's name is-her father is listed as John Downes and Bridget).

The Patrick Maroney's appear to have had only one living child ( Delia lists she has two children in the Census) Mary I. Maroney born January 1898. I can not find her beyond 1930 but she appears to have been unmarried in her early thirties.

Delia had two traceable brothers, Henry Downes who married a Mary Rogers in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 7, 1900. They appear to have had 4 children, John Augustine(6/1/1908), Henry Joseph Downes, who appears to have gone under the name Joseph Downes (3/28/1902), James T. Downes(12/15/1906) who appears to have died in Roslindale, Massachusetts in 6/28/1996 and Beatrice Rose Downes (8/3/1910) who appears to be living with her uncle and aunt, Patrick and Delia Maroney in 1930. There is a second brother, James,who was living with the newly wed Maroneys in 1900 Census. All seem to have immigrated in the 1890s.

Delia Maroney appears to have died November 23, 1946 in Boston. The Boston directory indicates that Patrick had died before her.

Does connect with any family Downes or Maroney? I am beginning to believe that the families-Curtins, Maroneys, Daleys and Downes may have all originated around western Clare-around Miltown Malbay area.

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Read "Miltown Malbay Genealogy and Faith" at

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Susan McNamara was the sister of my forebear, John McNamara , born 1832 Miltown Malbay, died 1918 Melbourne Australia.

The parents of John, Susan and several others, some of whom may not have survived the great famine, were Francis McNamara and Honora McMahon.

Some of John's siblings set up long -term connections with the US. Miltown Malbay has remained as the ancestral territory for the family, a place for travelers to go on pilgrimage.

We have a list of the various descendants from the Bog Road families, Sexton, Kellys, Sullivan, Goonan and White. I think it must have come from some of the US McNamaras , though I'm not sure. It is not dated and is a bit short on dates, but it includes the descendants in Ireland and the US. It runs, of course to quite few pages.

In 2009, 150 years since his arrival in this country, we published a book of the stories of the first Australian generation, which also links back to continuing Irish connections in Miltown Malbay and Kilkenny, his wife's birthplace. (The McNamara Meany Family in Australia 1859 - 2009, available on e-bay. Further details if you like. )

It seems likely that we have common ancestry. With good wishes

Re: Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare

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Surnames: McNamara , Meaney
I realise this is 10years past your original post, but I am just reading a book about my mother's Irish family... the McNamarras, who lived in The Bog Road, co Clare.
Susan's brother John is my great, great grandfather. He emigrated to Australia in 1859.
He married Mary Meaney, from Gragara, co. Kilkenny. She arrived in Australia in 1863, aged 16
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