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Colvin family of PA circa mid-late 1800s

Colvin family of PA circa mid-late 1800s

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Surnames: Colvin, Jones, Burnworth

We are looking for any information with regard to the following family:

Because of certain marriage records, we assume this Colvin family was in the Fayette Co., PA area circa mid-late 1800s:


John William Colvin married Lucy Alice Jones before 1904

One of their children wrote that her uncles and aunts on her paternal side were:

Eli [brother of John William Colvin ?]
James [brother of John William Colvin ?]
Mary [sister of John William Colvin ?]
Emily [sister of John William Colvin ?]
Cindy [sister of John William Colvin ?]
Martha [sister of John William Colvin ?] …

So these persons were either siblings of John William Colvin or spouses of said siblings.


children of John William Colvin and Lucy Alice Jones (birth order unknown):

Mary Eliz. Colvin, b. Apr. 8, 1904 PA ?, + Brance Burnworth Nov. 28, 1922 in (Fayette Co. ?) PA
Fay + Ethel Shoenberger
Ethel + (1st) Pete White; (2nd) George Mincy

[Other information: Lucy Alice Jones, wife of John William Colvin, died when the children were young]


Darrin L. Parker, Esq.

Re: Colvin family of PA circa mid-late 1800s

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Surnames: Colvin Jones Burnworth Burnsworth

Thanks to the generous assistance of a fellow Colvin researcher, I have been able to update my existing Colvin family data, and thus I can AMEND my previous inquiry as follows:

I am [now] searching for information on the following family:

CAVEAT: I do believe the following family might be the earliest known generation (“First” Generation)…. However, I am actively searching for information which can prove or collaborate a connection between this “First” Generation and the families referenced thereafter.


The following family is found in the 1850 census of Lancaster Co., PA, Lancaster City [North East Ward]:

James COLVIN, [b. Abt. 1795]. age 55; b. PA; married
Elizabeth _________ COLVIN [wife; b. Abt 1798], age 52, b. DE

Children of James COLVIN and Elizabeth UNKNOWN:

(i) Adaline COLVIN, [b. Abt 1826], age 24, b. PA
(ii) Rachel COLVIN, [b. Abt 1829], age 21, b. PA
(iii) John COLVIN, [b. Abt 1832], age 18, b. PA <--------perhaps the elder John COLVIN (2nd gen.) ?
(iv) James A. COLVIN, [b. Abt 1836], age 14, b. PA

[Also listed: “Harriet Nelson, age 15, b. PA” is this perhaps a spouse of one of the children ?]

WHEREAS the ‘elder’ John COLVIN (“2nd generation”) would have been about age 18 or 19 in 1850, he may be the same person as “John COLVIN” the son of James and Elizabeth (above). Other “John COLVIN”s in the general timeframe and region can be eliminated [so agree other researchers].


SECOND GENERATION [from this point forward, I am very confident these families connect]:

John COLVIN ([JAMES ?]), b. Jan 1831, PA, married Margaret UNKNOWN, b. Sept 1830, PA

children of John COLVIN and Margaret UNKNOWN:

(i) Mary COLVIN, b. Sept 1855, PA; married ________ CHRISTOPHER
(ii) Emily COLVIN, b. Abt 1859, PA
(iii) Martha COLVIN, b. Abt 1861, PA
(iv) James [James Horace ?] COLVIN, b. Jun 1865, PA
(v) John William COLVIN, b. Abt 1869, PA <------- this is my line.
(vi) Eli COLVIN, b. Abt 1871, PA

This family appears in the 1880 PA Census of Fayette Co., Luzerne Twp. The parents, John COLVIN and Margaret UNKNOWN are shown in the 1900 PA Census of Fayette Co., Luzerne Twp., along with children Mary (and two children by her marriage to ______ CHRISTOPHER) and James.



John William COLVIN (JOHN, [JAMES ?]), b. June 1869, PA; married Lucy Alice JONES before 1892. Lucy Alice died Abt 1907. John William COLVIN re-married (to ____?____).

children of Lucy Alice JONES and John William COLVIN:

(i) Irena Fay COLVIN, b. Mar 1892, OH, married Harry SHOENBERGER
(ii) James E. COLVIN, b. Jun 184, OH
(iii) John L. COLVIN, b. Dec 1896, PA
(iv) Russell P. COLVIN, b. Jun 1899, PA
(v) Roy COLVIN, b. aft 1900, PA
(vi) Kenneth COLVIN, b. aft 1900, PA
(vii) Ethel COLVIN, b. aft 1900, PA, married 1st: Pete WHITE; 2nd: George MINCY
(viii) Mary Elizabeth COLVIN, b. Apr. 8, 1904, married Brance BURNWORTH on Nov. 28, 1922 in (Fayette Co.?) PA. This BURNWORTH family had been in Chester/Fayette Co., PA area since at least 1767.

The above family unit appears in the 1900 PA Census of Fayette Co., Luzerne Twp.


Eli COLVIN (JOHN, [JAMES ?]), b. Oct 1870, PA; married Nora E. UNKNOWN, b. Oct 1874, PA.

children of Eli COLVIN and Nora E. UNKNOWN:

(i) Herman E. COLVIN, b. Sept 1897, PA
(ii) Mable F. COLVIN, b. Sept 1899, PA

The above family unit appears in the 1900 PA Census of Fayette Co., Luzerne Twp.


Do any of you have any information which could link John COLVIN, b. Jan 1831, PA to James COLVIN, b. Abt. 1795, PA or have information about siblings or ancestors of James COLVIN, b. Abt. 1795, PA ?

… [ and is anyone in the group researching this same line ? ]

As always, I thank you for your time and any information you could provide !

Darrin L. Parker, Esq.

Re: Colvin family of PA circa mid-late 1800s

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I have also been researching the Colvin Family for a long time as my mother was a Colvin. If you want to find out any or all of your information, you may want to visit the Colvin website. The people associated with the website are absolutely wonderful. I found my whole line through these people and I am quite sure you can too. If you want to e-mail me personally you can write to me at
Thanks ~ Renee

"William Colvins' Account Book 1766-1768 Fayette County"

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"Western PA. Genealogical Society Quarterly, feb. 1985, vol. 11 - #3
pg. 199 "William Colvins' Account Book 1766-1768 Fayette County
William Colvin is mentioned in early accounts as having been in the territory now called Redstone township as early as 1768, but he was doubtless a settler 2 years before that, or in 1766....An old account book...he traded in a small way at his home near Brownsville as early as 1766.
...Under date of 1768 appear upon Mr. Colvin's Account-book the names...Levi Colvin...
William Colvin lived in a log cabin, & as best can be gathered from the records he left, must have kept a trading-place & tavern as well as a distillery....probable that the family withdrew from that region about 1771...fears of Indian aggression...
William Colvin, the grandson of the first named, was a surveyor of some note. He died on the farm in 1870, the farm now owned by his son Samuel, the only son of William Colvin in Redstone township. Of eight sons six are still living. William Colvin's widow, aged 76, still resides on the old homestead with her son Samuel.
The above taken from Franklin Ellis' "History of Fayette County, Pa. (1882).
(by) Jean Morris, Quarterly Editor."
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