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JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

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Surnames: JOHNSTON, Shields, McCoy
Seeking descendants of "Auld" Robert Johnston, b. 1767, possibly in Scotland. He went to Ireland and married an Irish born woman, perhaps several, one of which may have been Hannah Shields. His children included:

James, b. 1798
Margaret, b. ca. 1800
Alexander, b. 1804
John, b. ca. 1806
Robert "Red Robin", b. 1808
David, b. 1814
Archibald, b. ca. 1815-16

James is buried in Zion Cemetary, Ashfield Twp., Huron Co.. He was married to Martha McCoy in Ireland. They had 9 children, one of whom was Archibald, b. 1837, m. Hannah McKay.

"Auld" Robert is buried in Ebenezer Cemetary just outside of Brampton, Ontario. He died on December 1, 1849.

Robert "Red Robin" Johnston was my gggrandfather. He and his brother Archibald bought adjacent farms in 1845 in N. Plantagenet Twp., Prescott Co., Ontario.

If any of the above rings a bell, contact me, and we'll see if there's a connection. Or if you have any information on "Auld" Robert or any of his descendants, I will be glad to hear from you.

Cliff. Johnston
Granbury, TX

Re: JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

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Surnames: JOHNSTON
Looking for Johnston family who left Omagh, County Tyrone on or about 1832.

I have most of the family accounted for, Hugh Johnston, his wife Mary Bell and most of their 13 children. This family settled in Moore Twp., Lambton County. However, a couple of the children, Hugh, jr and Robert settled in the Goderich area and I am anxious to find out more about them.

Do you think that there is a connection with your family?

Re: JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

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Surnames: JOHNSTON

I honestly don't know.

I just got a lead on the Huron Co. connection a few months ago. As we've moved and been in "turmoil" ever since, I haven't had much of an opportunity to look into it. I did spend some time this past weekend checking out a few web sites, but I didn't come up with anything definitive.

In the 1871 census index for heads of households and strays I came up with 15 Johnstons in Ashfield Twp. of Huron Co.. Ashfield appears to be where some or our Johnstons settled (N. Plantagenet Twp., Prescott Co., Ontario, being another one - I have considerable information on these, my "close" Johnston family); however, in the 1842 Assessment List & Population Return, Township of Ashfield, there were none save a Thomas Johnson (sic). The town and township of Goderich had considerably more. The town had Hugh (family of 4), James (family of 7), and Thomas (family of 4); however, again we have a slightly different spelling of the last name for all of them, Johnstone. Likewise, the Township of Goderich had: George (5), James (4), John (7), Noble (5), and William (5) - all spelled Johnstone. Interestingly, the 1871 census for Ashfield Twp. shows a Noble Johnston (sic) - possibly a son of Noble Johnstone above??? If so, it shows how quickly a name can transition in spelling. If I had access to the censuses for 1851 & 1871 we might be able to confirm the Noble relationship.

According to the 1871 census index, there were 77 Johnston heads of households and strays in Huron Co. with 15 (14 actually as one was a death in the preceding 12 months) in Ashfield Twp.. That's quite a number.

So, I'm in a quandry. I need access to the 1841 and 1851 (and 1871) census for Huron Co.. Unfortunately, I don't have that readily available. Somewhere down the road I may have to make a trip to an area LDS family research center, or better yet, check out the local library facilities - probably my best shot for the short term.

Right now I'm trying to gently motivate some relatives into doing that for me. No luck.

Well, let's keep in touch and see if anything develops.

Cliff. Johnston
Granbury, TX

Re: JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

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Surnames: JOHNSTON
Nice to hear from you. I have the 1861 Goderich census for Hugh:

1861 Census - Goderich Town

JOHNSTON, Hugh 43 Ireland C of E Deputy Clerk of Comm.
JOHNSTON, Matilda 37 England C of E
JOHNSTON, George 18 Canada C of E
JOHNSTON, Elizabeth S. 16 Canada C of E
JOHNSTON, Fred Wm. 12 Canada C of E
JOHNSTON, Harry Eldon 10 Canada C of E
JOHNSTON, Chas. Bennett 8 Canada C of E
JOHNSTON, Lucy Bennett 6 Canada C of E
JOHNSTON, Talfourd 4 Canada C of E

The above is the part of the family I have been researching. I also have the following notes:

Notes written by Hugh Johnston, sr., in his diary regarding his son:

"My son Hugh Johnston was not in good health. He had opened up a private bank at Goderich and given up his store. His eldest son, George being in with him. Now he has given up his own interest in the bank and has got the appointment as treasurer of the County of Huron. It is a good situation but he is now afraid he will have to give it up as the doctors advise him to go and live in the south to prolong his life. If he decides to go to Texas he will come to say goodbye.

Hugh finally sold out in Goderich and had gone to live in a ranch in Texas. He never regained his strength, but lived until 1869. Both he and his wife, who survived him for some years, are buried in Texas."

Looks like we might have a Texas connection, what do you think?

Re: JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

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Surnames: JOHNSTON, Johnstone

Hmmm, do you have any dates for Hugh, Sr.?

From what you've just posted Hugh, Jr., would have been b. ca. 1843. That might put Hugh, Sr., in a position of a potential cousin to the children of "Auld" Robert or a lot of other things, including a stranger. I find it interesting that you have an entry to Canada ca. 1832 as we do.

We came to Texas in 1979. I was born in Toronto, so there aren't too many chances that we'd have very many relatives down here - or at least so I thought. Too late we found out that one of my Dad's cousins from up on the farm in Russell Co., Ontario, had retired with her husband to San Antonio. Unfortunately we lived within 4 hours of each other for 5 or more years, only to find out about them a year after their deaths. We had some others in Fort Worth, but they had moved on to Arizona before we moved up here. Such is life.

Is the Hugh Johnstone of the Town of Goderich, Township of Hay, any relationship? He shows up in the 1842 Assessment List & Population Return. I'll try to spend some time tonight and look at them again.

Don't know.


Re: JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

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Hi Cliff;

Really need your e-mail address! Have been to the library today and have quite a bit of information for you.

Re: JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

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Surnames: JOHNSTON

I was going to suggest going to a private line. You can contact me at: - that has no reference to genealogy - we do waterproofing as a business.


Re: JOHNSTON: SCOTLAND>Co. Tyrone, IRELAND>Prescott & Huron Cos. Ontario

Marg (View posts)
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I have a Hugh and Robert in my family. born in 1857 and 1859.

Don't know if that helps or not?

JOHNSTON, Huron Co. Ontario

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Surnames: Johnston, Grant, Isenhour

I know your posting was quite some time ago but I'm hoping you may be able to help me. I see you have a great deal of information on Johnston's. You mention the 1871 census having 77 Johnston heads of households in Huron Co. By any chance is there a Charles Johnston listed?

I am looking for my 2nd Great grandfather, Charles Johnston born 1845 in Norther Ireland to parents of Scottish descent (their names are unknown at this time). They immigrated to Summerhill (belive this to be a hamlet in or around Toronto, Ontario in 1853. Charles married Anna Grant 09/12/1871 in Clinton, Huron Co. Marriage was preformed by Rev J. Graham. Anna is the daughter of Alexander Grant and Levinia Isenhour Grant. Charles and Anna had 10 children 3 I believe were born in Huron Co., Wendtworth b 1873, Levinia Roseland b 1874 and George b 1875. In the late 1870's the emmigrated to Scotland, Bon Homme Co., South Dakota. Anna's parents had settled there around 1873 after having travelled through Minnesota.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am having a very difficult time researching Charles as I am located outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and I am not familliar with researching in Canada.

Thank you in advance, Sherrii

Re: JOHNSTON, Huron Co. Ontario

G Dodd (View posts)
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Surnames: Johnston Lovell Anderson Rutledge
Hi Sherii
My James JOHNSTON <1805> and Mary (LOVELL) <1813> came from the Belfast area.
In the 1861 Goderich, Huron census they are shown with 8 children.
John <1833>
Catherine <1838>
Mary Anne <1839
James <1841>
Charley <1845>
Eliza Jane <1847>
William <1849>
George <1852>
The dates come from the census.
On James' (the son) obit it says he came to Huron as a child and the family first settled at Summerhill, which appears to be just east of Goderich Twp. It sounds like we have a connection. I would love to exchange ideas with you and anyone else who may know about this family. Mostly where they came from??? The name Lovell was also on the obit.
I can't see much of that name in the Belfast area and wonder if the registrar forgot to cross the t's and it should have been Lovett? Best wishes Gayle Dodd London UK
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